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How to Add Texture to Hair: 5 Tips for Your Tresses

BY Jana Russick

Learning how to add texture to hair means different things for different hair types. If you have flat hair, fine hair, or straight hair, adding texture means giving your hair more body and movement. For those with wavy or curly hair, adding texture can mean enhancing your natural waves and curls. And for those with coily hair textures, it could mean changing your hair pattern to make it smoother and straighter. 

If you want to know how to add texture to hair, you first must understand your hair type and what texture will benefit it most. Let’s dive into how to add texture to hair of all types.

Texturizing Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, you’re probably tired of taking out the curling iron and spending hours trying to master a new hairstyle only to see it turn into flat hair an hour later. To add texture to straight hair, you need to be a little more strategic. 

Add Some Layers

A great way to enhance your natural hair texture is to add layers. Having a haircut with varying lengths gives the illusion of movement and dimension. It also makes it easier for your hair to get a little messy at night, which can actually be a good thing! Unlike those with coily or curly hair, waking up with a few extra waves and crimps in your hair can give you a piecey look and even add a bit of volume.

Texturize With Sea Salt

Want to get that bed head chic look your wavy-haired and curly-haired friends seem to achieve so effortlessly? Concoct yourself a DIY sea salt spray that’ll give your stick-straight locks a texturized look

Gather the following ingredients to create your own sea salt texturizing spray:

  • 1 tbsp sea salt
  • 2 tsp argan oil
  • 1 cup water
  • Spray bottle

To create this homemade texturizing spray, mix the sea salt with one cup of warm water. Gradually stir in the argan oil. Once everything is mixed together, spritz a small amount on the mid lengths to ends of your dry hair and scrunch. You should start to see beachy waves form and volume start to boost.

Don’t use too much of the spray, as it can weigh down your hair. Use just enough so that each strand is covered. If you want a more subtle texture, apply this spray to damp hair for an understated wavy look. If you notice that the sea salt is drying out your ends, apply a small amount of leave-in for added smoothness.

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Boosting Texture for Wavy Hair

If you strike the right balance, wavy hair can have that perfectly tousled beach look. But attaining the perfect beachy waves is no easy feat, especially if your hair texture is on the straighter side of the wavy spectrum. If the simple swipe of a hairbrush turns your wavy locks straight or simply frizzy, you need a little more power to give your waves definition. 

Use a Magic Wand

To give straight-leaning waves more definition, employ the power of a curling wand. If your hair is flatter in some areas and wavier in others, wrapping a few sections of hair around a wand can help even out your texture. But be careful habitually heating your hair can cause long-term damage, so use products that offer heat protection like hair serums.

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Braid Your Waves

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your wavy texture without using heat, braids might be the way to go. For best results, shampoo and condition your locks at night, apply a wave-enhancing mousse, and allow hair to mostly dry. Once you have slightly damp hair, start braiding it into small sections. Sleep with the braids, and unfasten them in the morning for a more defined wavy texture. 

Enhancing Curly Hair Texture

Curly hair already has a very distinct texture, so adding texture can mean enhancing the shape you already have and ridding your locks of frizz and dryness. It can also mean using heat tools to try out looser hairstyles that still take advantage of your curly shape. Just be sure to focus on giving your curls extra definition and hydration to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy-looking texture. 

Diffuse the Situation

A great way to achieve a looser, more relaxed version of your curly texture is to use the diffuser attachment on your blow dryer. This will help you loosen up your curls while still maintaining your natural volume. To start, point the diffuser towards your roots and tilt your head to the side. Switch to the other side once dry. Do not use the diffuser on your ends — just focus on your roots. This will add texture to your hair by giving you straighter roots and more defined curls at the ends.

Co-Wash Your Curls

Blow drying can cause your hair to be, well, dry. So if you’re using a diffuser to add texture to your curls, it’s important to combat dryness, damage, and frizz with an added dose of softness. That’s where a co-wash comes in. 

Co-washes are a cleansing conditioner that can be used in place of shampoo to help detangle hair, reduce breakage, and improve strength —all things that can promote a healthy-looking, curly-haired texture. 

Overwashing your hair with shampoo can dry your natural curls but Function of Beauty’s custom co-wash can help remove surface build-up that makes hair feel dirty without stripping away beneficial hair oils. It can also help your hair texture look more defined and hydrated. 

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Adding Texture to Coily Hair

Knowing how to add texture to hair that’s coily (otherwise known as type 4 hair) means something different than it does for flatter hair textures. Instead of adding body and volume — which you’ve already got plenty of — chemical processes called texturizers are sometimes used to smooth tresses, get rid of frizz, and achieve a more relaxed curly texture. If you’re looking for a more natural alternative for adding texture to your coily locks, try the following hair care tips.

Braid Your Coils

Coily hair is inherently fragile, so finding a non-chemical way to maintain a healthy-looking texture can help you avoid long-term hair damage. Styling your hair in braids is a great way to maximize your coily texture, avoid damage, and achieve a slightly more relaxed texture. 

Simply divide your hair into small sections and start braiding. Creating hairstyles like box braids or cornrows look super chic on their own but can also be used to stretch out your locks for longer, more relaxed coils. 

Up Your Conditioning Game

Whether you use chemical or natural methods for achieving a more relaxed coily texture, you should consider using a hair mask to boost hair softness and hydration — two things that can keep coily locks looking healthy. The heavy dose of moisturizing oils and conditioning agents used in this hair product allow it to have a thick, pomade-like texture that’s perfect for smoothing out dense coily hair.

Function of Beauty’s custom hair mask is designed to help with dry, damaged, and over-processed hair. It’s formulated with ingredients such as Japanese sake extract, argan oil, and jojoba ester oil that boost moisture levels and enhance detangling, which can help maintain a smoother texture of coily hair.

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How to Add Texture to Hair: It’s Easier Than You Think

Every hair type can benefit from added texture. It gives the hair a more dynamic, lively look. To achieve this, it’s important that hair looks hydrated, shiny, and soft. Knowing how to add a healthy amount of texture to hair depends on your unique hair type

If you have straight hair, trying a layered hairstyle and using a DIY sea salt spray may do the trick. For wavy hair, using a hair wand or braiding your waves can give you a healthy dose of added texture. For curly-haired folks, using a blow drying diffuser and employing the magic of co-wash can give you a revitalized hair texture. And for those with coily hair, braiding your coils and using a healing moisturizing hair mask can help you achieve a softer, more relaxed looking texture.

Knowing how to add texture to hair is probably not the only goal you have for your tresses. Why not customize your hair products to include all of your hair goals? Take our hair quiz and fill out your custom hair profile. Then choose from a variety of hair goals like strengthening, curl definition, and color protection that can be maximized in your unique hair formula.