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The full custom skin care breakdown

BY Kiley Leff

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the different skin care brands and trends that are out there. Whether it’s watching your favorite influencer apply their 20-step night routine or your mom reminding you for the billionth time today to apply sunscreen: skin care routines can seem daunting. We know. Deciding on a skincare routine with products you believe in is hard. Well, used to be hard. Our team of formulation chemists have been working on the task to formulate skin care that’s as unique as the person applying it. 

Hi, I’m Kiley, writer at function, I’ve never been in a relationship more complicated than the one I have with my skin. We fight, we make up, we have good days, and bad ones. I’d go to the store looking for something to sooth my combination skin and come home with products that seemed totally random. No wonder I was never getting the results I wanted. I left it up to chance, when I should’ve left it up to science. Our scientists took all of that into account when formulating our new skin care line so you’ll never have that Panic. In. The. Aisle. Thinking, which one is for me? Should I buy them all?! Our skincare is formulated for you, with a 3-step regimen designed for your lifestyle, to achieve skin that’s as amazing as you are. 


Starting with a cleanser is the perfect foundation to your skincare routine. The term “wash your face” is so harsh. Our cleansers do so much more than just “wash” away impurities. They are filled with amino acids to help skin stay hydrated and plump, panthenol (vitamin b5) to attract and hold moisture, and allantoin, a skin-soothing and skin-conditioning agent. Whether our jelly cleanser or micellar gel cleanser is a better fit for your skin goals, one thing is clear: you’re not just washing your face, you’re cleansing it. 

Cleanser Fun Fact: 7 out of 10 testers agreed that their skin felt clean and supple after using their customized cleanser!

Based on your selections to our skin quiz, you’ll be recommended one of these cleansers based on your skin quiz:

Custom Jelly Cleanser:

This pH-balanced, non-lathering cleanser will leave your skin soft, clean, and supple. It’s packed with powerful ingredients like allantoin, a skin-soothing and skin-conditioning agent. The consistency of the custom jelly cleanser is jelly-like, which makes it the perfect product to take off your stubborn makeup especially when used dry. Use it in the morning or at night, by itself or with water! After massaging it into your skin, just rinse it off. It’s literally that easy. 

Custom Micellar Gel Cleanser:

The micellar gel cleanser is a lathering, microbiome-friendly cleanser that leaves skin refreshed and clean without being tight. Used morning or night on wet skin, micellar technology removes dirt and grime, priming your skin for the next steps in your skincare regimen. 


Now that your face is clean and ready for action, it’s time to add in the serum. Our customized serum is a critical step in a complete skincare regimen, delivering the highest concentration of key ingredients in our range. It is designed for use between the cleanser and the moisturizer as a way to deliver maximum results in a focused manner.  Depending on your skincare goals, your serum will be formulated for exactly what skin type you have and exactly where you want it to go. 

SERUM FUN FACT: The ingredients in our serum are water-based, allowing them to penetrate deeper into the skin! 

No matter what, you’ll be getting this serum type, but the ingredients will be completely unique to your #skingoals:

Custom Serum:

Our gel-to-liquid-to-powder technology effortlessly glides on and absorbs into skin. All you have to do is apply half a dropper into your hands and then gently press the serum into your skin! This quick-absorbing formula is an effective carrier for the highest concentration of our #skingoal ingredients, but also provides a soft focus and blurring effect. Use morning and night, let it dry completely, and then follow with your moisturizer to seal all that serum goodness in. 


Our moisturizers provide skin-quenching hydration along with your desired skin goals, in the texture you most prefer. Your moisturizer is the last step in your new skincare routine. They seal in all the good stuff while keeping out the bad! 

Moisturizer Fun Fact: 7/10 testers agreed that their customized moisturizer left their skin feeling soft and smooth. You’ll be recommended one of these moisturizers based on your skin quiz:

Custom Gel Moisturizer: 

A water-based formula for lightweight yet effective hydration. Our gel moisturizer’s bouncy, juicy texture immerses deep into your skin. Apply evenly on your face and neck or literally whenever you need a little extra hydration during your day. The custom gel moisturizer is packed with beautiful ingredients like beet root extract which is rich in nutrients and polysaccharides that seal in moisture. 

Skincare Tip: If you use this moisturizer in the morning, just follow with some SPF! 

Custom Lotion Moisturizer 

This versatile, quick-absorbing moisturizer is perfect for everyday use in any season. Use this moisturizer in the morning and night to achieve soft, nourished skin. 

Skincare Tip: Apply your moisturizer in an upward directional hand movement to increase circulation and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. 

Custom Cream Moisturizer 

This face cream is boujee. It’s a luxuriously rich, emollient moisturizer, melts into even the driest of skin, leaving it soft and supple, yet not greasy. Wow. Our face cream is packed with powerful ingredients like Tsubaki oil, also known as Camellia Japonica, a flower native to Japan, and Phospholipids, a plant-derived ingredient that mimics and reinforces those found naturally in the skin’s lipid barrier. 

Skincare Tip: Make sure your skincare routine includes Vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps prevent skin damage from environmental stressors. *Don’t you worry, all of ours do! 🙂 

While you may find me browsing the skincare aisles, I’ll be more focused on SPFs and feeling a bit more confident about my existing routine. Function’s skin care routine solved my problems. With my combination skin and goal to hydrate, this new 3-step system fits perfectly into my on-the-go lifestyle. I wash my face morning and night with the jelly cleanser followed by my custom serum that’s customized to help me achieve my goal to hydrate. Then, I lock it all in with the Face Cream Moisturizer, my personal favorite step, to leave my skin super dewy and ready for whatever I face (literally) that day.