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How We Function

BY Veronica McCarthy

We see rules as outdated and limiting. Instead we choose to be trailblazers, breaking boundaries and redefining beauty industry standards. We take pride in being Beauty Rule-Breakers, harnessing the power of technology and innovation to revolutionize the way we approach beauty. With a firm belief in clean, purposeful science and a commitment to sustainability, we strive to empower individuality through customizable solutions. We believe the formulas of your beauty products should be as unique as you! 

We are first and foremost Beauty Rule-Breakers:

At the heart of our company lies a passion for breaking free from conventions and pushing the boundaries of beauty. Our dedication to innovation is evident in our proprietary algorithm, which formulates a unique beauty solution every 13 seconds. By embracing technology, we challenge the notion that rules confine us, paving the way for unprecedented advancements in the industry. 

We believe in Clean, Purposeful Science:

As a brand, we hold an unwavering appreciation for the power of nature and its ability to transform the world of beauty. With our clean beauty ethos, our ingredients are naturally derived (as defined by the International Organization for Standardization guideline), ensuring that our formulas are not only effective but also environmentally conscious. what sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to developing all our formulations to meet our customer’s specific needs. Our meticulous attention to detail guarantees that our products adhere to the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficacy.

We Empower Individuality:

Diversity and individuality lie at the heart of our belief system. We celebrate the uniqueness of every consumer, recognizing that their hair type, texture, and goals are as distinct as their personalities. Through the power of customization, we empower individuals to embrace their authentic selves by providing tailored solutions that cater to their specific needs. Over the years, we have developed millions of unique formulas. We are committed to inclusivity and our drive to champion the beauty of individuality.

We are Sustainably Focused:

As stewards of the environment, we are deeply committed to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainability in every aspect of our operations. From utilizing 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) custom bottles to offering the option to opt out of pumps, we continuously seek innovative ways to minimize waste and limit our dependence on long-distance shipping.

Our co-founder, armed with a PhD in sustainability, spearheads our efforts to create a sustainable future for the beauty industry. By embracing sustainable practices, we not only reduce our footprint but also empower consumers to make environmentally conscious choices.

In a world driven by innovation, individuality, and sustainability, we continue to strive to exemplify what is possible. By breaking beauty rules, embracing clean, conscious science, empowering individuality, and prioritizing sustainability, we aim to inspire and uplift consumers while challenging the norms of the industry. 

We are thrilled you are joining us on this transformative journey as we redefine the concept of beauty for the better.

In our attempt to create the perfect products for each and every individual , we do our best to minimize our negative impacts on the environment while also eliminating societal norms of beauty to progress society as a whole.

Zahir Dossa