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THESE are the Most Popular Hair Goals Around the World

BY Alyssa Montemurro

Hair goals. We all have them, and yet, have you ever stopped to wonder which one is the most popular? Don’t worry—us too. That’s why we couldn’t help but do a deep dive into our collection of customized formulas (we’re talking about more than one million unique formulations!) to determine which hair goals reign supreme not only in each state but also in each country that Function of Beauty ships to (that’s 32 in total). From anti-frizz to shine, lengthen to volumize, check out the infographics below to see which hair goals captured the top spots around the world (the results may surprise you)!

most popular hair goals by state

Alabama: anti-frizz

Alaska: strengthen 

Arizona: strengthen 

Arkansas: strengthen

California: anti-frizz

Colorado: lengthen

Connecticut: anti-frizz

Delaware: anti-frizz

Florida: anti-frizz 

Georgia: strengthen 

Hawaii: anti-frizz

Idaho: lengthen 

Illinois: strengthen 

Indiana: strengthen 

Iowa: lengthen 

Kansas: lengthen 

Kentucky: lengthen 

Louisiana: anti-frizz

Maine: strengthen 

Maryland: shine

Massachusetts: strengthen 

Michigan: lengthen 

Minnesota: lengthen 

Mississippi: volumize

Missouri: lengthen

Montana: lengthen 

Nebraska: strengthen

Nevada: strengthen 

New Hampshire: anti-frizz

New Jersey: anti-frizz

New Mexico: strengthen

New York: strengthen

North Carolina: anti-frizz

North Dakota: lengthen 

Ohio: strengthen

Oklahoma: lengthen

Oregon: strengthen 

Pennsylvania: anti-frizz

Rhode Island: anti-frizz

South Carolina: volumize

South Dakota: lengthen

Tennessee: volumize

Texas: strengthen 

Utah: lengthen 

Vermont: strengthen 

Virginia: anti-frizz

Washington: strengthen 

West Virginia: lengthen

Wisconsin: strengthen 

Wyoming: lengthen

most popular hair goals by country




Austria: shine

Australia: anti-frizz

Belgium: volumize

Bulgaria: shine

Canada: strengthen

Switzerland: strengthen

Cyprus: oil-control

Czech Republic: strengthen

Germany: hydrate

Denmark: volumize

Estonia: volumize

Spain: anti-frizz

Finland: volumize

France: hydrate

Great Britain: anti-frizz

Greece: shine

Croatia: shine

Hungary: strengthen

Ireland: strengthen 

Italy: shine

Lithuania: anti-frizz

Luxembourg: hydrate

Latvia: anti-frizz

Malta: anti-frizz

Netherlands: anti-frizz

Norway: volumize

New Zealand: anti-frizz

Poland: strengthen

Portugal: shine

Romania: oil control

Sweden: strengthen

Singapore: strengthen 

Slovenia: volumize

Slovakia: volumize

UAE: strengthen

Chile: lengthen

Colombia: nourish roots

Hong Kong: strengthen

Japan: strengthen

Mexico: hydrate

United States: strengthen 


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