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Your October (Hair)oscopes Are Here!

BY Veronica McCarthy

Do you follow your monthly horoscope? Do you enjoy talking about all things hair care-related? Yes? Then you’re going to love our monthly (hair)oscopes! At the beginning of each month, our resident hairstylist/astrologer Dylan Chavles will look to the cosmos to reveal what the month has in store for both you and your hair. See what lies ahead for your love life, career, potential new haircut, and more below!


Libra! Happy birthday to our favorite diplomat! Saturn is coming out of retrograde, so if you’ve been feeling anti-social or “stuck” around people, that was just the universe challenging your natural gift of the gab. Venus and Mars will be in your first house of self, so if you have any new and exciting ideas to present in the work environment, trust that your ideas will be welcomed with open arms. Make sure to grab a luxurious leave-in treatment, so you look extra special when you get that promotion.


Happy birthday to my October Scorpios! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel for all of those enduring serious pattern changes. Pat yourself on the back for making healthy changes, they’re not easy. Luckily, Mercury and Venus will course through your first house of self, giving you the encouragement you need to help complete your transformation. When you get a breath of fresh air, take yourself to your hairdresser and give them the green light to give you the fresh cut you’ve been thinking about it. I promise you’re ready!


Sag!! Congrats to you because you won the Libra season lottery! October wants you to celebrate your dreams, and you’ll have the universe on your side to make them come true. Don’t let the storm of insecurities and jealousy, caused by Venus and Pluto colliding, get in your way of success this month. Luckily you have heightened intuition on your side. Use it to make these negative feelings null and void. While you’re at it, use your Libra season spidey senses to concoct the perfect shampoo to amplify your new clean slate.


My diligent Capricorn, stop being humble in October! It’s time for the world to see how powerful and magnetic you truly are. Venus and Mars will enter your first house of self, illuminating all of your best qualities and encouraging you to get out of the workspace. Show everyone what you’ve been grinding away at this entire year. Your ruling planet Saturn is coming out of retrograde, giving you the green light to present your creations and buy a luxurious hair mask as high quality as yourself.


Aquarius, it’s time to stop holding onto perfection and color outside of the lines. Venus resides in your house of higher learning and travel this month, making you extra open to new places and ideas. If you haven’t planned a trip yet, October would be a perfect month to take yourself on a three-day retreat. Libra season wants you to get away and get honest with all of your feelings, and come back feeling refreshed and invigorated. Don’t forget to bring a leave-in conditioner loaded with hair-healthy ingredients to accompany you on your journey!


My sensitive Pisces, Libra season is going to be a roller coaster, but I promise it’ll be for the best. With Venus, the planet of love, colliding into Pluto, the planet of transformation, October wants you to “trim the fat” in your life. This transition is encouraging you to change something that doesn’t serve you anymore. Whether that means ending a friendship that’s been sucking the life out of you, or standing up for yourself in an unhealthy work environment, it’s time to pull yourself up and say no to something. Make sure you’re taking extra good care of yourself this month by surrounding yourself with love, good food, and a 30-minute scalp massage. 


Aries! I know you love productive conflict, and October is a great time to shake things up. If you’re in a relationship, this month is perfect for bringing up an aspect (or two) of your relationship that isn’t working for you. With Saturn going direct, you’ll have a clearer mind to work from in your relationship. You can’t hold whatever you’re holding in any longer! Financially, you have the opportunity to come into a healthy wad of cash this month. Don’t spend it all in one place, but if you do, make sure to re-up on a customized shampoo and conditioner, because feeling good is priceless.


Taurus, I know you hate compromise, but Mars is asking you to give up some control in the workplace this month. You’ll need to go with the flow at work in October because Venus opposes Uranus, making your love life a whirlwind. If you don’t have any romantic interests, you’re more than likely to be taken aback by someone in the middle of the month. Embrace these new irregularities in your usual patterns, and I bet you’ll enjoy it. Maybe get crazy and try a new deep conditioning mask to enjoy in the bath.


Gemini, my favorite pot-stirrer, Venus is swooping into your house of work and health to remind you to take care of yourself. This is a perfect month for a nourishing reset. If you don’t slow down, the new moon on October 27th will illuminate your need to, and you’ll be forced into it. I suggest cooking meals at home, keeping your house clean, and treating yourself to a scalp treatment at your favorite salon.


My sweet Cancer, Libra season is asking you to fine-tune your comfort zone! October is an excellent month for you to make improvements in your living situation. This is fantastic news for you because there’s nothing you love more than homemaking. Along with literal tidying up, Pluto going direct is going to force you to look at your relationships with a clear set of eyes. Don’t ignore the changes you need to make in your personal relationships—Libra season is asking you to make life easier on yourself. While you’re going over your life with a fine-tooth comb this month, I suggest investing in a low-key hairstyle to make this journey easier for you.


You had a fantastic summer of socializing and being everyone’s favorite person, now it’s time to be your own favorite person! Libra season is asking you to go within and take some time to reassess what you really want out of your personal life and career. You have some challenging aspects this month as Mercury enters Scorpio and Pluto comes out of retrograde. These planets are pushing you to weed out bad habits and communicate your feelings constructively. Being an excellent communicator also means being a good listener, so listen to your hairdresser when they tell you it’s time to trim your split ends.


Virgo, your financial diligence this summer has made October breezier than usual (financially, that is) congrats! This is a great time to ask for a raise or change in positions at the workplace, as you’ve been cultivating this energy for so long. Venus enters Scorpio early in the month, making your realm of earthly pleasures extra flirtatious. Treat yourself to a shampoo and conditioner that smells intoxicating and keeps your split ends in check.