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Your February (Hair)oscopes Are Here!

BY Veronica McCarthy

Do you follow your monthly horoscope? Do you enjoy talking about all things hair care-related? Yes? Then you’re going to love our monthly (hair)oscopes! At the beginning of each month, our resident hairstylist/astrologer Dylan Chavles will look to the cosmos to reveal what the month has in store for both you and your hair. See what lies ahead for your love life, career, potential new haircut, and more below!


Hello Aries! I hope your Saturn conjunction hasn’t been too jarring.  If it has, Venus enters your sign at the beginning of the month, bringing harmonious energy to your day-to-day.  Make sure you do something really lovely for yourself on the 8th while Venus is most effective! On the 9th, we have a full moon in your 5th house of creativity.  This full moon is a little more playful, and wants you to look at the part of your life that you take too seriously. Unfortunately, everyone’s least favorite transit is occurring on the 17th, Mercury retrograde!  Your retrograde is taking place in the 11th house of groups and social interactions. If there’s someone from the past you might want to apologize to, this would be a great time to do it. This retrograde also has the potential to bring old relationships (platonic and romantic) back around, and you’ll get to decide whether or not you want them to stay.  Mercury retrograde notoriously messes with electronics as well, be sure to back up your computer and maybe experiment with different ways of air-drying your hair in time for the 17th!


Hello Taurus! It’s time to let your freak flag FLY! Uranus is currently in your sign, and just so happens to be my favorite wild card. This planet brings out the best and worst of you, so this month is a great time to reflect on where you’re snubbing out the flame that makes you unique.  Stop yourself from stopping yourself, and maybe take into account who in your life is trying to hold you back. On the other hand, Uranus also shows us where we’re completely unfair and irrational, so if you’re being called out on certain habits or behaviors that are upsetting others or harming you, it’s good to take note of that as well.  On an obnoxious note, Mercury goes into retrograde on the 17th. Your Mercury retrograde takes place in your 10th house of authority. You might be tempted to stir the pot at work during this time, especially with a higher up, but Mercury is asking you to reflect on why you’re having those feelings instead of acting upon them. This is the perfect time to figure out your needs in the workplace, and if the situation isn’t dire, make sure to present them after March 10th when the retrograde is over.  Make sure you have a soothing deep conditioning hair mask on deck to help relax you after you clock out!


Hi Geminis!  Your long month of hibernation and self reflection is over!  Step outside and greet Venus, the planet of love and creativity as she enters your 11th house of social interactions.  February is the perfect month to be around LOTS of people. The past few months have been a lot of inner work for you, and now it’s time to take it all for a test drive. This Venus placement also suggests a platonic relationship shifting into a romantic one, so if you’ve had a flirtatious back and forth with a friend, it might be a good idea to push it a little further and see where it goes.  If you’re in a relationship, this placement asks you and your partner to drag yourselves out of the house and enjoy the great outdoors together. If you are considering leaving the house after February 17th, be mindful that your mercury retrograde takes place in your 9th house of travel. This will affect your ability to literally get anywhere on time. So give yourself an extra 15 minutes to get anywhere, maybe pack an extra tent on your romantic camping trip, and stock up on reusable travel bottles so you can take your customized shampoo and conditioner with you wherever you go!


Happy February my little crab!  Our first big astrological shift this month is Venus moving into your 10th house of authority.  This is an amazing time to turn something that’s been purely creative for you into something profitable.  Venus wants to make sure you’re enjoying your work on a day-to-day basis, and you might even have a revelation on how to be inspired by the way you earn money if you feel like you’re just crunching numbers. Speaking of money (and I’ll keep this short because debt is a boring reality), your mercury retrograde takes place in your 8th house.  This retrograde is BEGGING you to pay any debts you can, or at the very least solidify a plan to repay them. This retrograde also wants you to double-check that all of your payments are up to date, so make sure everything is as tight as it can be on the financial end. Last but not least, Mars enters your 7th house of relationships, making you the most excited out of all of us during Valentine’s Day.  Whether or not you want to admit it, we know you love a Hallmark holiday, so why don’t you treat your partner or a dear friend to some customized hair care? We also know you’re corny, so make sure you order it in a rosy pink color and fragrance!


My fiery lion!  You’re one of the few who really LOVE expanding your horizons (no matter what the cost), and Venus, the planet of love and creativity, is entering your 9th house of higher knowledge and travel.  This could mean you’re actually booking a trip to someplace you’ve never been, but most likely you’re going to meet someone who really inspires you this month. This new person might introduce you to a craft you never knew you loved or even teach you things about yourself almost instantaneously.  Keep an eye out for them and enjoy the ride! Even better news, on February 9th the full moon takes place in Leo, shining a light on your favorite person, YOU! This full moon wants you to make sure you’re taking care of yourself. Eating well? Good. Gossiping less? Excellent. Not participating in behavior that could potentially hurt you? High-five. Buying a customized serum loaded with argan oil to keep your hair shiny and healthy? Cheers and happy February!


My Virgos! Are you ready to fall in love and have someone give you a ton of money? It could happen this month, with Venus, the planet of love and creativity moving into your 8th house that rules sex, the taboo, and other people’s money.  If the only thing stopping a project of yours has been financial backing, Venus is well aspected to find someone to throw the cash at you. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to receive money, and more importantly, know that you of all people, have definitely earned it.  On February 17th, your ruler Mercury goes into retrograde in your 6th house of world and service. This retrograde is about reflecting on your relationships (platonic and romantic), and how you have been of service in them. You’re a giver, so this month take a step back and reevaluate who makes your efforts feel unreciprocated.  This is also a great time to practice asking for help from friends or partners as well, and remember that it’s just as powerful to give as it is to receive. In that case, consider giving a loved one the gift of rose-scented hair care products this Valentine’s Day in place of flowers that, let’s face it, only last a week. 


Lovely Libras!  Let’s get the boring part out of the way and talk about your Mercury retrograde this month. On February 17th, Mercury goes retrograde in your 6th house of world and service.  This affects your daily habits, work ethic, and how you are of service in the world. Old habits die hard, but February would be the perfect time to try and end them. This could be anything that leaves you feeling stressed, from not washing the dishes immediately to ignoring your taxes.  On a spicy note, your ruler Venus enters the 7th house of relationships. This placement likes to bring new love into your life, or enrich the love you already have. If you’re on shaky terms with a partner, February is the perfect time to try and work through issues you may have with them. Venus will also bring out your best and most optimistic side and will guide you to make the most loving and healthy decision for your relationship.  If you’re single, Venus in the 7th house makes you incredibly magnetic and gives you a confidence boost without even realizing it! That being said, celebrate your best self this month with a stellar haircut or color that matches your sunny disposition!


Hello to my fellow Scorpios!  Let’s get the not-so-fun stuff out of the way and discuss Mercury retrograde starting February 17th! Your retrograde takes place in the 5th house of creativity, meaning this is the perfect time to hunker down and finish creative projects you began and forgot about, or maybe have procrastinated to finish.  Venus enters your 6th house of health and service on the 8th, making your health goals much easier to attain. The 8th is a great time to start any self-care plan you’ve been meaning to abide by, whether it’s the gym or meditation, and this placement will give you an extra boost of inspiration to get started.  It’s also the perfect time to be of service to others. This might suggest that you get involved canvassing for a candidate you love or spending your time advocating for issues that concern you. On a person-to-person basis, everyone knows you give the realest advice, so you might be in high demand for it this month.  While you’re talking friends off an existential ledge, make sure to remind them not to cut their bangs or try to attain Billie Eilish roots without the help of a professional.


Hello to my fiery Sag!  Set the world on fire with Mars in your sign for the first couple of weeks of February.  This is the best time to get all loose ends tied before mercury retrograde on the 17th. You already have loads of energy, and with an extra boost from Mars you have the best shot of accomplishing all tasks and goals for these first couple of weeks. On February 8th, Venus enters your 5th house of love and creativity, making you a magnet for adoration. If you have a partner, prepare to be showered in love and appreciation, and if you don’t have a partner, be prepared to be showered in love and appreciation!  Don’t ignore your creative desires either, this placement is perfect for starting a new project or practicing an artistic medium that may have intimidated you in the past. Maybe try your hand at concocting a luxurious hair mask, chock full of healthy hair vitamins, all-natural extracts, and lots of love.


Hello Capricorns!  Let’s just do what you do best and get straight to business.  We have mercury retrograde this month, and yours takes place in the 3rd house of communication.  This retrograde is asking you to reflect on the people you communicate with often, and how they make you feel when you’re done talking to them. We all have that friend that makes us feel like we’re on top of the world every time we’re together, so consider using them as a barometer for how you want to be treated by other people in your life.  If someone isn’t stepping up to the plate in that regard, this retrograde is an amazing time to figure out how you can tell them your needs aren’t being met, or you can just choose to spend more time with the friend that leaves you feeling inspired. Fortunately, as the retrograde season kicks off on February 17th, Mars also enters your 1st house of self.  This transit brings an exciting focus on actively getting what you’ve wanted as of late. Mars is your sign will keep you busy with the goals you’ve been wanting to accomplish as of late, particularly those that have anything to do with enhancing yourself. This could be something small like vowing to make your bed every morning, or it could be something monumental, like finding a killer updo to wear while you’re getting sh*t done! 


Happy birthday Aquarians!!  If you slacked at all in January on maintaining your resolutions, that’s okay because you can start over again on your birthday!  On February 17th, Mercury goes retrograde in your 2nd house of finances. I know this sounds scary, but all it means is that the retrograde season is a great time for you to get budgets finalized and in order.  Surprisingly enough, if you’re not good with money, this retrograde will allow you a little more wiggle room to get better with it. My favorite aspect for you this month takes place on the 9th, and it’s a full moon in your 7th house of relationships.  This full moon will illuminate positive changes you want to make in your relationships, whether they’re changes in your own behavior or realizing what changes your partner or friend can make that will make your bond stronger. You’re the revolutionary of the zodiac, and this full moon is giving you an opportunity to dive deep within and forge your bonds into stronger ones.  You could even order a custom leave-in treatment packed lightweight conditioners and nutrients to radically strengthen the hydrogen bonds in your hair follicles for stronger, healthier-looking strands. 


Happy birthday beautiful Pisces!  On February 8th Venus enters the 2nd house of finances.  This placement suggests a breezier time with finances, and wants you to shower yourself with gifts. This could be taken very literally and mean material gifts, but it can also suggest giving yourself the gift of a new creative project.  Venus rules love and creativity, and when she resides in the 2nd house, it’s much easier to turn an artistic hobby into something that makes you money as well. If you’ve thought about capitalizing on your artistic side, you’ll more than likely find the means to do so this month, so be open with your craft because you never know who will want to throw money at it! On a fun note, it’s okay if you’re always late because you can blame it on mercury retrograde in your sign this month.  Mercury retrograde takes place in your 1st house of self from February 17th to March 10th, and this is the perfect opportunity to change the way you present yourself in the world. If there are aspects of your disposition that you’re not crazy about, you can really utilize these three weeks to dive deep and figure out why you do things the way you do. Or, you might even find that you are absolutely in love with yourself. The only thing missing from your quest for the perfect presentation is a customized hair mask packed with avocado oil to help soften and smooth your hair from the inside out.

Illustrations by Nicole Wang