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Function of Beauty: Our commitments to product safety and performance

BY Laura Casciola

Safe, Tested and Rooted in Science

All Function of Beauty products are safe to use as directed. We want you to have complete peace of mind when using our products, which is why we prioritize safety and efficacy with thorough testing both in-house and by independent third-party laboratories. 

Every step of the journey, from selecting the finest ingredients to the production process, is meticulously reviewed and subjected to rigorous testing.

How We Develop

Our products are made with high-quality and effective ingredients, carefully selected for their safety and performance profile. Our team of in-house chemists and scientists controls the quality process from beginning to end, from selecting the ingredients, to formulating and producing in our own state of the art facility.  

Our products abide by a stringent internal charter respecting and going beyond US regulations, complying with EU regulations along with being reviewed by toxicologists for safety.

We give priority to naturally derived ingredients. Our products are sulfate-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free and vegan.

All of our products undergo a rigorous testing process at each stage of the development, including both internal and third-party tests to ensure quality control. 

Below are just a few of the many measures we apply in our day to day development process:

  • We carefully select our ingredients from vetted, reputable suppliers. 
  • Every ingredient in our products meets both US and EU cosmetic regulations – which are some of the strictest in the world.
  • We have banned 45 ingredients sometimes found in hair  products from all Function of Beauty products.
  • We require toxicology data on all our ingredients prior to use, and have all formulas reviewed by an expert toxicologist.

How We Test

All our products undergo a strict testing protocol, to ensure safety, quality and performance. Our product development team personally tests each formula, which is then tested with dermatologists, stylists and consumers.

  • All our products have passed stability testing, meaning that they do not change adversely over time.
  • We conduct microbial testing to ensure preservation of our formulations against bacteria and fungi.
  • All of our products are dermatologist-tested to ensure that they are non-irritating and suitable for sensitive skin.
  • We also conduct randomized lab testing and visual inspections during production.
  • We constantly review our testing methods going beyond industry standards. As needed we conduct external scalp biopsy testing with independent labs to ensure no negative effects to the scalp and hair follicle is observed. We are happy to confirm that our products promote and maintain a healthy scalp.

With Function of Beauty PRO, we went one step further

  • This range was tested and approved by professional stylists for quality and performance on all hair types.
  •  Function of Beauty PRO has achieved the Clean at Sephora seal, one of the most stringent in the industry

We are proud that we meet or exceed industry standards in the ways in which we evaluate and test all our ingredients and formulations because the safety of our customers is our top priority.

How We Manufacture

Unlike many companies in the industry, we take pride in formulating and producing our products in our own lab and production facility. This enables us to maintain complete quality control over every step of the process. During production, we conduct randomized lab testing and visual inspections to ensure that each batch meets our rigorous quality standards. We also keep a record of every batch we make, providing traceability and accountability.

Hair Health & Hair Loss

We understand that hair health and combatting hair loss are top concerns for many individuals. Hair loss is a serious condition caused by a variety of medical and other factors unrelated to hair products, and something that only a doctor can properly diagnose. We encourage anyone experiencing hair loss to consult directly with their own doctor or dermatologist.

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