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The January ‘Plug In’

BY Laura Casciola
Plug In is a monthly series where we (the people behind the Function account [hi!]) plug our favorite businesses, people, and content within the beauty + self-care spaces. Read through for inspo, new accounts to follow on social, and a general sense of what’s up!


What to try

The resurfacing sleep mask by CocoKind

This plant-based mask’s main ingredient is bakuchiol, a natural retinol alternative. Made to work while you catch up on beauty sleep, it’s been deemed “magic” in it’s reviews. Need we say more?

Who to follow

@crobinsonmd founder of Tone Dermatology

We just interviewed her on our custom skincare line here, and she had a lot of wisdom to drop. Give her a follow for all things skin from a dermatologist’s perspective. Plus, her selfies are simply out of this world.

What to buy

The Jade Gua Sha beauty tool by Skin Gym

Gua Sha is all the rage and Skin Gym made the cutest one that’s actually within budget. Gua Sha stones are used to massage the face (an ancient beauty ritual) and pinpoint pressure points and are known to have deeply positive effects on overall health. This could be your new nightly ritual.


Who to 👏🏽

the Forever Eye Mask from Dieux Skin 

 Imagine if your eye masks lasted forever? These do (hello, sustainability 👏🏽), because they’re made to compliment whatever products (gels, serums, creams) you’re already using and then give them max absorption.

Tune back in next month for another round up!