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Why Should You Take Your Scent Along With You?

BY Laura Casciola

They say of the five senses, smell is most responsible for triggering memory, feelings of nostalgia, and emotion. Ever get a whiff of something while walking down the street that immediately makes you think of your ex? Your travel experience? Your first apartment? We don’t realize it, but we too have our own scents that are unique to us and that evoke emotion in others. A mix of our detergents, our perfumes, our oil diffusers, and our hair care products. Scents are important– they create the vibe that makes us, us. That’s why we’ve recently launched Hair Mist— your hair care fragrance in a vial. A little extra ‘you’ to be used any time, anywhere. Let’s talk Mist and what it’s here for.

When your routine is changing

Yes, especially in 2020. The reality is, wash days can’t always be consistent, you might not always be perfectly washed for the occasions that matter most, wind, sweat, and LIFE can get in the way of that perfect out-of-the-shower smell you had hours ago. Hair Mist is made to be used as a refresh between wash days when your hair needs a little extra somethin’, or on wash days when you’re on the go and just want to keep smelling that scent you love so much. Nude (p)each, (pear)fection, and strike a (r)ose are not going anywhere now that you can take them with you.

When you’re limiting the alcohol in your hair products

Alcohol and hair just don’t mix. But you’ll regularly find a lot of it in hair perfumes. The drying alcohols in these perfumes cause cuticles to roughen and makes the hair dry, brittle, and frizzy. Curly girls will tell you they absolutely do NOT stand for alcohol being among the top ingredients in their hair care products. For that reason, our Mist is made with very little drying alcohol, and with a lot of nourishing ingredients that multitask for your hair. Which brings us to this point…

When day 2 hair isn’t as soft

Let’s address the elephant in the room- your hair just doesn’t FEEL as good the next day. We all know it. That’s why we created our Hair Mist formula with argan oil. So not only are you getting a spritz of refreshing fragrance, you’re also adding softness to your locks at the same. damn. time.

When it mixes perfectly with your other products

Mist isn’t the only thing that works well between washes– you all have your own tools and tricks to keep your hair looking it’s best post-shower. If you’re already sprucing up your look with serum to get that day-two style just right, Hair Mist is the perfect sidekick to keep things sleek and fresh. Why not ??? 

When you value sustainability

Glass vials, reusable aluminum cases. That’s what you’ll see in your Mist packaging when you order. And when you’re ready for your next vial of fragrance, we’ll just send you a new vial and you replace it back into your original case. Plastic? Waste? Who are they?