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How to Further Customize Your Shampoo and Conditioner

BY Meg Maupin

Once you have tested your custom shampoo and conditioner trial set, there are several different ways that you can continue to customize your formula before your next order!  

Add More Hair Goals

Because of the smaller (3oz) bottle, you’re only able to choose 3 hair goals for your trial set. When upgrading to a larger size, you can select from a wider variety of hair goals.

You will now be able to choose up to 5 from the following:

Every time you order, you have the ability to update these goals so that you can ensure your formulas are always well suited to your needs.

Change Your Fragrance

There are so many great Function of Beauty scents, it’s hard to choose just one! You can change your fragrance before your next bottle if you want to try something new with a changing mood or to go along with the changing seasons. We recommend checking out our new sweet-but-sultry floral scent, Floret, which just launched! It has notes of Gardenia, Rose, and Sandalwood.

Change Your Color

A fun way to customize your shampoo and conditioner is to change the color. Many customers change their formula color alongside scent, but since our formulas are made-to-order, you can customize however you want! Did you know you can even get a different color for each shampoo and conditioner?

Access your full capabilities to customize by signing into Your Account and click on “Manage” to make changes to your subscription. From there, you can “edit” your next order to include more hair goals and update your color and fragrance. If you have any questions, reach out to us at