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Are You Using the Right Hair Brush for Your Hair Type?

BY Alyssa Montemurro

Let’s be real. When shopping for beauty products, hair brushes aren’t likely at the top of your wish list. We get it—that Beachwaver you’ve had your eye on is a way more exciting buy than something as mundane as an everyday hairbrush. But while it may be easy to overlook, the right brush can be a serious game changer when it comes to improving your overall hair health.  Unfortunately, not all brushes are created equal, and while there is no shortage of styles out there, it can be hard to find the one that is best suited for your hair type. That’s where we come in! From boar and nylon bristles to round and paddle shapes, we’ve rounded up the best brushes for each and every hair type so you can spend less time researching how to have a good hair day, and more time having one!  

Thin/Flat Hair

For fine-haired girls, it’s all about finding a brush that is gentle enough to be used on your delicate strands—especially when it’s wet, as that’s when hair is at its most vulnerable. Our go-to? The Harry Josh Pro Tools Detangling Brush, which features soft, flexible bristles that ensure tangle-free tresses without any tugging, snagging, or breaking. The EcoTools Styler + Smoother Brush is also a great option when it comes time to dry your hair, as its versatile half-rounded design provides the styling features of a round brush to help give your hair some extra body and lift, while the cushioned paddle gently smoothes and detangles as you go.  The ventilated design also helps increase airflow, thus cutting down on your drying time so your strands spend less time being exposed to damaging heat. For extra volume, we also recommend the T3 Micro Volume 2.5 Inch Round Brush, which includes heat resistant bristles that gently smooth the hair while also injecting it with some serious body.

T3 Micro Volume 2.5 Inch Round Brush, $35.
Harry Josh Pro Tools Detangling Brush, $20.
EcoTools Styler + Smoother Brush, $11.

Oily Hair

If you didn’t think oily hair needed its own type of brush, think again. While it’s still widely believed that brushing oily hair will only make it worse, the fact of the matter is that with the right brush you can actually remove and distribute some of that oil so that your roots appear less greasy. While hairstylists typically recommend looking for one with natural boar bristles, we here at Function of Beauty believe in using vegan alternatives, which is why we opt for the EcoTools Sleek + Shine Finisher Hair Brush. It uses synthetic boar hair-like bristles to penetrate down to the scalp, distributing the hair’s natural oils, leaving it with a sleek, lustrous shine. Equally as good for maintaining scalp health is the cult-favorite Yves Durif Brush, which is handcrafted in Italy to gently distribute scalp oils while also doubling as a detangler. Bonus: it’s also super pretty

EcoTools Sleek + Shine Finisher Hair Brush, $11.
Redecker Vegan Tampico Fiber Hairbrush, $16.
Yves Durif Brush, $70.

Dry/Damaged Hair

Hair that is dry or damaged can always benefit from some extra shine, moisture, and repair, which is why it’s crucial to look for a brush that has extra-soft bristles that won’t tug or snag your delicate strands. Enter, the Mokale Natural Bamboo Detangling Brush. Safe for both wet and dry hair, it’s made from all-natural bamboo bristles that gently stimulate scalp circulation, while also helping to distribute oils throughout the hair so that it remains healthy and hydrated. Another great option to consider is the EcoTools Travel Detangler, which uses both nylon and faux boar bristles to gently slide through wet or dry hair, while also increasing circulation at the hair follicles, which is essential for hair that is in need of a little extra TLC.

Mokale Natural Bamboo Detangling Brush, $10.
EcoTools Travel Detangler, $8.

Coarse/Thick Hair

Unlike other hair types, those with thick, coarse hair need a brush that can stand up to their difficult to manage strands—specifically one of the nylon variety. Nylon bristles function similarly to boar bristles, except that they’re usually stiffer and offer more control, which is what you need when attempting to detangle thicker hair types. Your best bet? The Mason Pearson Detangler Brush. Pricey though it may be, it’s a favorite of hair stylists for a reason. Specially designed for thick hair, this handmade brush eliminates tough knots without any tugging or snapping, plus it’s so pretty you’ll never want to store it away.

For a more affordable option, try the Wet Brush Pro Paddle Brush, which is made for painless combing, or the cult-classic Tangle Teezer Thick & Curly Detangling Brush, which features a patented, two-tier teeth design, comprising extra-long, firm but flexible bristles that can detangle and comb through even the coarsest of hair with ease.

Mason Pearson Detangler Hairbrush, $110.
Tangle Teezer Thick & Curly Detangling Brush, $16.
Wet Brush Pro Paddle Brush, $10.

Curly/Coily Hair

While curly-haired girls may be terrified of the thought of brushing their hair, we’re here to say fear not. With the right brush, it’s possible to not only detangle and smooth your curls but also maintain their unique pattern and shape. Known as a sort of fairy godmother to curly and coily hair types, the Denman D3 Gents Styling Brush is a game-changing tool that can eliminate even the toughest of knots while also enhancing your curl pattern thanks to its wide-rows of sculpted bristles. For those who prefer in-shower brushing, we recommend the Curly Hair Solutions Flexy Brush, which is designed to be used with your conditioner to help detangle wet hair and minimize damage post-shower. Finally, for those with super tight curls, there’s the Diane Oil Detangler Comb, which uses wide-set teeth that mimic finger combing to gently detangle and maintain your curls’ natural shape. The comb is also coated in vitamin E and omega-3 oils to give your curls the extra hydration they need. Score!

Denman D3 Gents Styling Brush, $20.
Curly Hair Solutions Flexy Brush, $19.
Diane Oil Detangler Comb, $3.

You’ve got the right brush, now what? Find your hair’s perfect customized hair care formula by heading here