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In Good Co. With Mirna Jose

BY Mirna Jose
In good co. is a series where our co-creators share their experience + perspective in helping formulate our product launches.

My name is Mirna Jose, and I am a licensed hairstylist with over 12 years of experience that includes product development, salon experience as well as on set. I am thrilled to be collaborating with Function of  Beauty’s new product launch. A customizable co-wash.

I have tried several co-washes both on myself and on my clients, and I have not been impressed by any of them. The current co-washes that are currently in the market are too heavy or very light. I noticed that after using a co-wash my hair never felt really clean. It would also leave a film that makes my hair look dull, which translates to me having to wash my hair the traditional way. 

I both color and bleach my hair. I also have two different curl patterns. Wash day for me and for a lot of my clients takes not only a lot of time, but it can also be a lot of work. I don’t always have time to wash and condition, which is why a co-wash is convenient–  it saves you time and it refreshes your hair.

Function of Beauty Co-wash is exactly what my hair needed.  All curls are not created equal, which is why creating your own customized co-wash to target your specific needs is the best thing that can ever happen to your hair. 

My personal formula left my hair feeling clean and conditioned. It had enough slip to detangle my curls. It’s paraben and silicone-free, which is important for my hair. This type of co-wash was missing in the market not only because you don’t always want to wash your hair, but you would want it to look fresh; you want it to feel clean. It gives you the option of prolonging your wash day.

One of the greatest experiences of my career has been to work directly with the chemists at Function Of Beauty because I felt both seen and heard by a brand actually listening to what the issues are and wanting to create better products. It is exactly what you want a brand to do for you. The chemists heard my concerns about what I personally thought was missing in the current products, what I personally needed for my hair.

I always want my clients to look their best. I earn their trust because I listen to their concerns and their specific needs, and I go out of my way to ensure that they leave my chair happy. I customize their haircuts, color, and their hair products. They trust my judgment. I always tell them ‘ I want you to look expensive and luxurious, I want people to ask you who did your hair’  That to me is the biggest compliment.