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Custom Purple Shampoo: Our Mane Squeeze for Vibrant Hair This Summer

BY Veronica McCarthy

Summer is here, which means it’s time to add our Custom Purple Shampoo into your wash-day rotation if you have blond, grey, or highlighted hair. But many are still wary of using a purple shampoo – and we get it, it feels counter-intuitive at first! This is why we did a deep dive into the science behind the color-correcting abilities as well as the versatility for various hair colors, so you feel confident reaching for our Custom Purple Shampoo all summer long to keep your lighter tones cool, calm, and collected. 

    1. Not Just for Blondes: While purple shampoo is commonly associated with blondes, it can also benefit other hair colors. It is effective for toning down brassiness in silver, gray, and even some shades of highlighted hair, helping to maintain a cool and fresh look.
    2. Temporary Color Correction: Purple shampoo provides a temporary color correction effect. It doesn’t actually dye or permanently change the hair color but rather helps to neutralize unwanted tones for a temporary period until the next wash.
    3. Gradual Toning: Purple shampoo works gradually, meaning you may need to use it multiple times to achieve your desired level of toning. It’s important to start with a lower frequency of use and increase gradually to avoid over-toning or purple hues.
    4. Use with Caution on Lightened or Porous Hair: While purple shampoo is beneficial for toning, it’s important to use it cautiously on highly lightened or porous hair. These hair types can absorb pigments more easily, so leaving the shampoo on for an extended period or using it too frequently may result in an overly cool or even purple hue.
    5. Not a Replacement for Regular Shampoo: Purple shampoo is designed to be used in conjunction with regular shampoo. It is formulated specifically for toning purposes and may not provide the necessary cleansing properties of a regular shampoo. To keep your hair clean and healthy, alternate between purple shampoo and your regular shampoo.
    6. Customized Formulas: Our Custom Purple Shampoo, offers personalized formulas tailored to your specific hair needs. These formulas take into account factors like hair type, color intensity, and level of brassiness to provide optimal toning and conditioning benefits.
    7. Maintenance is Key: To maintain the desired results, it’s important to consistently incorporate purple shampoo into your hair care routine. Regular use will help to keep brassiness at bay and maintain a cool-toned color.
    8. Avoid Contact with Porous Surfaces: Purple shampoo can leave behind a temporary purple stain on porous surfaces like bathroom tiles or shower curtains. To prevent staining, rinse off any residue immediately and avoid prolonged contact with these surfaces.
    9. The Science Behind Purple Shampoo: Purple shampoo works on the principle of color theory. Purple is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel, so when purple pigments are applied to hair, they neutralize and counteract the yellow or brassy tones, resulting in a cooler, more vibrant hair color