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You Are What You Shower With

BY Laura Casciola

Not to get all science-y, but remember that whole thing about the skin being the largest organ in the body? I think we (I’m definitely at fault for this) sometimes forget to treat our skin like it has health needs, and then suddenly get mad at it for being too try, or for breaking out, or being patchy. The truth is, our bodies take in what we put on them. So finding products made with ingredients that help nourish your body is important in caring for it. The cause and effect is real.

We’ve added ingredients to our arsenal

You might be familiar with our hair care ingredients and our take on clean beauty. If not, here’s a quick refresh: we’re serious about vegan and cruelty-free, we prioritize being responsibly sourced, and we’re really big fans of ingredients that come from nature, that you can pronounce and are probably familiar with. 

We’re upping all of that with the addition of our new custom body care products. Both our custom body wash and custom body lotion are made with moisturizing, clean ingredients that nourish and deeply care for your skin. And it’s all based on whether your skin is very dry, dry, or balanced. Let’s get to know them, shall we?

What’s inside custom body wash

Custom, aka specific to each person, means this answer has layers. You will have specific ingredients based on your skin type added to your formula. But I can tell you about the ingredients that make up the base of body lotion for each order. Here are the key players:

Sunflower seed oil
Apple extract
Sugar beet extract

See how these are things you can picture in your head? We love that. A little bit more about these three:

Sunflower seed oil: major emollient properties (meaning, soothing and hydrating) and is rich in Vitamin E, which is the ultimate skin sidekick.

Apple extract: a natural moisturizing saccharide derived from apples, it leaves skin feeling smooth and reduces dryness.

Sugar beet extract: aka Betaine, which makes super rich, sudsy foam. This too helps the body maintain moisture.

What’s inside custom body lotion

Even more! And they’re all non-irritating, provide 24-hour hydration, and are dermatologist tested. We’ve got:

Argan oil  OR Squalane
Capaucu butter

Grapeseed oil OR Sunflower seed oil

Let’s break these down:

Argan oil: pure nourishment. Moisture that your skin is quick to absorb, without oily residue. It’s basically the GOAT.

Vegan squalane: basically a vegetable-derived oil responsible for locking moisture in your skin. It’s also known to keep your skin feeling flexible.

Grapeseed oil: true, deep conditioning. 

Capuacu butter: softer and creamier than cocoa butter, but from the same family, this butter gives long-lasting hydration and leads to overall skin health

Sunflower seed oil: (I won’t ramble, see above)

The gist

Taking a shower can be a rushed morning checklist item, or a soothing, self-care evening activity with a soundtrack. Either way, the products we have in the shower have a greater impact on our bodies and our skin than we might consider on a daily basis. It’s time to add body care to the type of ritualistic category we do our hair or our nutrition. Plus, hydration just feels (and looks) really, really good.