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“What Makes You Unique?” The Function of Beauty Staff Answers

BY Ana Salazar

Today is International Women’s Day. A holiday that celebrates the impact and societal progress women have made across the globe throughout the years. As a company majorly made up of powerful and inspiring women, we’re proud to not only embrace but also express the quality that started it all: uniqueness.

Here is what some of Function of Beauty’s employees had to say about female empowerment and individuality.

What makes you unique?

Meg Maupin, VP of Global Marketing, NYC
“I live on a 60 acre farm with a lot of animals- oxen, chickens, goats…! I have some niche hobbies that not a lot of women are into like ice climbing, mountaineering, and ski mountaineering. One of my best memories is summiting Mt Washington in winter -20 degree weather with a group of all badass female mountaineers!”

Kristina Novlan, Supervisor, PA
“Trying to see the bright side of everything, trying to keep people smiling.”

Sara Najar, Compliance Specialist, MI
“I’m finishing a graduate program in psychology, but I work in accounting. I also have dual citizenship with the US & Italy.”

Theresa Troutman, Process Assistant, PA
“I’m a young grandmother of 10 grandchildren.”

Britt Keyser, Program Manager, MI
“I’m extremely curious and always want to know and understand others. I enjoy making connections and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone!”

Cathy Pinkerton, Production, PA
“My love of all kinds and genres of music, From the 1950’s-2000’s. Plus my 90 pound pitbull mix named Little One.”

Tammy Myers, 1st Shift Operations Manager, PA
“I love to learn new things professionally and personally. I love spending time with my husband, children and grandchildren.”

Eumi Pok, Design Director, NYC
“I love color! Whether it’s my makeup or my clothes it always adds a little bit of self empowerment into my beauty routine.”

Matia Mearns, Creative Project Manager, NYC
“I’m absolutely obsessed with anything miniature.”

Laura Casciola, Head of Copy, NYC
“I have a specific ability to connect with and understand people.”

Ariel Baker, Production, PA
“I see myself as a chameleon, I fit in everywhere.”

Alexandria Scoffell, Senior Product Marketing Manager, NYC
“I have red hair, I’m a reformed horse girl, and I’m wildly optimistic.”

Ana Salazar, Jr Copywriter, NYC
“Being a full-time freelance, long form writer throughout college helped me land my first advertising job months before I graduated. All of that allowed me to become 100% financially independent at the age of 21. Fast forward to today and I am 23, in the city, working in a field I both love and adore – an immigrants’ daughter’s dream.”

Amy Vanderkolk, Customer Service Supervisor, MI
“My hobby is showing horses on a National level.”

Abbey Koessel, Customer Service, MI
“I love traveling, have studied abroad twice, and recently decided I want to travel to all 50 states with my husband!”

Juliet Meyer, Senior Customer Service Rep, MI
“I am unique because my body has given birth to two amazing girls, my body has recovered from an emergency c-section that went wrong and it led me to learn how to walk all over again. My body has given me the greatest gifts in life with the greatest obstacles. I am unique because I am a mother and I am proud of my body.”

Sarah Smith, Senior Customer Service Rep, MI
“I am unique in many different ways! From the brown speck in my green eyes to being the first girl in my family with curly hair! I think my favorite thing about myself is that I never give up. Every day I face challenges due to fibromyalgia, and having a stroke this past year. No matter what happens I always keep a positive attitude in any situation!”

Liv Conaty, Social Associate, MI
“I am a solo female musician in a Midwestern city that mainly caters to male artists. Although it’s been hard and even scary at times, it’s so important to me that women share their stories through music and are represented in the local music scene just as much as men are. I hope to form a band of all women one day!

Another thing that I hold really close to my heart is all of my female friendships. I’ve found a great group of gals who support and love each other, and we commit to each other by hanging out every Sunday night to watch Euphoria and update each other on our lives. I feel so fulfilled by these friendships and my wish is that every woman can find a group of gal pals as wonderful as mine!”

Madison Vazquez, 2nd Shift Production Associate, PA
I am a compassionate creative contagious laughter.”

The world-leader in customizable beauty wouldn’t be the same without women – employees and customers alike. With that in mind: thank you. We really couldn’t do it without you. Happy International Women’s Day, now and forever.