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The Benefits of Wrapping Your Curls in Satin

BY Ana Salazar

Photo by: @brittney.christinee

In celebration with our custom co-wash launch, we’ve released a limited edition, multi-way, vegan satin scarf in collaboration with artist Kendra Dandy (@theebouffants). Not only is it luxurious, but it’s also perfect for styling our hair during the day and protecting it at night. Not sure how? Below is everything you need to know about hair scarves – from how to wear them, to their benefits.

So… what’s so great about satin hair scarves?

People with textured and curly hair have used hair scarves to style and protect their hair for years. This is because their soft, slippery material reduces breakage and frizz, as well as:

  • Keeps your hair soft and free of tangles

  • Keeps your hairstyle and curls intact

And, how can I wear it for nighttime protection?

  1. Fold your scarf diagonally to make a triangle.

  2. Place the long side of the triangle at the back of your neck. Pull the sides up to frame your hair and tie into a knot at the front of your head.

  3. Pull the tip of the triangle up to the top of your head, tucking all of your hair into the scarf

  4. As you go. Tuck the tip of the triangle to the front knot.

How about for daily styling?

  1. Fold your scarf diagonally to make a triangle.

  2. Place the long side of the triangle along your forehead hairline and allow the other two ends to come to the back.

  3. Knot these pieces at the base of your neck to secure them.

Silk scarves are a super fashionable way to style and protect your hair from daily stressors. So, whether you’re trying to reduce breakage or preserve your curls, a silk scarf is a great starting point. Add it to your cleanse-day ritual: custom co-wash to gently cleanse and hydrate – silk scarf to protect and keep hair feeling soft.