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Nature? Nurture? What makes your hair, your hair?

BY Laura Casciola

Of course, the qualities of our hair like structure, type, and thickness, are in our DNA. You might have often said things like, “if only I got Mom’s gorgeous curls, thanks a lot, Dad.” But maybe you should apologize– it’s not all biological. Our environments, the places and things we come into contact with and surround ourselves with, play a role, too. 

Let’s talk about some environmental factors that could be affecting your hair, and how to combat them with tips + solves to keep your hair at its best. Here are the culprits:

Cold air. Dry air.

But wait, hot, humid air causes frizz, doesn’t it? It can, and we’ll get to that. The sneaky issue with cold, dry air is that it can actually cause the cuticle of your hair strands to lift, and become unable to retain moisture. This can lead to breakage and the ever-dreaded, split end.

Solution: The first one is easy, commit to getting regular trims. Hairdressers always say it and we might roll our eyes, but cutting a half inch or an inch every few months really does keep breakage from making its way up your locks. Next is adding ‘fix split ends’ as a hair goal to your next formula, if it isn’t in there already. You’ll get specific ingredients added that combat moisture loss and breakage. And then there’s deep conditioning. What do we recommend for that? Our custom hair mask, of course!


Ok you knew humidity + hair never = success. On a scientific level, humidity breaks down the hydrogen bonds in your hair which causes hair to swell. Now, what that ‘swelling’ looks like to you depends on your hair, but it’s widely known as “frizz.” And it’s widely hated. 

Solution: Keep things smooth and protected. Using a leave-in conditioner on a regular basis, especially during humid times of year, can keep hair healthy and shiny and frizz-fighting all day. 

Hard water.

Water, really?! Some kinds, yes. Water high in calcium and magnesium can leave a residue on your scalp, reducing moisture absorption and increasing dryness, tangles, and breakage, oh my.

Solution: Install (or get someone cute to install) a shower filter on your shower head. These are designed to reduce minerals and metals from water before they reach your hair. If you can’t avoid hard water, protect against it with a moisturizing mask or leave-in conditioner


Huge issue in general, and your hair isn’t unaffected. Particles from air pollution can sit on your strands and scalp, reducing the proteins that you need for hair growth and moisture retention. This could mean an itchy scalp, lack of hair growth, and even hair loss. **Shudders**

Solution: Updating your hair goals. Add ‘hydrate’ and ‘soothe scalp’ to moisturize, revive, and nourish any strands that have been tainted by pollution. 

High altitudes. 

You might not think of it, (that’s why we’re here) but at higher altitudes there are also harsher sun rays. This can be really drying to hair and can affect texture and even color.

Solution: The hair goals ‘hydrate’ and ‘deep condition’ are at your service. Adding these to your formula can help create a barrier between your hair and the sun, protecting it. (P.S. remember to do the same to your skin!)