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Let’s talk about #skingoals

BY Kiley Leff

What is your ultimate skin care goal? You probably have more than one, so how do you prioritize? What ingredients can you use together to maximize them without compromising or negating their efficacy?

No two people have the same skin or want the same results (Instagram #skingoals has over 390,000 results and each one is a little different).

That’s why our chemists made sure that each custom skin care product is formulated precisely for you and includes ingredients that penetrate deep into your skin to and deliver against your #skingoals. With Function’s new custom skin care products you’ll select your skin type and you’ll choose up to three #skingoals out of thirteen . You’ll tell us what you’re looking for, so you can start a routine that takes your goals to glows. 

Dry skin with a #skingoals of being soothed? You’ll love the neem liquid we’ll add to your formula (it protects against outside aggressors and pollutants). Do you have oily skin with a #skingoals of being breakout free? The salicylic acid in your formula will help get rid of breakout causing bacteria. Dull skin with the #skingoals to hydrate? Just wait until you see the difference the blue green algae that goes into your formula will make. Choosing your #skingoals and understanding exactly how to get there has never been easier. 


Find your skin type below – we’ve recommended a few goals to consider for your unique formulation:  


This is you if your skin has a happy relationship between your natural oils and Ph without being extremely breakout prone or overly dry. Here are some skin goals that would FYSO (for your skin, only).

Skin goal: Hydrate. You know when you’re thirsty and that one sip of cool water absolutely takes you to nirvana? We think that feeling is so good it should be shared with our faces.

Ingredients added to your formula: Hyaluronic Acid to penetrate multiple layers of skin, Blue Green Algae an ultra-nourishing rich source of antioxidants. 

Skin goal: Brighten. The vibe is vibrant! (while minimizing sun damage). A win win.

Ingredients added to your formula: Tangerine Extract to help you glow from the inside out, Vitamin C to brighten and illuminate. 

Skin goal: Anti-pollution. Whether you live in the city and are fighting pore-clogging pollution or staring at a screen all day (blue light hurts your skin!) our anti-pollution formula will help maintain truly balanced skin. 

Ingredients added to your formula: Cherimoya Extract a superfruit, native to The Incas, and Hydroxytyrosol one of the most powerful antioxidant compounds. 

Skin goal: Even tone. Don’t use that tone with me! That is, if it’s uneven. Our formula helps even out skin coloration and even fade those pesky acne scars. 

Ingredients added to your formula: Kiwi extract to calm dark spots, and azelaic acid to fade discoloration. 


Oily skin is the result of the overproduction of sebum. Sebum can be your friend (I mean, it’s the reason your skin is moisturized and your hair stays shiny) but if your oils are getting in the way of your #skingoals you’ll love some of these new formulas. 

Skin goal: Reduce Breakouts. Break ups, break outs, break… that’s all we can come up with. But none of them are fun! That’s why our formula exfoliates inside of your pore lining as well as the skin’s surface to help address environmental causes of breakouts. We don’t have a formula for break-ups but our scientists are on it.

Ingredients added to your formula: Niacinamide the overall skin health guru, and salicylic acid the break-out fighting superhero. 

Skin goal: Minimize Pores. Poor pores! If you have oily skin, the oils can get trapped in your pores and cause irritation and breakouts. After achieving this skin goal your pores will be visibly reduced in size. 

Ingredients added to your formula: Artichoke extract to improve appearance of noticeable pores, and Pyridoxine Cyclic Phosphate a new vitamin B6 derivative.

Skin goal: Reduce Shine. Skin that glows? Iconic. Skin that shines? Let’s save it for diamonds.

Ingredients added to your formula: Arnica Extract to regulate sebum accumulation, and Enantia Chlorantha Bark Extract & Oleanolic Acid to help skin find a happy texture. 

Skin goal: Minimize Redness. Redness is usually a sign of irritation, how irritating. To get rid of it we focus on calming down unhappy skin. 

Ingredients added to your formula: Bisabolol helps shield from environmental stressors without causing irritation, and Southern Magnolia bark extract  is specially designed to reduce external stress-induced skin redness.


You have some oily spots, some dry spots, some spots that you’re not even sure about! Don’t worry, we get you. Let’s leave the different spots to dalmations and help you achieve a more even skin goal. 

Skin goal: Reduce breakouts. Whether it’s one or two, once a week or three days out of the week, breakouts are annoying. We want to help you (break-out) of that cycle. 

Ingredients added to your formula: Vitamin b3, and salicylic acid, a powerful break-out fighter. 

Skin goal: Brighten. Just because you have combination skin doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be able to glow from the inside out. Bright skin reflects healthy skin. We can take you there! 

Ingredients added to your formula: Tangerine Extract because not only are tangerines yummy their extract helps smooth and clarify the outermost layer of skin, and Vitamin C is used to make you absolutely glow. 

Skin goal: Hydrated. Skin hydration is key to get that luminous, all over dewy look. 

Ingredients added to your formula: Hyaluronic Acid to aid elasticity, and Blue Green Algae, an ultra nourishing super goo. 

Skin goal: Even tone. Combination skin commonly suffers from dry patches or splotchy areas. Refining your skin’s surface will help.

Ingredients added to your formula: Kiwi extract calms dark spots like a pro, while azelaic acid fades discoloration like it never even happened. 


Skin that’s prone to irritation or inflammation. Because humans are sensitive beings, but we don’t want our skin to be. 

Skin goal: Hydrated. A basic hydration is the perfect building block to unstoppable skin. 

Ingredients added to your formula: Hyaluronic Acid to penetrate even those deep layers of skin, and Blue Green Algae a gorgeously rich source of antioxidants. 

Skin goal: Brighten. You’re bright for choosing to use our formulas, your skin will shortly prove that. 

Ingredients added to your formula: Water-soluble form of vitamin C that absorbs quickly into skin, Tangerine Extract to clarify that outer-most layer of skin. 

Skin goal: Awakened Skin. Even on your sleepiest of days your skin should be thriving with a little help of circulation and oxygen! 

Ingredients added to your formula: Magnesium aspartate, zinc gluconate, copper gluconate – a mineral blend that helps provide oxygen to skin cells and tissue. 

Skin goal: Calm/Soothed. No matter how stressful your day we don’t want your skin to show it! Our formula soothes damaged or sensitive skin. 

Ingredients added to your formula: Neem liquid protects against outside aggressors and Aloe Extract containing antioxidants, enzymes, Vitamin A and C, this plant is well-known for its soothing benefits.

2020 is wrapping up, and even if you can’t remember what goal you set on New Year’s Eve it’s never too late to make some new ones. Skin goals are whatever you make them, and then you let us know, and we’ll make it easier for you ;). Cheers to YOUR skin, whatever it might be and wherever you want to take it.