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Ingredient of the Month: Aloe Juice

BY Meg Maupin
The Ingredient of the Month series highlights one of our meticulously-selected ingredients. Get to know them all on our newly-launched Ingredients Page.

Happy Summer, and welcome back to our Ingredient of the Month series! This month, we’re highlighting a favorite for both hair and skin care, Aloe Juice. This ingredient is trendy for a reason – Aloe Juice offers a variety of benefits depending on how it’s used, and can be found in many of our bestsellers. Read on for everything you need to know about Aloe, and take the hair quiz to get custom formulas with Aloe Juice.

Main benefits: 
In haircare, Aloe Juice delivers extra moisture to the hair, leaving it smooth and shiny. It also helps to reduce itchiness, dry scalp, and irritation by moisturizing. In skincare, Aloe Juice calms and soothes irritations, acts as an antioxidant, and can even help improve redness.
Aloe juice is formulated into every custom co-wash and custom conditioner, and can also be found in the calm / soothe goal used for all our skincare products (custom micellar gel cleanser, custom jelly cleanser, custom face serum, custom face gel moisturizer, custom face lotion moisturizer, and custom face cream moisturizer).
Aloe Juice is a naturally-derived ingredient that provides a variety of benefits to hair and skin. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, aloe juice is commonly used in a range of beauty and personal care products for its hydrating and soothing properties. 
Take our hair quiz or skin quiz today to experience the benefits of Aloe Juice in your next custom formulas!