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Everything You Need To Know About Custom Co-Wash.

BY Laura Casciola

Up until today, ‘Custom Co-Wash’ wasn’t a thing. Well, it was within the walls of the function team– constantly!– but it didn’t yet exist in the beauty space, which was one of our biggest motivators for creating it. So for anyone who doesn’t know, let us formally introduce you. Co-wash is a cleansing conditioner that, through friction and mild ingredients, cleans hair and build-up on the scalp, and hydrates hair in the process. Because it’s most beneficial to curly and coily hair, we made sure women with those hair types were involved in the creation process. So no more waiting! Let’s dive into all things co-wash (we’ve been waiting so long to say that).

Co-wash co-creation

As mentioned, the most important thing to us was delivering a product as beneficial as possible to the curly/coily community. We spent a lot of time doing the research and speaking to a wide range of women about what they were looking for. Then we decided to dive a bit deeper– selecting three co-creators to work directly with our in-house Research + Development team (made up of our chemists) to help us perfect custom co-wash. Our co-creators were specifically selected based on their expertise in beauty — natural hair & lifestyle vlogger Simone Nicole (whose past function review inspired us to launch co-wash in the first place), celeb hairstylist Mirna Jose, and natural hair & beauty creator Amina Marie. Together, they gave us balanced and thoughtful insight into what was missing in the category space, helping us streamline our formulations to be most beneficial to curly/coily hair.

Formulation ingredients

So with all that learning, what made its way into our formulas? 

  • Shea Butter. Rich, creamy, and moisturizing, it contains a blend of fatty acids that nourish hair.

  • Jamaican Black Castor Seed Oil. Enriched with the ashes of roasted castor seeds, it’s well-loved for its softening and moisturizing properties.

  • Avocado Oil. Full of Vitamin E, it can penetrate the hair shaft for deep moisturization.

  • Hydrolyzed Quinoa. Its properties prevent hair color washout + maintain vibrancy, while the amino acids bind to hair to enhance manageability.

  • Aloe Juice. A juicy burst of moisture.

All of these are in every co-wash formulation, and are balanced to specifically meet the needs of your hair type, structure, and moisture level. On top of all of this? The ability to add up to 5 hair goals with their own powerful, clean ingredients to bring your hair to the next level. Find our full list of hair goals and their clean, pronounceable ingredients here.

Major benefits

Saved the best for last. The benefits of co-wash make a really long list. It goes as follows:

  • It makes curls happy. Curly Girl Method Approved*, co-wash is silicone-free and free of drying alcohols

  • It gently cleanses hair to keep it clean on non-wash days

  • It reduces breakage, even after use of product, and improves hair strength overall

  • It softens and detangles hair

  • It nourishes hair and improves overall hair health and strength

  • It removes surface build-up without ever stripping hair of moisture

  • It hydrates and moisturizes 

  • It helps you reach your specific hair goals with each use

  • It’s (especially for curly, coily, and color-treated hair) an important step in a healthy hair regimen 

  • It’s dermatologist-tested, non-irritating, and suitable for sensitive skin

Take a look at all things co-wash, words from our co-creators, and info on ingredients to get more info. We’re so excited to share custom co-wash with you and hope you love it as much as we do. To good hair days!

*Function of Beauty is not associated with Lorraine Massey, the Curly Girl Method (“CGM”), or Curly Girl: The Handbook. Reference to the Curly Girl Method is provided is for informational purposes only and is accurate to the best of our knowledge, however it is not guaranteed. Product formulas can change at any time.