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What Does Spring Do To Your Hair?

BY Kaleigh Fasanella

If your hair has been going through the wringer this winter, just know you’re not alone. The scarce humidity coupled with harsh sub-zero temps and hot showers can leave even the healthiest of hair looking dry and lackluster (sadly, the same goes for our skin). For this reason, it’s important to hit your hair with some extra T.L.C. in the form of weekly deep conditioning treatments and nourishing leave-ins formulated for your specific hair goals. Now that it’s spring though, it’s time to address a whole new set of hair care needs with your routine. Not sure where to start? Keep reading for the full lowdown. 

First Up: The Stats

Yes, our hair care needs and wants change come springtime, but how exactly? Well, according to our own consumer data, hair goals like ‘deep condition,’ ‘oil control’, and ‘curl definition’ spiked more in March ‘22, whereas in the winter months, folks tend to be more focused on strength and hydration across the board. Additionally, ‘anti-frizz’ is selected more in the spring (which makes sense considering humidity starts to surge again), as is ‘soothe scalp’. This one tracks too: The harsh winter conditions can do a number on our scalps, leaving the surface dry, flaky, and in some cases, overly oily. It’s no surprise that people are looking to address these concerns ahead of spring and summer. 

As for wants? Or preferences, rather. Our data shows that people fancy brighter colors and fruitier fragrances for spring — but more on that later. 

The Products

As the weather warms up and humidity starts to rise again, your strands may become more prone to frizz and kinking throughout the day. Additionally, the more sun exposure we get in the springtime means hair can easily become dry and brittle if you don’t care for it properly. That’s why sticking to a consistent routine tailored to your hair type and needs is so important. In order to prevent hair from drying out and becoming breakage-prone, use ultra-hydrating products like our custom hair mask made with Japanese sake extract and argan oils, or our custom hair serum that’s proven to reduce frizz by a whopping 70 percent.

Additionally, give your hair the extra dose of moisture it craves with custom leave-in, a formula we specifically designed to protect hair from dryness and tangling. Made with a powerhouse conditioning blend of avocado oil, argan oil, and coffee extract, you can customize it based on your exact hair needs, whether that be extra frizz control, smoothing, or help with detangling. 

When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, you may also want to tweak your formula based on the seasonal changes and how they impact your hair. Our best-selling shampoo and conditioner are enriched with fresh, science-backed ingredients — and now come with the option to add our Function Silicone Blends, which are mixed differently for each specific formulation and 100 percent safe for all hair types. (See: no nasty build up, ever.)

The Extras

As we briefly touched on above, it’s worth noting that your scent and color preferences may change with the seasons. Case in point: As everything starts to bloom and become lush and green again, you may find yourself coveting a more vibrant color to reflect the seasonal vibes. As a matter of fact, our stats found that colors like function green, orange, ocean, and purple all went up in March compared to February, which essentially proves our point on the color front. Fragrance-wise, scents like go (c)oco, nude (p)each, takes two to (m)ango, and true l(o)vender are the most popular scents for spring according to our consumer data stats, and we can see why. Believe it or not, these seemingly small changes can make an actual impact in your mood and the overall sensorial experience you have in the shower. 

The Results

Apart from using the right products and sticking to a diligent routine, other things you can do to set your hair up for success this spring include keeping your shower water tepid (this helps your skin out, too!), wearing a hat to protect strands from UV rays, and eating lots of fruits and veggies that are rich in water and antioxidants to keep hair healthy and strong. Seasons may change, and these changes may try to mess with your mane, but so long as you have a game-plan like the one above in place, you can still keep your hair in tip-top shape.