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Should You Shop On Or In Store At Target?

BY Laura Casciola

Last year you knew Function of Beauty only as the internet’s best custom hair care. Now, we’re also at Target. We keep talking about both which begs the question– which way should you shop function products?! We’re prepared with the answer. In fact, we made this seventeen-magazine-esque chart to help you figure it out. 

Do you love having alllll the options?

If selecting all of the details about your hair, your scalp, your goals (5), and preferences about bottle size, color, and fragrance sound like a great thing, you’ll probably love taking the hair quiz online. If all of that sounds a bit too overwhelming and you’d like to narrow down your choices to your hair type and your top 3 goals, function at Target might be calling your name.

Do you like to shop IRL?

This is a big consideration! I’ve had friends all my life that need to see things in person before they buy them, and then some that avoid malls and stores at all cost and get their cardio from scrolling. Which are you? Only you know the true answer.

What about DIY?

With our Target line of products, you literally mix your own formula. You buy your shampoo + conditioner bases, you buy your 3 #hairgoals, and then you snap, pour, shake them into your bottles! If this sounds fun to you, we see you and literally made this experience for you. If it feels like you’d rather the experts take the lead on mixing, you’re one of the originals that prefer our individually-filled bottles from the hair quiz.

Peaches– how do you feel?

Don’t sleep on scents! If you’re someone who wants to choose from our ever-growing list of fragrances, know that our Target shampoo + conditioner always come in nude (p)each, our top-rated and beloved fragrance.

What about other products?

Lastly, consider whether you’re in the market for just shampoo + conditioner (the originals) or if you’d also like to explore other custom products. For hair care, those are custom hair mask, leave-in treatment, and hair serum. Then there’s custom body care, and custom skincare to consider. What’s calling to you?!

You truly can’t go wrong when it comes to treating your hair to custom care, so don’t worry– wherever you’re getting it, your hair will thank you. Want to test out both options? We love a good switch up from time to time. You could even consider testing out function at Target while you wait for your next function package to be delivered. The options are endless