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The Choice Is Yours: Introducing Silicone-Free Mask & Leave-In Conditioner

BY Function of Beauty

We use high quality silicones that are expertly formulated to condition, protect, and smooth hair. However, we also believe in giving you the freedom to choose whether or not to include them in your formula. Our silicone-free formulas recreate all these benefits using natural alternatives. 

To create silicone-free Function of Beauty formulas, take our hair quiz, and after selecting your hair goals, tick the “I’d like silicone-free formulas” box. This selection will apply to your full hair care order (except for Hair Serum, which is currently not offered in a silicone-free version). 

What are the benefits of the leave-in conditioner?

Our color-safe Leave-In Conditioner is customizable based on your hair and scalp profile, as well as your personal hair goals. Some key ingredients and benefits of all our leave-in conditioner formulas: 

  • Shine-enhancing, lightweight Argan Oil helps smooth hair and combat frizz.
  • Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil delivers an extra boost of moisture, without weighing hair down.
  • Safflower Seed Oil works to improve combing and manageability, while Coffee Bean Extract helps protect hair from future damage associated with coloring.  

What are the benefits of the hair mask?

Our Custom Hair Mask is our most intensive, deep conditioning treatment, designed to re-hydrate and revitalize dry, damaged, or otherwise lackluster hair. In addition to ingredients added based on your hair profile and personal goals, all Hair Mask formulas contain:

  • Shine-enhancing Shea Butter gives hair a deeply moisturizing and nourishing boost.
  • Conditioning Jojoba Ester Oil nourishes and smooths with the help of frizz-fighting Argan Oil.

In the silicone-free version of our Hair Mask, we replaced silicone with a natural Olive Oil derivative, which is an excellent natural alternative that provides a uniquely soft and long-lasting silky feel.

What is the purpose of silicones in hair care?

Silicones have had bad rap in the past for causing product build-up and weighing down hair. But, ingredient technology has evolved – and so have we. In hair care, silicones are used to create slip, help smooth, and protect from heat. We tailor blends of top-of-the-line silicones formulated for each hair type to not build-up or weigh down hair. However, we know some prefer not to use them which is why we also made incredible silicone-free alternatives. The choice is yours!