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Summer Solved: Your Guide to Summer-Proofing Your Hair Care Routine

BY Alyssa Montemurro

Ahhh, summer. The warm weather, the endless backyard barbecues, the joy of long, lazy days spent at the beach with sun-soaked skin—what’s not to love? A lot actually when it comes to dealing with some of the season’s biggest hair concerns. While winter may be known for causing dry, brittle strands, the steamy summer months are equally synonymous with bringing about frizz, sun-damaged strands, and flat, greasy roots—problems that all require their own unique set of solutions. Rather than tossing out your entire hair care collection though, why not just swap out some of your Function formula’s hair goals in favor of some more summer-approved ones? Not sure where to start? No worries—below, we’ve highlighted six genius hacks that will help you summer-proof your hair care formula without the unnecessary product overhaul. Consider your hair officially summerfied!

SUMMER HAIR PROBLEM: sweaty, oily roots


This might be one of the most common problems the majority of us face during the hot summer months (bummer, we know). That’s because, as the sun beats down on top of our heads, our bodies’ natural response is to produce sweat, thus causing those oily, greasy roots we all loathe so much. Rather than just loading up on the dry shampoo, which can lead to product buildup and, in severe cases, inflammation, try adding our oil control hair goal to your formula instead. The natural blend of vitamin E and rosemary leaf extract gently cleanses the scalp and prevents excessive oil production, while also revitalizing the hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth. It may not be able to keep you from sweating all summer long, but it can help keep your roots looking fresh and healthy, and really, isn’t that what matters most?

SUMMER HAIR PROBLEM: frizz, frizz, and more frizz

HAIR GOAL SOLUTION: Anti-Frizz and Hydrate

If there is one thing we do not enjoy about summer, it’s frizz. Though seemingly uncontrollable at times (thanks humidity!), it is possible to tame your unwanted flyways and to create the appearance of a sleek, smooth mane. The key is to keep your strands well hydrated and protected from the elements, which is why we suggest making the anti-frizz and hydrate hair goals a mainstay of your summer formula. Together, they help provide a daily dose of hydration (especially when used with our leave-in treatment!), while also forming a protective barrier around your strands to help lock in moisture and block out damage that causes frizz. From there, it’s nothing but smooth sailing.

SUMMER HAIR PROBLEM: salt water + chlorine damage


We get it. Nothing beats diving headfirst into a pool of cool water on a hot summer day. The only problem is what happens to our hair afterward. Though undeniably refreshing, chlorine and salt water can be incredibly harsh on our delicate strands, causing them to become dry, brittle, and lackluster. On top of properly rinsing your hair immediately after stepping out of the pool or ocean, it’s also wise to upgrade your hair care formula with the deep conditioning hair goal. Its combination of rich shea butter and avocado oil helps restore your hair’s moisture balance, while also coating it with a protective seal to help keep future moisture from escaping. In other words, bring on the beach!

SUMMER HAIR PROBLEM: faded, sun-damaged hair

HAIR GOAL SOLUTION: Shine + Color Protection

At the peak of summer, the sun is quite possibly our worst enemy. Not only does it wreak havoc on our skin, but it can also cause severe damage to our hair, especially those of us with color-treated strands. Just like you lather your skin in sunscreen, it is crucial to also protect your hair from the sun’s damaging UV rays, as it will not only help maintain your hair’s fresh, vibrant color but also extend its life, which means less time and money spent on your end (cha-ching!). Our solution? Add both the shine and color protection hair goals to your summer formula. While the latter will help block out those damaging UV rays and prevent your color from fading, the former will help inject some luster back into your depleted locks, leaving you with shiny, gorgeous hair that looks fresh from the salon.

SUMMER HAIR PROBLEM: unruly strands

HAIR GOAL SOLUTION: Straighten or Curl Definition

While we’re all for embracing a hat or tossing our hair up into a top knot when the temperatures outside are at their worst, sometimes, a girl just wants to wear her hair down. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible due to things like humidity and frizz, which is why depending on your hair type, it may be a good idea to add either the straighten or curl definition hair goals to your summertime formula. Both work to help lock in your hair’s natural style and enhance its manageability, even when it’s 100% humidity outside. For straight-haired girls, that means sleek, smooth tresses that actually stay in line, and for curly haired gals, healthy, defined curls that bounce!

SUMMER HAIR PROBLEM: brassy blonde hair

HAIR GOAL SOLUTION: Reduce Brassiness

Blondes may have more fun, but when it comes to maintaining their vibrant color throughout the summer, it’s anything but easy. That’s because no matter how much time and money you spend crafting your perfect flaxen shade, it only takes a few trips to the beach before your once bright, cool blonde has turned a dull, yellow-orange (read: brassy) hue. Rather than just skipping the beach or pool altogether though, why not opt for our reduce brassiness hair goal, which transforms your regular daily shampoo into the perfect purple toning shampoo! The formula’s purple toning pigments help neutralize the brassy tones that like to spring up after a few days spent in the sun, thus returning your hair to its preferred cool, vibrant status.

Ready to summer-proof your hair care formula? Head here to start customizing!