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Create Your Personalized Haircare Routine

BY Meg Maupin

Beyond shampoo and conditioner, different hair types need different types of treatments. Especially with all the heat styling, over-processing, and aggressive washing that we put our hair through on an almost daily basis, it’s no wonder that our strands don’t always behave the way that we want them to. Enter, our 100% customizable hair mask and hair serum

Hair mask and hair serum are the latest innovations to join Function of Beauty’s lineup of fully customizable hair care products since the launch of leave-in treatment. Developed in-house by a team of world-class chemists, engineers, and data scientists, each product is specially formulated to address two of our customers’ biggest hair care concerns—added hydration and a desire for smoother, shinier looking hair—by offering both a targeted in-shower treatment and a post-shower styling solution. 

First up, let’s discuss the benefits of the hair mask. Specially formulated with high levels of active ingredients like argan oil, Japanese sake, and jojoba ester oil, the intensive deep conditioning mask works to specifically address dry, damaged hair by providing a healthy dose of hydration and nourishment that your hair isn’t able to get from a daily conditioner alone. That’s because unlike a traditional conditioner, our hair mask is intended to be left on the hair for anywhere from three to twenty minutes (depending on the hair type), allowing the nutrients to penetrate deep within the strands so that your hair appears softer, shinier, and healthier in just one easy step.

As for your post-shower routine, that’s where hair serum comes into play. Formulated with an optimal blend of argan, annatto, jojoba, and sunflower oils, this lightweight finishing product is designed to help enhance shine, smooth frizz, and increase your hair’s overall manageability so that you can achieve the perfect Insta-worthy glass hair look that you’ve always craved. Best of all, unlike most hair serums on the market today, our hair serum is also safe to use across all hair types—yes, that includes fine hair too— as it’s not only been individually formulated for your specific hair type but is also surprisingly lightweight all on its own. 

Like all Function of Beauty products, both the hair mask and hair serum are fully customizable, allowing customers to choose up to five hair goals to be added to their formula, along with the color (not available for serum), fragrance, fragrance strength, and name of their bottles. Each product is also specially designed to work in conjunction with your Function of Beauty shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment, giving you yet another way to inject your hair with a daily dose of #hairgoal magic!

Ready to experience happier hair days? Add hair mask and serum to your subscription from your account page. Or, head here to customize your own Function of Beauty hair mask and hair serum!