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Winter Haircare Tips: Keep Jack Frost from Nipping at Your Hair

BY Veronica McCarthy

Brace yourselves, winter is coming! But don’t let your hair turn into a frosty fright. With Jack Frost nipping at our noses, it’s easy for our hair to feel more ‘meh’ than ‘yeah’ because of the increase in extreme temperature (cold outside, all heaters blazing on the inside) which leads to your hair becoming fragile and breakage-prone. Which is why we whipped up ten expert tips and tricks for winter haircare to feel your best no matter the weather! 

Hats On!: Rock a chic hat or stylish scarf. It’s like a warm hug for your hair, shielding it from the extreme temperatures outside that induce the winter woes and hair breakage. 

Chill, Don’t Freeze: Trotting out with wet hair? A big no-no! Why? Because wet hair is 3x more fragile than dry hair. Unless you’re auditioning for ‘Frozen’, make sure your tresses are dry upon stepping outside to avoid the dreaded hair-sicles. 

Defy the Static: Winter static can turn you into a frizz magnet. A little Custom Leave-In Conditioner or Custom Serum can be your secret anti-static charm by putting extra moisture into the hair. 

Turn Down the Heat: Hot showers might feel heavenly, but your hair might not agree. That hot water sucks all the moisture out of your hair while cold water seals cuticles, giving you an added boost of shine. Cold water might be a big ask so let’s at least embrace the lukewarm life – your strands will thank you!

Humidify to Beautify: Combat dry, indoor heat with a humidifier. It’s a two-for-one because not only will it benefit your hair by adding moisture back to it but it also benefits your skin. It’s like a spa day for your hair and skin, every day!

Towel Transformation: Ditch the rough towels and switch to a microfiber superhero or a pure cotton sidekick for a gentler, kinder drying experience.

Play Hard to Get: With your shampoo, that is. Extend those wash days and keep the natural oils grooving and moving in your hair because those natural oils protect your hair from damage – they thing we all want to avoid. 

Mask and Relax: Weekly hair mask ritual? Yes, please! It’s like a nourishing feast for your hair. Pamper party for one, coming right up thanks to our Custom Hair Mask

Cool It with the Hot Tools: Hot tools = damage. Damaged hair is even more prone to the extreme elements of winter. Let’s give the hot tools a rest sometimes. Embrace your hair’s natural vibe or if you must turn up the heat, use our Custom Styling Primer to minimize the damage. 

Oil It Up: Treat your hair to some oil-serum luxury. Our Custom Serum is like a smoothie for your strands – nutritious and delicious!

Et voila! Winter haircare on tap. What tips or tricks do you use during the winter months? Anything we should add to this list?