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Everything You Need To Know: New Target Custom Treatments

BY Laura Casciola

Last year, we brought custom to the Target hair care aisle for the first time ever with best-selling shampoo, conditioner, and a wide selection of hair goals. This year, we’ve added to that collection with all new custom hair care treatments, unique to each hair type. We’ll give you the full breakdown so you know exactly what you’re getting next time you walk down the hair care aisle to select your entire custom routine.

The Straight Hair Collection

Made specifically for straight hair, the collection is complete with 

Leave-in Milk Mist – formulated with aloe vera to infuse hydration, deliver weightless shine, and soften strands

Hair Mask – formulated with seaweed extract to amplify silky shine for soft and healthy-looking hair

The Wavy Hair Collection

Made just for wavy hair, the collection is complete with 

Leave-in Treatment – formulated with babassu oil to add lightweight wave definition

Hair Mask – formulated with vegan squalane to provide conditioning and protection from breakage

The Curly Hair Collection

For curly hair only, this collection is complete with

Leave-in Conditioner – formulated with mango butter for root-to-tip hydration and de-frizzing

Hair Mask – formulated with coconut oil to hydrate, smooth, and create healthier-looking hair

The Coily Hair Collection

Created for coily hair, the collection is complete with

Co-Wash – formulated with shea butter to deliver moisture-rich cleansing

Leave-in Conditioner – formulated with Brazilian cupuacu butter to ease detangling, soften, and define coils

Hair Mask – formulated with murumuru butter to deeply nourish, reduce frizz, and protect from breakage

How it works: a reminder

The process is still the same– get same-day customization when you select your bases (for your natural hair type), select up to three hair goal booster shots per base product, and then snap open your goals, pour them in your base, and shake (or mix) for up to 15 seconds. Then, your fresh, custom mix is ready to use. PS- our Target line is always formulated with clean and quality ingredients that are at least 92% naturally derived. We’re also always vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, sulfate-free, dermatologist tested, and sustainability focused.

Next time you’re at Target

Take a look at the custom aisle. Remember that the bases themselves are already custom to your hair type, and the goals (any and all of them) are yours to further customize with. And now, find your entire hair care ritual there, from washing to styling.