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Ingredient of the Month: Sweet Almond Extract

BY Laura Casciola
The Ingredient of the Month series highlights one of our meticulously-selected ingredients. Get to know them all on our Ingredients Page.


Sweet almond extract (aka prunus amygdalus dulcis seedcake extract) is a natural, botanical ingredient found in Function of Beauty hair care, with benefits as captivating as its name. Let’s break down everything you need to know about sweet almond extract. 

Main benefits: adds volume + shine, protects hair, eases maintenance. 

Found in: ‘replenish’ hair goal in conditioner, ‘shine’ hair goal in shampoo, ‘fix split ends’ hair goal in shampoo, and ‘volumize’ hair goal in shampoo

Derives from: France 

Produced from purified fractions of sweet almonds, which are natural coating agents for hair fibers, sweet almond extract is rich in peptides that penetrate hair to promote volume and vitality. Along with oligosaccharides (natural conditioners and emulsifiers), this ingredient is known to help with hair breakage by temporarily mending split ends, with the dual action of improving the damaged fiber and sealing the split. This provides hair alignment (each strand laying in line with the hairs around it) and body, and increases shine along the strands. Sweet almond extract’s filming properties can help shield hair from environmental stressors (things like climate, pollution, UV), and styling stress (like mechanical damage to the hair).