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The November ‘Plug In’

BY Laura Casciola
Plug In is a monthly series where we (the people behind the Function account [hi!]) plug our favorite businesses, people, and content within the beauty + self-care spaces. Read through for inspo, new accounts to follow on social, and a general sense of what’s up!


What to try

A DIY facial massage by Danna Omari

When Hailee Steinfeld said, “no I don’t need anybody else” she was referencing the feeling of self-care independence you get when you look at @noyskincare instagram stories. With bio, “There is no technology to replace the power of the hands” Danna Omari brands her approach to skin care + posts educational videos on how to give yourself your own, very legit, facial massage. 


Who to follow

@terrellbritten for giving our feed everything

If we could boil down the term ‘self care’ to one manifestation, it would be the Skincare / Haircare and Affirmations posts that are all over Terrell Britten’s instagram. If you are in any mood whatsoever to feel good about yourself and get inspo to care for yourself, we highly recommend you follow. 


What to buy

Reusable facial rounds

Marley’s Monsters is a brand that you should know about if you’re into all things eco-conscious, or want to start to be. We were stoked to see their maaany options of sustainably made, reusable facial rounds! Aka cloths for cleansing + removing makeup rather than single-use cotton balls or disposable rounds. Plus, they’re really cute + machine washable. 


Who to 👏🏽

Golde’s mix of clean care for inside + out

We must 👏🏽 a brand that seamlessly ties in both external and internal self care into one well-rounded experience. Golde offers superfood latte blends you can sip on while one of their organic face masks is busy soothing your pores. Okay, sounds like taking the personal day of our dreams?

Tune back in next month for another round up!