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10 Blonde Hair Color Ideas to Update Your Tresses

BY Felicia Ler

Does platinum blonde hair work better for your skin tone, or should you go strawberry blonde instead? Which blonde tones will best complement your aesthetic while still being low-maintenance? Should you ask for lowlights, highlights, babylights, or the ever-trending balayage?

To get the answers to all of the above questions (and more), this guide to blonde hair color ideas is a great starting point. Read on to get your creative juices flowing and find out if blondes really do have more fun.

50 Shades of Blonde

OK, there isn’t an official count on the number of blonde hues just yet. But it’s safe to say there are ample blonde hair color ideas to choose from. The only question is, Which type of blonde are you?

You can think of blonde hair color along two dimensions:

  • Shade: From dark to light
  • Tone: From warm to cool

Generally, stylists recommend using your skin tone and eye color as the guiding points. That said, it’s not a guarantee that light-skinned individuals will do well with light, icy shades. Or that those with darker skin should lean toward dark, warm colors. Remember, the last thing you want is a blonde hair color idea that makes you look washed-out IRL.

Just like finding the right foundation shade, your undertone is a key clue to whether you should veer toward warm or cool blonde hair colors.

To solve the mystery, look at the color of the veins on your wrist. Bluish-looking veins in fair complexions and purplish ones in darker skin tones hint at cool undertones — welcome to Team Cool! Meanwhile, green veins represent warm undertones, putting you squarely in Team Warm. If you have roughly the same amount of green and blue, you’re Team Neutral. In which case, feel free to play around with both warm and cool shades of blonde.

10 Blonde Hair Color Ideas to Set Your Eyes On

Let’s dive into what you really want to know — blonde hair color ideas for your tresses. From blonde ombre to blonde balayage (wait, there’s a difference?), we’ll help you decide which blonde look works best for you and your mane.

1. Platinum Blonde

The classic platinum blonde is the ultimate bombshell look. It’s one of the lightest colors, with a few warm hues separating it from white blonde on the hair color chart. Go chic with short hair like bobs and lobs. Or add a touch of edginess with hairstyles like pixie cuts and shag cuts. You can even emulate Daenerys from Game of Thrones with a few well-placed braids.

2. Baby Blonde

For another fabulous flaxen hair color, look up baby blonde in your hair salon’s color chart. Its subtle lightness, paired with warm undertones, makes this blonde hair color idea a tad deeper than the usual warm platinum. As your colorist will likely tell you, the trick to achieving the perfect baby blonde is to use babylights or the balayage technique.

3. Icy Blonde

If you want to go even cooler, consider icy blonde. Unlike platinum blonde, icy blonde looks white, almost silvery, under the light. If you’ve ever wanted to be Elsa from Frozen, this blonde hair color idea is your perfect shade. Or you can try the icy blonde ombre that gradually shifts from dark roots to cool tones at the hair ends.

4. Sandy Blonde

Sandy blonde hair is what beachy waves are made of. If you have naturally darker hair, you’ll have to lighten your hair first for the hair dye to take to your tresses. If you’re already a natural blonde, you can choose sandy blonde highlights and babylights as an alternative to the true sandy blonde color.

5. Golden Blonde

For a bright blonde look, this golden blonde hair color idea is the way to go. What if you have red or brown hair? No worries, your colorist will likely recommend pre-lightening before falling back on highlights and babylights to ensure your ‘do looks natural.

6. Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde hair is one of the rarest natural colors out there. But that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same shade with a professional hairstylist. Depending on your base color, you may need a few coloring sessions or just one. If you have red hair, try blonde highlights for a low-maintenance look. Or request warm lowlights to add dimension to your mane.

7. Honey Blonde

Those who prefer warm tones without heading into strawberry blonde territory may want to go honey blonde. It’s a universally flattering color that works well with any skin tone — think buttery golden shades with hints of amber. If you aren’t ready to fully commit to this hair color just yet, ask for honey blonde highlights.

8. Caramel Blonde

Caramel blonde is another popular warm blonde hair color idea for those transitioning from a darker shade to a lighter one. To keep this creamy blonde interesting, try caramel blonde balayage, which is best for those with brown natural hair color. The gradual, sweeping transition helps to ensure the end result looks natural.

9. Dirty Blonde

Dirty blonde hair has to be everyone’s go-to dark blonde shade. Compared to light blonde hair colors like platinum and light ash blonde, this blonde hair color idea is relatively low on the upkeep, so that’s a big win.

Unlike solid hues like champagne blonde, you can go multi-dimensional with this dark blonde hair color. Ask for golden tones to warm up your look or ashy tones to keep it cool.

10. Dark Ash-Blonde

From autumn until winter, go “bronde” with a dark ash blonde to keep up with the seasons. What we love about this blonde hair color idea: The irresistible blend of dark blonde and light brown hues works for most complexions. It’s also easy to transition to this hue from a dark blonde color — just ask your colorist for ash blonde highlights.

How to Take Care of Your Blonde ‘Do

Choosing the right shade from the countless blonde hair color ideas is only one part of the hairstyling puzzle. To extend the longevity of your new hue and keep brassiness at bay, what you do after your hair dye job is just as (if not more) important.

Shun the Drying Ingredients

Dryness is never your mane’s BFF, more so when you’ve gone blonde. For those with extra-dehydrated strands (courtesy of bleach or other harsh styling treatments), it’s in your best interest to shun drying haircare ingredients. Think sulfates, parabens, and drying alcohols that unfortunately pop up in many shampoos and conditioners.

That’s where Function of Beauty can help. Our haircare range is free of sulfates, parabens, and other potentially unwanted ingredients. What’s more, you can tailor your formulations to your mane’s unique needs with our hair goals, whether it’s in the form of extra hydration, shine, or color protection.

Lather With Purple Shampoo

Time to introduce the two most important words to your dictionary post-dye job: Purple shampoo. Because brassiness is the biggest enemy of any blonde color hair idea, adding purple shampoo to your haircare arsenal gives you the best chance of neutralizing the yellow and/or orange undertones.

Try Function of Beauty’s custom purple shampoo that’s specially formulated for those with blonde, gray, highlighted, bleached, or balayage hair colors. Thanks to the shampoo’s deep violet pigments, using it as often as you need helps your ‘do appear fresh and vibrant.

Use a Hair Mask

Dyed strands need a lot more love than the usual shampoo and conditioner can give them. You may want to consider nourishing treatments like Function of Beauty’s custom hair mask. It’s an intensive deep-conditioning treatment that you can use weekly to hydrate dry, damaged, or otherwise lackluster hair.

Pro Tip: For over-processed hair, you can use our hair mask in lieu of your daily conditioner.

Keep in Touch With Your Hairstylist

Yes, the above tips may help you extend the time between your salon visits. But that’s not to say you can bid goodbye to your stylist once and for all. Depending on the shade you’ve chosen, you may need to make an appointment once every 6-8 weeks, or however frequently your stylist recommends.

If you don’t, your natural hair color will likely grow out — and the last thing you want is for people to notice your roots. Also, if your hair is damaged beyond repair after your dye job, make time for a trim or even a haircut to nip the issue in the bud.

Blondes Really Do Have More Fun

These blonde hair color ideas are a great starting point if you’re interested in changing up your locks. For instance, try baby blonde for a vibrant look, or channel your inner rock chick with dirty blonde hair.

While it’s essential to pick the right blonde shade for you, it’s crucial to stay on top of your aftercare game. Arm yourself with the right products to help your dye job last for as long as possible. If you need help in this area, take our hair quiz today to find right-for-you haircare products no matter what hue you choose.