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How to Transition Your Hair Care Routine From Summer to Fall

BY Alyssa Montemurro

We hate to have to be the ones to say it, but summer is officially coming to an end. And while that may mean the end of sunny beach days and backyard barbecues, it also means that fall is just around the corner, bringing with it its own plethora of seasonal perks including sweater weather, comfy boots, and pumpkin spice-flavored everything. Unfortunately, what that also means is that those colder, dryer temperatures are on their way too, which can pose some serious problems for our hair. While summer may be known for frizz, sun-damaged strands, and greasy roots, the crisp fall months are equally synonymous with bringing about dry, brittle strands, static frizz, and itchy flakes—problems that all require their own unique set of solutions. Rather than tossing out your entire hair care collection though, why not just swap out some of your Function formula’s hair goals in favor of some more fall-appropriate ones? Not sure where to start? No worries—below, we’ve highlighted five genius hacks that will help you transition your hair care routine from summer to fall without any of the unnecessary product overhauls. 

The Problem: dry, brittle strands

The Solution: hydrate + deep condition

Perhaps the biggest problem facing all of us during this time of year is the transition from hot, humid weather to colder, dryer temperatures. Combine that with the brisk winds, moisture-zapping heaters, and increased hot tool usage, and it’s no wonder that our strands often turn dry and brittle. To keep your hair from looking like straw, we suggest switching up your formula to include our hydrate or deep conditioning hair goals. While the former uses coconut oil and aloe vera to provide a daily dose of restorative hydration, the latter uses a blend of shea butter and avocado oil to deeply condition the hair from the inside out, making it a particularly good choice for those with very dry or damaged hair. For added hydration, we also recommend using a deep conditioning hair mask at least once a week, as they can help reverse the effects of dryness and provide your hair with tons of health benefits in as little as 10 minutes.

The Problem: static frizz

The Solution: anti-frizz and shine

Sorry ladies, but just because summer is over doesn’t mean you’re done dealing with frizz. While the excessive humidity may no longer be an issue, the static frizz caused by the heat and friction from our hats and scarves can be just as problematic. To keep those stray flyaways in place, try adding the anti-frizz and shine hair goals to your formula. Together, they help enhance your hair’s natural luster (especially when used with our leave-in treatment!), while also forming a protective barrier around your strands to help lock in moisture and block out damage that causes frizz. If you’re in need of a little extra protection, try making a lightweight hair serum a part of your daily styling routine. Hair serums work by coating the surface of the hair, thus helping to lock in moisture and shine while also blocking out things like dryness and friction. The result is hair so smooth and shiny you’ll think it’s a filter. 

The Problem: flat, lifeless strands

The Solution: volumize

Nobody likes humidity, but as it turns out, it is good for at least one thing: volume. When the temperature drops in the fall, so does the water content in the air, which may cause your hair to fall flat and limp. If this sounds familiar, consider adding our volumize and nourish roots hair goals to your Function of Beauty formula. Formulated with quinoa and blue-green algae respectively, they work together to help to boost volume, stimulate scalp circulation, and rid the scalp of product buildup so that your strands remain healthy, strong, and full of life.

The Problem: increased use of hot tools

The Solution: thermal protection

Chances are, as the cooler temperatures start to set in your willingness to air-dry your hair will become a lot less likely. Hey, we get it. It’s cold outside, and the last thing you want to do (or should do for that matter) is step outside with damp hair. Enter our thermal protection hair goal. When added to your formula, it creates a protective shield around your strands, helping to prevent heat damage, while also providing a healthy dose of hydration and nourishment. Frequent hot tool users may even want to consider taking things a step further by adding it to their customizable leave-in treatment formula. When applied to damp hair before styling, it can help provide an extra layer of shine, moisture, and protection against damage. 

The Problem: itchy scalp

The Solution: soothe scalp

Remember all of that seasonal dryness that we talked about earlier? Well, it turns out that it’s not only harmful to your strands but also your scalp. As anyone who has ever battled through months of below-freezing temperatures will tell you, a dry, itchy scalp is almost a given once fall hits. To keep those flakes at bay, you may want to consider adding our soothe scalp hair goal to your Function formula. Formulated with menthol and aloe vera, it helps moisturize and energize your scalp to relieve discomfort, while also helping to reduce buildup so that your scalp can stay clean and healthy. And if there’s one thing we know to be true about hair, it’s that if your scalp is happy, your hair will be too.

Ready to upgrade your hair care routine for fall? Head here to start customizing!