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Get To Know: Function of Beauty Co-Founder Hien Kaplan

BY Function of Beauty

Meet Hien Kaplan — one of our amazing three co-founders here at Function of Beauty. Hien is a fearless leader, a super-brilliant formulation scientist, and an awesome mom to boot. Ahead, learn more about Hien, her background, and why she’s so proud to be part of the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community.

Full name: Hien Nguyen Kaplan

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Occupation: Formulation scientist + co-founder of Function of Beauty

Family:Hien is one of eight sisters and four brothers

Earliest beauty memory: Watching her sister make a toner for her skin out of rice water

Beauty role model: Her mom, who grew her own plants, showing her the importance of hard work and the power of plants

hien kaplan at a resort with her baby in her arms

Hair type + goals: Wavy, shine + anti-frizz
Favorite scent: Eucalyptus 
Why she’s proud to be part of the AAPI community: “Because we’re all unique and special and have our own stories to tell.”
Her experience in the AAPI community: “I came from a really big family, coming to America. We all have a place here and we all matter; we all have something to bring and that should be recognized.” 

Done reading? Keep up with Hien on Instagram @functionofhien!