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The 10 Instagram Feeds You Need to Follow for Endless Hair-spiration

BY Alyssa Montemurro

If sifting through the over 24.4 million different #hairstyle posts currently circulating on Instagram for some much-needed inspo seems a bit overwhelming, you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and done the hard work for you, rounding up our ten favorite accounts for endless hair-spiration. Whether you’re looking for curly hair looks or a fresh new cut to show to your hairstylist, there’s more than enough #hairgoals here to go around.  

Frédérique Harrel

The Paris-born, London-based fashion blogger has been inspiring her community of followers (over 190,000 across Instagram and YouTube) since 2013 when she first launched her blog, Freddie Harrel. These days, fans go to her as much for her styling tips as they do for inspiration on how to embrace their natural, textured hair (not to mention her line Big Hair No Care hair extensions!).

Kaley Melissa

Looking for some new hairstyle idea that you can actually see yourself wearingor at least attempting? Check out beauty vlogger Kaley Melissa’s feed, where she posts links to easy-to-follow YouTube videos of all of her latest braids, ponies, and more.

Leore Hayon

The model and beauty vlogger’s stunning mane of sun-kissed, beachy waves is the very definition of #hairgoals, which is why we can’t get enough of her @thegirlhabit account. Follow it for easy, everyday tutorials, product recommendations, and major wavy-haired inspo!

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A bit of #hairtwinkle never hurt?✨

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Irene Kim

If you’re on the hunt for the next unexpected hair color to try, look no further than Irene Kim’s Instagram account. The Korean model and beauty influencer is known for her ever-changing rainbow-colored tresses and playful accessories, making her the ultimate follow for anyone who’s looking to let loose and have a little fun with their look.

Chime Edwards

Chime Edwards is an expert of sorts on all things natural hair care. For the proof, check out her popular Instagram account and YouTube channel where you’ll find some of the most helpful tutorials and products reviews out there.

Sarah Angius

If you’re not one of the nearly 4 million people already obsessed with hairstylist Sarah Angius, prepare yourself. The Instagram star has the kind of hair most of us can only dream of and is the master of creating super addictive tutorials for every type of hairstyle imaginable. Messy buns, big, voluminous curls, sleek, bridal chignonsyou name it!

Christina Butcher

Take one look at curly-haired blogger Christina Butcher’s Instagram feed @hairromance and it’s easy to see why we’re so obsessed—her hair is the perfect shade of Function pink! That and we just can’t get enough of her frame-by-frame how-tos where she breaks down the prettiest styles for curly-haired girls, including everything from gorgeous updos to loose chignons to serious boho braids.

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Looking like a braided bunny here ?

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Lesley Buckle

The London-based beauty blogger first started her blog Fresh Lengths as a personal hair journal, but it’s since grown into an insanely popular platform for her to catalog all of her gorgeous natural hair looks and in-depth product reviews. She’s also a huge advocate for inspiring other women to wear their hair how they choose, rather than it being dictated by societal “norms,” which is something we can definitely get on board with!

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sending love your way today ?

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Tiarra Pearson

Finding hair-spiration for short-haired girls isn’t always easy, unless you already happen to follow Tiarra Pearson. The New York-based model is the living embodiment of effortless, cool-girl hair, whose styles range from sleek and straight to curly half-up-half-down ‘dos, all of which are definitely worth the double-tap.

Camelia Katoozian

We were first drawn to Camelia Katoozian for her long raven locks, but quickly became obsessed with her assortment of playful tutorial videos. Expect to find how-tos on everything from trimming your own bangs to creating the perfect all-natural hair mask.

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