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Your August (Hair)oscopes Are Here!

BY Veronica McCarthy

Do you follow your monthly horoscope? Do you enjoy talking about all things hair care-related? Yes? Then you’re going to love our monthly (hair)oscopes! At the beginning of each month, our resident hairstylist/astrologer Dylan Chavles will look to the cosmos to reveal what the month has in store for both you and your hair. See what lies ahead for your love life, career, potential new haircut, and more below!


Happy birthday Leo!  I know you’ll be celebrating yourself more than usual this month (as you should).  The new moon in August is going to be incredibly beneficial to you. It’s the equivalent of your first page in a brand new journal, and any project you want to start should be written down this month to manifest whatever it is you want to accomplish.  If your goal is healthy hair, make sure to write down that you want to formulate the perfect shampoo and conditioner combo to amp up your perfect mane.


Virgo, congrats! You’re the luckiest sign this month. With the sun, Mars, Uranus, AND Venus on your side, you literally cannot be stopped. Want to start a new business? Do it.  Want to plan the perfect getaway trip? Nothing will go wrong. This month is about pushing your boundaries in ways you haven’t before. All of this will help ease the blow of the full moon in Aquarius which forces you to look inward. Luckily, you have the entire universe on your side during this time.  August is the perfect month to drastically change up your hair color if you want to. I promise you won’t allow yourself to settle for anything less than what you’ve always wanted.


Libra, welcome to the most magnetic month of your year thus far! Saturn, the planet of discipline, has been sitting heavy on you this year.  He’s put you under a lot of pressure in regards to your social life by forcing you to isolate a little bit and look at what truly matters to you right now.  Fortunately, Jupiter—the planet of luck—is swooping in to save the day and give you a well-deserved breath of fresh air. Give a warm welcome to your much-needed boost of sexual energy and charisma! I don’t recommend changing your hairstyle this month because you already feel perfect, but every Libra could use a leave-in treatment loaded with vitamins to assist with your summer glow.


Dear Scorpio, the universe is going to poke at you in August. Uranus opposite your sun this year has brought a lot of erratic change in your life. Hopefully, you’ve done your best to dust yourself off and roll with it.  We all know you’re overly sensitive and you’re going to feel a little picked on this month. The best thing for you to do is not give in to self-induced provocation (your favorite kind), and learn how to soften and ask for help if you need it.  Need help picking a new hair mask? Maybe try one with argan oil to bring your strands to their silkiest possible state. I suggest doing your hair mask in a long and hot Epsom salt bath.


Sag, have you been questioning your existence as of late?  You can thank Neptune, the planet of illusions, for challenging your ideas on who you are and why you do what you do.  Thankfully, Jupiter is stepping in to make decision-making run smoothly. Want a raise? Now might be the perfect month to ask.  Do you think someone is cute? You should absolutely tell them. Mars is working harmoniously with you as well, making your fiery energy constructive, and your communication precise.  Use it to your advantage. Do you want to cut your own bangs? Please don’t. Instead, go to a good hairdresser and explain exactly what you want with your newly found direct confidence.


Capricorn, yet again, your hard work has paid off.  I know you hate taking time off, but the planets are asking you to put your emails down for at least one day, so you can sit back and relax.  I’m crossing my fingers that you don’t work straight through August, because Venus and Mars in your favor want you to spark up a new romance in your life.  Whether it’s someone new or a partner, this is the month to be adventurous and out of character. Have you had an itch to lighten your hair? This would be the perfect month to scratch it—as long as your shampoo is sulfate-free and tailored to your new set of hair needs.


Aquarius, you have been on a long road of spiritual transformation this year.  You’ve had some power struggles with “higher-ups” at work, and maybe you’ve felt some competition among friends.  Just remember that nobody can play a game with you if you’re not playing the game. August would be the perfect time for a three-day impromptu getaway if you can do it.  I suggest going somewhere fresh and woodsy with a huge lake to jump into. Bring a small handful of people that make you feel empowered and safe, and don’t forget to bring a leave-in treatment with SPF in it to keep the UV rays out of your hair.


My soft Pisces, August wants you to ask for love and extra affection this month!  Luckily everyone has a soft spot for you (you make it really easy), and you might be surprised at how many people would love to be there for you.  Your ruling planet Neptune has been sitting heavy on your chart this year. She has forced life-altering spiritual changes that may have left you feeling a little raw.  Welcome these changes with an open heart as Jupiter—the planet of luck— holds your hand this month to help solidify your new and exciting growth spurt. If your shampoo and conditioner don’t already include high-quality B vitamins and argan oil, switch to one that does to keep your tresses feeling loved.


Dear Aries, if you played your cards right during this summer retrograde pat yourself on the back! Mercury and your sun are well aspected for you this month. August will be harmonious and fluid for you, fueled by love and healing conversations with friends. The full moon on August 15th will try to trigger your fiery impulses, but take a deep breath and ignore them for once.  Take this month to nourish the connections between those you love. If I were you, I’d be at home with my best friends, a nice bottle of wine, and a deep conditioning hair mask.


Hi Taurus! I hope you enjoyed your seamless July because your ruling planet Venus is going to have her arms crossed stubbornly most of August.  All this means is that you might have to leave your comfort zone in order to feel productive this month. Venus is teaching you how to release control and assertion.  Give it a shot, and see how it feels! You might be surprised. Heck, ask your hairdresser what they would suggest for your hair this month! Life’s really fun when you don’t always know what you want!


Gemini! Jupiter is opposite your sun all month! That means it’s time to be wild and spend money if you have it (within reason), because Jupiter, the planet of luck, isn’t going to let you fall on your ass. This Jupiter transit also means that you have to look inward for happiness. Think of your frivolous month as the icing on the cake to your love and care you gave yourself all last month.  If I were you, I’d make sure to have a luxurious and gentle shampoo to cleanse your hair of your busy social schedule.


My little crab, it’s your time to shine! Venus, Mars, and Uranus are all positively aspected for you this month, so you should be feeling extra hot, extra confident, and extra comfortable in your own skin.  Venus is conjunct Mars for you this month, which basically means you really want to make out with someone because your sexual energy and natural vibrancy is at a 10. This would be the month I’d tell you to really go for the big hair change you’ve always wanted.  You’re best friends with your self-esteem right now, and nothing can stop you.