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How Your Haircut Can Embrace Your Natural Curls

BY Veronica McCarthy

Summer is also known as Curly Girl Season around here. With temperatures and humidity rising, we find it’s the perfect time to embrace your natural curls instead of fighting against them. Of course we have a plethora of products to let your true curls shine (the highlight might just be our Custom Styling Primer), but before applying any product, the foundation of any good Curly Girl Season is a good Curly Girl Haircut.

(Insider tip: We love applying our Custom Leave-In Conditioner as a “cutting-lotion” for extra slip and to easy any friction from shears to help prevent frizz.)

The Curly Bob

The curly bob is the perfect choice for those who want a chic and low-maintenance look. This timeless haircut features a length that falls anywhere between the jawline and the shoulders, with beautiful bouncy curls adding texture and movement. The key to achieving the perfect curly bob is to ensure that the cut frames your face shape, highlighting your best features. Whether you opt for a blunt bob or incorporate layers for added volume, this haircut is versatile.

The Shaggy Layers

If you’re looking to add more volume and definition to your curly hair, the shaggy layers haircut is your answer. This summer, the shag is all about embracing natural texture and creating effortless, lived-in looks. By incorporating layers throughout your curls, you’ll achieve a dynamic and voluminous style. The shaggy layers add movement and dimension, making your curls appear lighter and more defined. This haircut works exceptionally well for those with thick or dense curly hair.

The Curly Pixie

For those who crave a bold and daring look this summer, the curly pixie cut is the ultimate statement-making choice. This edgy and short haircut emphasizes your natural curls while exuding confidence and style. The curly pixie is incredibly versatile and can be customized to suit various curl patterns and face shapes. It’s a great option for those who are ready to embrace a low-maintenance hairstyle that stands out from the crowd. With the right styling products and techniques, you can achieve a pixie cut that is both playful and elegant.

The Curly Lob

The curly lob, or long bob, is a popular choice among those who want to retain some length while enjoying the benefits of a shorter haircut. This summer, the curly lob is all about effortless sophistication. With its length falling just above the shoulders, the curly lob provides ample opportunities to style your curls in different ways. Whether you prefer loose waves or tighter coils, this versatile haircut offers flexibility and versatility. It’s a great option for those with thicker curls who want a manageable and trendy style that can be easily dressed up or down.