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9 No-Heat Hairstyles That Work Perfectly for Summer

BY Alyssa Montemurro

During the summer months, temperatures and humidity levels can soar to all-time highs. The last thing we want to do is bring out our flat irons, blow dryers, and curling irons and surround ourselves with even more hot air. 

Not only is high heat and humidity uncomfortable, but it’s also incredibly rough on our strands, resulting in dryness, damage, and breakage among other things. And with all the fun things we want to do in the summertime, why waste hours curling and blow drying when we could be enjoying the sunshine?

Thankfully, there are plenty of no-heat hairstyles that will have your tresses looking sleek and chic in no time. To prove it, we’ve rounded up 9 heatless hairstyles that work for all hair types. But before unveiling these spotlight-stealing styles, let’s take a look at some simple hair hacks you can achieve with the right products. 

Summer Hair Hacks

With summer heat comes sweat and dryness — because somehow they can both exist at the same time. So how do you keep your hair hydrated while looking fresh and glossy rather than sweaty and sticky? With hair styling products that can combat the effects of hot weather. Try the options below to maximize the look of your locks, and be sure to catch our other list of beachy, no-heat hairstyles to keep you looking cool all season long. 

Spritz It Up

Many of us have trouble managing scalp sweat during the summer months. Unfortunately, this can cause our precious locks to take on unpleasant smells from unwanted neck and skin sweat. Yuck!

To keep your hair smelling sweet, try spritzing it with a hair mist. A lightly fragranced mist can help extend the smell of freshly washed locks throughout the day. Function of Beauty’s customized hair mist comes in three delicious scents: peach, rose, and pear — yum! Plus, it’s formulated with argan oil, an ingredient known to moisturize locks and boost shine. 

Boost Hydration

Summertime is known to wreak havoc on hair, especially in dry climates. Heat can roughen up locks and even cause damage that leaves hair looking frizzy and dry. To combat this, treat yourself to a moisture enhancing leave-in conditioner that can be applied to wet or dry hair

Function of Beauty’s customized leave-in treatment is made with ingredients like avocado oil, argan oil, and coffee extract to keep hair looking smooth and soft. With its ability to soften, hydrate, detangle, and protect hair from dryness, this lightweight concoction gives your hair everything it needs to have an awesome summer.

Apply this treatment post-shower or to dry locks in between wash days. No need to rinse simply apply and enjoy a hydrated hair day. 

9 No-Heat Hairstyles for Summer 

Ready to give your hot tools the boot? Then try some (or all!) of these genius no-heat hairstyles. Not only do they require minimal time and effort, but they’ll also keep you cool — a critical combination when it’s 90 degrees and approximately 1000% humidity outside. 

Scroll down to find your new favorite hairstyle to take you through summer and beyond.

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Dealing with second-day hair? Consider a tousled half-up-half-down style. All you have to do is loop your hair through a hair tie and pull the loop so it’s barely hanging on. It gives you an effortless yet sophisticated look that can be dressed down for the beach or dressed up for a summer party. You can also give it a little extra flair by tying your favorite printed scarf around the outside of the elastic and finishing with a few spritzes of texturizing spray.

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For those with super curly or coily hair, chances are you’re already skipping the hot tools in favor of a healthier air-dry routine. In that case, consider switching up your go-to look by twisting back some face-framing pieces to help keep them out of your face as the temperatures rise. This no-heat hairstyle accentuates your natural hair texture and keeps you comfy in the hot summer heat.

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When the humidity hits, nothing beats a sleek, twisted knot bun. Not only is it versatile and effortlessly chic but it’s also one of the easiest styles to recreate, regardless of whether you have curly hair or straight hair. To help keep it looking smooth and frizz-free throughout the day, try prepping your hair first with a few pumps of our customizable leave-in treatment, which will help fight off the elements and protect your hair from added damage.

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Pulling your hair into a textured chignon not only looks like you put in the effort when you probably just rolled out of bed, but it also helps to keep your hair from sticking to your face and neck. (Always a plus at the height of summer.) To add extra texture and volume to your messy bun, try working a volumizing mousse throughout the length of your hair before allowing it time to air-dry.

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Ideal for keeping curls intact and avoiding hair-inducing neck sweat, the top knot updo is a certified winner for anyone with tight curls or natural texture. It keeps your hair away from your face while still looking cute and put together. To help keep your strands looking sleek and smooth, try working a touch of lightweight hair oil through the length of your hair before pulling it up into a high knot.

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Remember space buns?! The foolproof ‘90s throwback is enjoying a revival as of late, giving us yet another cool, summer hairstyle for ultra sunny days. Not only is it great for those times when it’s so hot that even the AC can’t cool you down, but it’s also fantastic for disguising oily, second- (or third, or fourth) day hair.

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Sometimes textured hair needs a little extra help staying in place, which is where this neat and artfully decorated bun comes into play. Feel free to add as many hair accessories as you want — headbands, colorful bobby pins, scrunchies, you name it! Finish off with a smoothing hair serum for a glossy, “what heat?” finish.

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Braids are a godsend when the summer frizzies start to hit. Not only do they help lock your strands in place to avoid any unwanted poufing but they also set you up for some pretty fabulous second-day waves. Choose french braids, fishtail braids, or a single side braid for an easy hairstyle that’s the perfect combination of polished and fun.

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If you still want to show off the length of your boho beachy waves without feeling like it’s hanging all over you, opt for a textured low ponytail. The style variations are endless and it can transition with you effortlessly from the office to after-hour drinks and beyond. 

Perfecting Your No-Heat Hairstyles

What’ll make your no-heat hairstyles even better? Combining them with a customized hair washing combo that’s made just for your hair type, moisture level, and beauty goals. To create your custom formulated shampoo and conditioner combo, take our hair quiz. Simply fill out your unique profile and start enjoying better summer hair days.