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Why Do We Love Lavender So Much Again?

BY Laura Casciola

Lavender is one of those original fragrances we all knew about before essential oils and herbs became household commodities. Before our Instagram feeds were full of self-care rituals and oil diffusers became bedroom must-haves. But what is it about the qualities of lavender (and it’s oil) that’s made it so timeless?


Let’s reacquaint ourselves.

The basics: lavender is an herb that comes from the mountains of the mediterranean and northern Africa. It’s Latin root literally means “to wash”, because it used to be added to baths in European cultures, thought to purify body and mind! Flash forward to today and we can honestly say, “same”.

We’ve deemed it an essential oil.

That just means that the essence of the plant’s fragrance is captured in the oil! And lavender oil has been known to have benefits that span from physical to mental. Keep in mind, everyone experiences something different. But here are some common takes on what lavender can do:

Better zzz’s

Throughout history, lavender aromatherapy has been used as a sleep agent– people even stuffed their pillows with it! (DIY video coming soon???) The soothing properties of lavender may improve sleep quality and even lead to higher energy levels once you wake.

PMS feels

It’s true– lavender has even been studied in relation to the menstrual cycle. It’s been shown to help reduce negative emotional feelings that are often tied to our periods. 

Big de-stress energy

When it comes to stress and feelings of tension, you might hear some people say, “hey, try lavender.” Lavender aromatherapy has been known to increase feelings of calmness and promote wellness. Even if it’s just for momentary stress, like shaking a bad mood, some say the agent can really help. That’s why it’s used in places like spas, so why not turn your bathroom into one?


So next time you’re considering lavender, try it! Who knows what kind of effect it will have on you and your self-care regimen.