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Function’s Product Claims

BY Laura Casciola

You might hear brands boasting ‘claims’ for their products, but what are they, exactly? When it comes to cosmetic brands, or even drugs or food, claims are statements about the product that must be fully substantiated. They can be in reference to how the product was made or any results that it delivers. Essentially, we can’t just say anything about our products without proof, and that goes for implying anything without proof, too. Basically, we take our words really seriously. Here’s a list of our claims for each of our categories and products.


Hair care, Target hair care, body care, and skincare.

Dermatologist tested: Products that receive this official claim need to be put through a clinical study to determine its potential for irritation and  sensitization. The study is based on a series of repeated skin patch tests (on humans, never animals).

Gluten free: This means that we don’t include any gluten or gluten by-products, and it’s confirmed through supplier documentation for raw materials, confirmed with gluten-free statements or EU allergen reports.

Certified vegan: This means we never use animal products or animal by-products (including beeswax). Again, our suppliers and their official statements certify this.

Animal cruelty free: This means we do not test our products on animals. We’re also part of PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program which breaks down brand animal-safety standards that you can read about, here

Paraben free, Sulfate free, Mineral oil free, and Phthalate free: Our suppliers as well as our Regulatory and Research & Development teams confirm the composition of our materials and formulations. 


Shampoo + conditioner, leave-in, hair mask, hair serum, individually-filled from the hair quiz. 

All of the above statements!


Retail shampoo, conditioner, and hair goals.

Naturally derived: We follow an official standard for defining ‘naturally derived’, which includes plant-based and water materials. 

Non-irritating, and Suitable for sensitive skin: These claims are substantiated through dermatologist testing. 

Salon quality: This is a Target-official claim that their standards team has set up rules and regulations for.

Ethically sourced: Companies that use this claim must undergo an ethics audit. We were recently audited by SMETA, an organization that assess labor standards, human rights, worker health and safety, and environmental compliance. We’re also members of the RSPO (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil) where we help sustain a shared vision to make sustainable palm oil the norm.


Custom body wash and body lotion.

Non-irritating, Non-sensitizing (all)

Formulated with moisturizers (body wash)

Microbiome-friendly (body lotion)

24-hour moisturization (body lotion)


Custom cleansers, serum, moisturizers.

Non-irritating (all): This means our products didn’t cause a negative reaction on individuals skin after repeat leave on testing.

Suitable for sensitive skin (all serums and moisturizers): This is confirmed through testing on a panel of individuals who have self-perceived sensitive skin. 

PH-balanced (all cleansers): Our Research & Development team calculates the pH of each product. Our skincare products fall at a pH of about 6 which is considered neutral (balanced) within the industry.