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Go Bold With These 8 Red Hair Color Ideas

BY Jana Russick

Now’s the time to explore your redhead curiosity and see what shade of red works for you. Whether you have naturally dark hair and want to experiment with red highlights or you happen to be a natural redhead who wants to enhance the vibrancy of your tresses, we’re sharing some of the hottest red hair color ideas to inspire your new look. If you’re also in the market for a fresh hairstyle, rest assured we also have a selection of styles to suit your hair type. 

8 Red Hair Color Ideas That Are Hot, Hot, Hot

Did you know that less than 2% of people have naturally red tresses? Being a natural redhead is a rarity, but thanks to the wonders of hair dye (and hairstylists) you can still rock a ravishing look with one of these red hair color ideas. From bubbly orange hues to rich burgundy tones, there are so many different shades to choose from. These eight trendy hair ideas will get you started. 

1. Strawberry Blonde

If you’re trying to decide between blonde or red hair color, why not go with both? Strawberry blonde is the lightest hue of red hair that offers a warm, alluring look. Achieving this light red tone is easier for people who already have naturally red or blonde hair. If you’re going from darker red to strawberry, ask your colorist for blonde highlights. This will give your locks an ultra-fiery dimension. If you have blonde hair, try light red or rose gold highlights for a sweet strawberry look.

Pro Tip: This color can be hard to maintain, so be sure to reduce your shampoo usage to help the color last. 

2. Orange

Having red hair is sure to make you stand out in the crowd, so stand out even more by choosing a bright orange hair color. This dramatized version of a natural copper tone is playful, spunky, and not for the faint of heart. It’s also not for those who want a low-maintenance haircare routine. If you want to commit to having orange hair, be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner that’s customized to prevent fading and deliver optimum color maintenance.

3. Fire Engine Red

Woman with bright red, curly hair

If you’re looking for an eye-catching, head-turning color, then fire engine red is the way to go. This extra-saturated shade of red is sure to make a statement, and it surprisingly works on pale skin, dark skin, and any tone in between. All you really need to pull off this red hair color idea is a bold personality and a flair for the dramatic. Oh, and a bit of patience because achieving this color takes some work. If you have naturally dark hair, you’ll need to bleach your locks before dyeing to get the ideal shade of fire engine red.

Pro Tip: Treat yourself to a weekly hair mask to deep-condition dry, damaged tresses.

4. Maroon

Here’s an interesting red hair color idea: add a hint of purple! Maroon is a dazzling and dramatic hue perfect for people who love to experiment with out-there hair colors. It’s like a darker, more grown-up version of magenta. To test out this shade without going full maroon, have your stylist add a maroon ombre to your base color. This will give your hair a sultry yet playful look.

5. Copper

Red hair color ideas: happy woman with red hair

Want people to think you have naturally ginger hair? Then go with a copper hair color. This is the shade you think of when you imagine the classic redhead. Somewhere between orange and red, this hue is sure to make your features pop. So whether you have icy blue eyes, gorgeous green eyes, golden skin, or rosy red cheeks, a copper shade will accentuate these features even more. If you really want to steal the show, choose a bold bright copper. Want something slightly more subtle? Try out some copper highlights or lowlights.

Pro Tip: Copper looks best when it’s shiny, not dull. To maximize luster use Function of Beauty’s award-winning hair serum.

6. Red Wine

Personify your love of Merlot (or Cabernet or Zin) with an enchanting red wine shade. Choosing a red wine hue is a fun way to add dimension to already dark tresses. This dark red hair color is the perfect balance of brunette sophistication and redhead drama. And like copper hair colors, a deep red wine hue is sure to accentuate your most unique features.

7. Auburn

Red hair color ideas: woman with long, straight hair

If you’re a natural brunette, choosing an auburn hair color is a gradual, low-maintenance way of trying out red locks. Layer auburn red hair dye or auburn highlights over chocolate tresses to give yourself a warm reddish-brown hair color. Though this tone is more subtle than a bright red, it still has the distinguished beauty that all red tones emanate.

Pro Tip: Deciding between brown or red hair? Check out these brown hair color ideas.

8. Cherry Red

If you want a shade that’s bolder than auburn but subtler than bright red, cherry is the pick for you. This syrupy red shade resembles the color of a candied apple. It’s warm and alluring, and sure to bring an eye-catching edge to your tresses. Plus, you can choose how bold you want to go. Opting for a darker shade will give you a more mysterious look while a vibrant red hue will brighten up your look.

Haircut Ideas to Showcase Your Ravishing Red Tresses

Now that we’ve tempted you with a variety of red hair color ideas, try a haircut that showcases your stunning red hue. Here are a few ideas for each hair type:

  • Straight Hair: Show off your silky tresses and a bold red tint with a trendy short haircut. A chin-length bob with swoopy layers around your face will make your fiery strands stand out even more.
  • Wavy Hair: We love ultra-long, mermaid-like locks that flow in the wind. They look especially stunning when the waves are ultra-defined and free of frizz.
  • Curly Hair: Your stand-out hair color deserves a stand-out cut. Pair your red voluminous curls with a deep side part and face-framing layers — you can even add bangs if you’re feeling extra adventurous.
  • Coily Hair: Warm red highlights would look great on shoulder-length coily hair. Just be sure to keep your curls soft and hydrated by using a frizz-fighting leave-in conditioner.

The Best Way to Maintain Red Hair

There are so many styles and shades of red hair and they all deliver the high degree of drama that no other hair color can claim. You can opt for a natural look with a copper or auburn hue or go bold with a cherry or maroon tinted shade. Whatever red hair color idea you decide to go with, make sure you’re giving your hair the TLC it needs. Using hair products designed to restore, tame, and protect hair from color damage will set you up to live your best redhead life.

Want to make your new red tresses shine even more? Take our hair quiz and design your own unique formula that will enhance the look and feel of your hair while helping you achieve other hair goals.