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Clean Up On The Hair Care Aisle (Literally) – Function Now At Target!

BY Laura Casciola

You’re walking down the aisle at your favorite store and you come across a colorful explosion of hair care products you haven’t seen before. There are different sets of bottles for every type of hair, pods filled with effective ingredients that you get to choose, and it all smells like peaches and looks like your dream bathroom. The best part? It’s real. We just did that with our launch of custom hair care at Target! But custom? In the aisle? Yes! Let’s talk details:

How we took our expertise to the shelf 

We challenged our team of experts (aka scientists, chemists, and innovators) to figure out a way to bring custom from the lab to the aisle. They created a system that is completely shaking up the way you customize, and then we tested it with hundreds of people across all hair types to perfect the formulations. The short version is: you purchase shampoo + conditioner base bottles (per your natural hair type), you purchase separate #hairgoal booster shots, you take them home and snap, pour, and shake your custom formula. Keep reading for the long version.

The bases basics

We took our hardest-working ingredients per hair type and created a shampoo base and a conditioner base for straight, wavy, curly, and coily hair. For those of you who want the details, here are some of those ingredients and why we love them so much.

  • Straight shampoo: formulated with coconut oil to hydrate straight hair without weighing it down
  • Straight conditioner: formulated with avocado oil to seal moisture into straight hair.
  • Wavy shampoo: formulated with fermented rice water to strengthen and increase elasticity in wavy hair
  • Wavy conditioner: formulated with argan oil to help promote glossiness in wavy hair.
  • Curly shampoo: formulated with chai extract to help shape and define curls.
  • Curly conditioner: formulated with shea butter to help deeply nourish and enhance curly hair.
  • Coily shampoo: formulated with flaxseed oil to promote healthy scalp and nourish type 4a, 4b, and 4c hair.
  • Coily conditioner: formulated with Jamaican black castor oil to maintain moisture and revive type 4a, 4b, and 4c hair.

Literal #hairgoals

We can’t sit here and tell you that anything in 2020 was #goals. But we can honestly say in 2021, you can physically pick (3!) goals for your hair and add them to your shampoo + conditioner. Here’s the list of #hairgoal booster shots you’ll find at Target:

  • Anti-frizz – formulated with beet root extract to hydrate + soften while protecting against breakage
  • Soothe scalp – formulated with wood sugar to sooth skin and prevent flakes
  • Deep condition – formulated with apple fruit extract to moisturize from the inside out
  • Volumize – formulated with amaranth seed to rejuvenate limp strands and promote body and lifting
  • Color protection – formulated with rice protein to protect from UV rays and prevent fading
  • Shine – formulated with amaranth extract to improve overall hair health and enhance luster 
  • Curl definition – formulated with flax and chia seed to enhance your natural curls and keep them manageable
  • Thermal protection – formulated with sesame protein to moisturize heat-damaged hair and protect
  • Lengthen – formulated with hops extract to promote hair growth for stronger, healthier-looking hair 
  • Strengthen – formulated with pea sprout extract to increase your hair’s natural resilience and elasticity 

The #hairgoal booster shot packs they come in have 2 shots in each– one for your shampoo, and one for your conditioner. That way, you’ll be nourishing your hair and reaching your goals with every single drop.

Snap, pour, shake

When we said ‘shake up’ the way you customize, we meant literally. When you get home from Target, you’ll open up your shampoo + conditioner bases, snap open each of your hair goals, pour them in the bases, and shake for 15 seconds. After that, your unique formula will be complete and fully mixed until it’s finished– no need to mix again. Unless you find it fun, and then feel free to shake whenever the mood strikes you.

Not just clean, Target clean

Clean has always meant really clean at Function. We’ve got a whole list of what that means for us here. And the same goes for the standards of clean at Target, which is why it’s a perfect match. Target is adamant about highlighting products that are formulated without a long list of no’s including parabens, phthalates, formaldehydes, and are cruelty free.

So when you’re next at Target, look out for function on the shelves! We’re beyond excited to meet you IRL, and to give you another option in how to make the custom experience your own.