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Your May (Hair)oscopes Are Here!

BY Veronica McCarthy

Do you follow your monthly horoscope? Do you enjoy talking about all things hair care-related? Yes? Then you’re going to love our monthly (hair)oscopes! At the beginning of each month, our resident hairstylist/astrologer Dylan Chavles will look to the cosmos to reveal what the month has in store for both you and your hair. See what lies ahead for your love life, career, potential new haircut, and more below!


Dear Aries, happy belated birthday! Hopefully you followed quarantine guidelines and stayed distanced, even if that’s the last thing you wished for. This month starts off with a powerful full moon in Scorpio on May 7th. This will take place in your 8th house, asking you to dig up the skeletons in your closet that affect your daily life. Dealing with anything heavy right now seems overwhelming (because it really is), so my advice for anything uncomfortable that rears its head up around the full moon is to simply write down exactly what you’re feeling. Make sure you’re honest in your writing, even if it feels corny or gross. If you’re feeling extra dedicated to working through this, set that vulnerable piece of paper on fire on the night of the full moon, have a glass of wine if you’re into that, and do something that would make your 10 year old self happy. Maybe the baggage you need to unpack isn’t heavy trauma, but actually that you don’t go out of your way enough for you. Change that in May, and do something nice for yourself– invest in your self care.



Happy birthday Taureans! These may not be the most ideal birthday conditions but look at the bright side, you don’t have to leave the house! May’s big event is the powerful full moon in Scorpio on the 7th. For you, this moon rests in your 7th house of relationships, illuminating the good and the ugly. If the world wasn’t on fire, I would say take advantage of this full moon and listen to what she is trying to tell you about relationships in life that don’t make you feel fulfilled. However, for this particular full moon, I think the best thing to do is cherish the people that make you feel loved and simply spend less energy on the ones that don’t. Your ruler Venus also goes retrograde on May 12th, asking you to reassess your relationship to worth. This couldn’t be a more perfect time for Venus retrograde, as most of us are stuck inside asking ourselves these questions anyway. Whether or not we were quarantined, Venus retrograde wants you to explore how you value yourself outside of money and career. What else in your life makes you feel whole? Is it an artistic practice? Is it being of service to your community in a new way? Or is it to have incredibly healthy hair without split ends?


Hello Geminis! And happy birthday to some of you! Even if it feels like the world has stopped, the planets are still moving and still making us feel all types of ways. May’s big event is the full moon in Scorpio on May 7th. This full moon takes place in your 6th house of work and health, making you hyper focused on those aspects for the next couple of weeks. If you’re still working, you’re more than likely just grateful to have income right now. However, that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to think of other ways you could make money that might be more fulfilling. If you’re not working right now, this is a good time to focus on how you can be of service to yourself and your community. Remember, this does not have to be a grand gesture! You don’t have to commit to a 30 day abs challenge or save an entire village. Chances are you won’t accomplish either of these things and then you’ll feel defeated. Instead, start small! Things like offering to pick up groceries for a neighbor who can’t safely do it, brushing your teeth before 1PM, or making sure that your shampoo is cruelty free and ecologically sound.


Hello crabs!! This is a wild month for you, as May 7th’s full moon in Scorpio shines a bright light on your 5th house of love and creativity. The moon moves quickly, and pushes us to step on the gas to focus on the changes she wants us to make. The moon in Scorpio wants you to dig deep into what makes you feel complete artistically. This doesn’t mean you have to pick up a quarantine watercolor set or start baking focaccia if those things don’t appeal to you. This aspect almost wants you to do the polar opposite of what the world is telling you to accomplish by going inward and finding the joy in something that makes you feel invigorated regardless of what anyone else is up to. This aspect paired with Venus retrograde this month can also lead to lots of ruminating on past relationships. You might use this brain-wracking positively and think about what you learned about yourself and what you want for the future, or you might torture an ex by contacting them when you’re feeling lonely. Here’s a pro-tip: Leave a nutrient rich hair mask in longer than suggested when you choose to mentally walk a path of self care or send a “hey just thinking about you during these crazy times” text at 3AM from your couch.


Hello Leo! My heart goes out to you my fixed fire sign, as you attempt to adapt to a life predominantly indoors. Our big aspect this month is the full moon in Scorpio on May 7th. The full moon takes place in your 4th house of home and family, suggesting that you’re going to feel like you need to shake things up in your home life. This will feel really frustrating internally, because maybe there isn’t much you feel like you can do to change your living situation. I’d suggest doing any home projects that you’ve been putting off, regardless of whether or not you feel like doing them. By shifting your environment slightly, you get the instant gratification of change a lot of us are seeking right now. Another aspect this full moon wants you to focus on is the importance of ritual. Rituals create stability, and stability in any capacity right now is priceless. Try not to neglect the rituals that made you feel complete everyday. Accomplishing small tasks like doing dishes before you sleep, making your bed after you wake up, and changing out of your pajamas before 12PM are all small activities you can do that give you peace of mind. Don’t forget that your hair is still a part of you and needs love as well, so why don’t you add a customized hair serum to your detangling ritual?


Hello to my most adaptable sign! I know you hate compliments Virgo, but pat yourself on the back for winning the “most likely to emotionally survive a quarantine” award. Your patience, diligence, and ability to maneuver obstacles will pay off whether or not you realize it. It’s almost as if the universe has blessed you with the full moon in Scorpio on May 7th in your house of communications. In this case, the full moon wants you to reevaluate the way you speak to you. Virgos spend a lot of energy being constructive for the world around them, however they famously don’t share the love they have for the world with themselves. Use this moon phase to learn how to speak to yourself as constructively as you speak to others around you. Remember that you are only one person in a sea of billions, and you matter just as much as everyone you’re trying to help. Time might feel stagnant right now, but with limited access to our communities, this is the perfect time to conjure up ways we can make our mental and emotional communication softer. While you’re at it, make sure your hair stays soft too by using a leave in treatment packed with shea butter.


Hello Libras! I know you’re enjoying Zoom gatherings more than anyone else right now! This month’s big transition is the full moon in Scorpio on May 7th. This placement will make you hyper focusing on the material world this month as it takes place in your 2nd house of material goods and finances. Now that isn’t ideal if you’re out of work, as you might be prone to being sent into a tailspin about money during this moon phase. The saving grace in all of this is that you’re not alone, and most of the world is experiencing the same thing. Luckily you can be easily distracted, and Mercury entering your 9th house of higher knowledge will switch the “thoughts of existential dread” light off and the “I want to read something that takes me out of myself” light on. If you’re ready to pick up a heady essay on ceasing the means of production, your brain is more than ready to take it in. If you’re still employed and antsy to consume more during this phase, this also applies to you. Support a small bookstore and buy whatever satiates your craving mentally and materially. And while you’re filling your head with ideas for idyllic society, make sure you’re filling your hair with a serum of equally rich proportions.


Hello to my fellow Scorpios! All those jokes about wanting to be alone, and we finally made it to self isolation! Maybe not exactly as romantic as we thought it would be, but at least we now we know. We have a full moon in Scorpio on May 7th, in our first house of self. This moon phase will push us into reevaluating what we deem important in our lives, if we haven’t been already. Luckily we feel the most comfortable in heavy situations, and the weight of the world usually sits comfortably on our shoulders, so why not stir in one of our favorite existential questions, “What is my purpose?” We are keepers of secrets, and a place for people to emotionally dump on. It’s something we enjoy doing, however I want us to think about ourselves on May 7th. Challenge yourself by just being there for you on the full moon, you’re allowed to say no to people for one day. Our realities are warped, so maybe think of things you’ve always wanted to do that seemed impossible before when time and structure were obstacles. If you were already doing what you loved and you can’t right now, take that obsessive energy and channel it into concocting a meticulous and beneficial shampoo and conditioner for yourself.


My fiery Sagittarius, you love to harp on how desperately you need a break from it all. Now you have one and you feel stuck. We’ve been quarantined long enough to find things that make us feel at peace in seclusion, and the full moon in Scorpio on May 7th is a not-so-subtle reminder that it’s okay for you to do absolutely nothing. Your full moon takes place in the 12th house, an esoteric house of the “unseen” and spirituality. In this case, the full moon wants you to be comfortable nourishing a part of yourself that doesn’t produce material or physical rewards. The moon wants to teach you how to benefit from just sitting down. It doesn’t make you lazy if you don’t work out and cook three meals a day- if you’re body is begging for it, listen. If you absolutely cannot fathom doing nothing for a night, this placement also benefits from meditation. Meditation doesn’t always mean sitting on a pillow and breathing, it could be reorganizing books, cleaning baseboards, or meticulously chopping vegetables. There are so many ways to meditate that there can’t be a wrong way to do it, so why don’t you try multitasking? Meditate mid-hair mask, you’ve got the time!


Dear Capricorns, I know you’ve been productive in a million ways and not even a global pandemic could stop you if it tried. However this means that the world feeling like it’s on pause might be driving you a little insane as it’s not up to your fast paced mentality. Make sure that you’re reminding yourself that if anyone has done the most they can possibly do in terms of production, it’s you. Your big aspect this month is the full moon in Scorpio on May 7th. This full moon will take place in your 11th house of social circles and friendships. Granted, we haven’t been hanging out in groups (hopefully), but keep in mind who makes you feel most loved and safe at this time. The full moon in Scorpio wants to dig deep, and she will show you who’s most beneficial to your overall well being. Not to say that people who don’t make you feel your best right now are bad people, everyone’s coping in different ways, but use this time to take mental note of who you trust to share your feelings with. A fun way to acknowledge those who are good for you is by giving them the gift of choice for their hair care products. If they find what they need, you’ve got a friend for life.


Hello to my revolutionary thinkers! We’re all relying on you to lead a successful rent and mortgage strike, and what a perfect time to do it with a full moon in Scorpio in your 10th house of authority. On May 7th, this full moon will make you question your place in the world. Where are you quiet where you shouldn’t be? You have a powerful voice that influences and inspires others, how can you use it? There are almost no rules right now, it’s a perfect time for you to bend them while they’re flexible. You have the capacity to incite confidence en masse, and I suggest you do it in any way you possibly can. This could range from quelling the anxiety of your immediate family to organizing for a tenants union. This phase also wants you to reflect on the liberties you allow yourself, and whether or not you’re suppressing your personality and voice in some way. Take mental note of what that could be and figure out how to change it. Maybe you’re free as a bird but you haven’t fed your hair the high quality oils and extracts it needs to thrive? An easy solution to this problem would be a customized leave in treatment, to help your locks rise above the it’s perceived potential. 


Hello to my dreamy escapists! Our big astrological event this month is a full moon in Scorpio on May 7th. Your full moon takes place in your 9th house of travel and higher knowledge. Other signs might be frustrated with not being able to physically travel, but luckily you’re able to mentally transport yourself just about anywhere. Every Pisces I know has taken a deep dive into a new school of thought, or new practice. This moon placement begs for immersing yourself in something unexplored, and it’s the perfect time to transport yourself mentally and emotionally away from the reality we’re in. You have the capacity to absorb knowledge openly and positively, and I suggest finding a means of doing so. Hopefully you steer away from learning too much about 5G towers, and learn how to care for your hair instead. What a wonderful time to dive into the magic of all-natural fragrances, and how they could best be used in your shower!