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Here’s The Thing: We All Need More Hydration

BY Laura Casciola

Something big just happened– we (function of beauty) shifted from being a hair care brand to a self-care brand, with the addition of our new line of custom body products. Let’s talk about how our focus on hydration has shaped our entire body care experience in creating custom body wash + custom body lotion

Custom means custom

We’ve always been about it. And just as each person’s formula should be unique to them, each care category should be specific to its purpose (aka, hair vs. body). In our hair quiz, we ask that you choose your hair goals– there are endless possibilities on what your hair might need, and what you might want. For body care, our experts revealed that the ultimate goal for everyone is hydration. Instead of asking you about your goals, we ask that you tell us about your skin hydration level, and let us do the rest. Still just as custom, but unique to our newest category.

The hydration saga

If we’re all water (we’re made up of over 50% H2O), why must we keep hydrating? Here’s the scoop:

Drinking up is not enough

Every day, we lower our hydration levels by just existing, as well as sweating, speaking, and even breathing. Drinking water to replenish ourselves is very important physically, but what we drink doesn’t automatically make it to the skin. It gets absorbed first by organs and the blood stream that need it more to function properly. 

Climate change(s) us

There’s no doubt you’ve noticed how certain places or seasons affect your skin, especially cold, dry air. The lack of humidity translates directly to your skin and how much moisture it’s retaining. On the other hand, a day in the heat and sun has its own effect. Internal dehydration from sweating can lead to external dehydration. Even showering/swimming in a new place with new mineral content in the water can effect our hydration levels– ugh, the irony.

Age is more than just a number

As the years go on, your body slows the production of substances, called ceramides, that make up 50% of our skin. Ceramides act as a protective buffer between skin cells that are responsible for protecting, anti-aging, and locking in moisture. Over time as they weaken and lessen, your skin may become more rough, dry, and wrinkly.

Then, take all of that, and consider that all of our bodies have their own natural skin moisture levels– some more regularly hydrated than others. Phew! So where does that leave our skin? Needing more hydration.

Function Body Wash + Body Lotion

And after all that, we landed here. Using our custom algorithms to make your shower experience even more personalized. Both our body wash and body lotion are formulated with base ingredients that nourish, and then specific additives catered to your skin hydration level, specifically. Add your color and fragrance preferences, and name, and voila (!) you’ve got custom body care. Here’s what people had to say about it:

*The below testimonials were shared by customers who received a sample as part of our testing group.


Body wash:

“I am in love with the texture and how hydrating it is.”

“Nice feel to the formula, really soft and silky feeling.”

“I loved how the aroma still lingered after the shower. My skin definitely feels smooth.”


Body lotion:

“Love the texture of the lotion. So fluffy and light so I don’t feel weighed down or greasy.”

“My skin seems to look healthier and less dry since using the lotion!”

“It felt light and non clogging.”

“Stayed moisturized all day!”