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Why Your Facial Moisturizer Should Differ From Your Body’s

BY Ana Salazar

Have you ever asked yourself: “Why do I need a moisturizer for my face and body?” In a perfect world, there would be do-it-all miracle lotion you could apply from head-to-toe. But, in that universe, the skin on our faces and bodies would need to undergo a variety of changes. So why exactly does our skin care routine need to differ from our bodies’? Let us break it down for you.

Facial skin is much thinner than the skin on our bodies. On top of that, we also have a thinner layer of fat under our facial skin compared to the rest of our bodies. For these two reasons, our faces tend to be more prone to sensitivity and wrinkles, and require a lighter formulation that caters to common conditions such as uneven pigmentation or blemish control.

The skin cells on our faces are smaller than those on our bodies. For this reason, the skin on our faces is more sensitive, as there’s less of a “protective barrier” covering it. This explains why facial products tend to be a lot gentler and lighter than those meant for our bodies.

Oil glands
Ever wondered why our faces get oily but our bodies usually do not? Well, we have a lot more oil glands on our facial skin than on our bodies’! While oil and shine may not be what you’re looking for, the skin on our faces produce it to block bacteria and moisturize the skin. Applying heavy body lotions to our faces may disrupt the production of oil, leading to clogged pores or an even oilier complexion.

Because our faces are more exposed to irritating factors such as make-up, touch, pollutants, and UV rays, facial moisturizers often contain ingredients that work towards hydrating while restoring AND protecting against these. On the other hand, the skin on our bodies is often exposed to more drying factors like shaving. Which explains why body lotions are heavier and oilier in nature.

We understand how tricky finding the perfect products can be. Which is why here, at Function of Beauty, we help you design a clean, science-backed formula just for your face and body.

The function approach
Our custom body lotions are formulated with ultra-nourishing ingredients such as vegan squalene and argan oil, with cupuaçu butter for dry skin and grapeseed oil for balanced skin. These body formulas are customized according to your skin’s dryness. On the other hand, all three textures of our custom facial moisturizers (gel, lotion, + cream), cater to your skin’s moisture level as well as your skin goals – such as reducing breakouts or anti-pollution. These are formulated with a much lighter mix of vegan squalene, tsubaki oil, and the hero ingredients associated with your unique skin goals. The skin on our faces and bodies need the same amount of TLC, they just need different versions of it – which is why we made it easy for you to find your perfect match.