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How to Use Your Function of Beauty Stickers as an Adult

BY Alyssa Montemurro

OK, serious question: can you play with stickers and still be an adult? Uh duh, of course, you can! Here at Function of Beauty, we get that being an adult is hard (and yes, a bit boring), which is why we include free stickers with each order—because you deserve it! After all, who says you can’t make bill-paying a little bit more fun (and less scary!) by putting stickers all over your payments? Or, why not dress up your dull, work-appropriate manicure with some expertly-placed sticker decals? You better believe that at the Function of Beauty headquarters, we’ve decked out our computers, mugs, phones, and notebooks with all sorts of stickers to help add a little fun to our day-to-day routines; and if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that there’s no wrong way to play with your stickers. Don’t believe us? Below, we highlighted some of the very “adult-friendly” ways that our team is currently using our new summer stickers (out now!) to help inspire the release of your own inner child. Feel free to peel, stick, and play away!

1. Jenna: Creative Director

Make taking your vitamins less of a chore with a Function green vitamin box + tons of sticker decorations! 

2. Loretta: VP of Brand

Kids: they’re cute, but they could be even cuter with some stickers.

3. Kari: VP of Acquisition

To-do lists don’t seem quite as intimidating when they’re covered in cute stickers, am I right? 

4. Gabby: Design Intern

Yes, our intern actually created a Function-approved manicure using our stickers and it’s gorgeous! (Tip: use the smaller ones.)

5. Ricardo: VP of Development

Dressed-up tech accessories for FTW!

6. You: Our Function Fam!

We’re constantly inspired by your beautiful shelfies, bottle pics, and all of the creative things you do with your stickers. Keep tagging us in your favorites!

Get your own set of our new summer stickers now (for free) by taking the hair quiz here