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THIS Is The Most Popular Shampoo Color In Your State

BY Alyssa Montemurro

Have you ever been in the shower, stopped and looked at your Function of Beauty bottles, and wondered whether the rest of the country is with you on your choice of shampoo color? Yeah, us too. That’s why we couldn’t help but do a deep dive into our library of customized formulas (we’re talking about more than one million unique formulations!) to determine the most popular color in each state and, more importantly, which lucky color deserves the crown as your overall favorite. Will it be purple? How about black? Check out the infographic below to find out (the results may surprise you)!

the results are in...

Alabama: ocean

Alaska: ocean

Arizona: pink

Arkansas: pink

California: pink

Colorado: ocean

Connecticut: dye-free

Delaware: pink

Florida: pink

Georgia: pink

Hawaii: ocean

Idaho: pink

Illinois: ocean

Indiana: ocean

Iowa: ocean

Kansas: ocean

Kentucky: pink

Louisiana: ocean

Maine: dye-free

Maryland: purple

Massachusetts: pink

Michigan: ocean

Minnesota: ocean

Mississippi: ocean

Missouri: ocean

Montana: purple

Nebraska: pink

Nevada: pink

New Hampshire: dye-free

New Jersey: dye-free

New Mexico: purple

New York: purple

North Carolina: ocean

North Dakota: purple

Ohio: ocean

Oklahoma: pink

Oregon: dye-free

Pennsylvania: purple

Rhode Island: dye-free

South Carolina: pink

South Dakota: ocean

Tennessee: ocean

Texas: pink

Utah: ocean

Vermont: purple

Virginia: dye-free

Washington: dye-free

West Virginia: pink

Wisconsin: ocean

Wyoming: ocean

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