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Your July (Hair)oscopes Are Here!

BY Veronica McCarthy

Do you follow your monthly horoscope? Do you enjoy talking about all things hair care-related? Yes? Then you’re going to love our monthly (hair)oscopes! At the beginning of each month, our resident hairstylist/astrologer Dylan Chavles will look to the cosmos to reveal what the month has in store for both you and your hair. See what lies ahead for your love life, career, potential new haircut, and more below!


Hello Aries!  Mercury is finally out of retrograde!  Mars is in your sign, giving you the building blocks to anything you want to accomplish, as long as you’re ready to put the work in.  Quarantine brain has left a lot of us without the need to make plans, but outlining a solid guideline for starting a new project is 75% of the work.  Take advantage of this placement and get it done!  The lunar eclipse in Saturn on July 5th will have residual effects until December 2020.  Your eclipse takes place in your 10th house of work and authority.  This a perfect storm for a large shift in your career path.  Granted, our job market is on thin ice right now and quitting your job you hate might not be an option, but setting the intentions and the foundation for a change will start to pull you into the right direction.  This itch for something new might push you into wanting to move home, or completely rearrange your living situation, so make sure you don’t pull the trigger on any rash decisions in that regard.  If you’re looking to spruce up certain areas of your household, start with the bathroom.  More specifically,  get a customized shampoo and conditioner in a color that compliment your shower curtain.


Hello Taurus!  Mercury retrograde is officially over and has left your house of communication.  This means that you can safely sign anything important, and you don’t have the “sorry i’m late, there was traffic” excuse to rely on anymore.  On the 5th, you have a lunar eclipse in your 9th house of travel and higher knowledge.  I’m not going to encourage any traveling right now, but I do encourage you to revisit an old skill that brought you joy.  The 9th house is equally about learning as it is travel, and the lunar eclipse wants you to take up an activity or study that you are passionate about.  If you entered a career that sucks the life out of you, now is a good time to manifest in one that also makes you happy.  The energy from this eclipse will last until December 2020, so make the most out of it and learn that making money can be synonymous with fun!  Your lucky charm this month is Venus in your 2nd house of material goods, AKA money.  If you make a bunch of money this month, save most of it but spend some of it on a leave in conditioner packed with shea butter to keep your hair texture in check.


Hi Geminis!  Do you have any skeletons in your closet you want to clean out?  July is the perfect storm for working through old trauma and correcting unsavory patterns.  Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter reside in your 8th house of death, sex, and other peoples money.  The lunar eclipse in this house on July 5th will set the tone to work through these sticky topics for the rest of the year.  It sounds painful and grueling, but having all of that planetary energy in the 8th house will guide you through the issues you’ve been itching to tackle with more ease than you’d expect.   This placement is especially good for dealing with financial fears as well. Saturn is a “no nonsense” planet and will help you lay the foundation out for new and healthy financial habits.  Luckily, getting your financial ducks in order is a perfect activity for the first half of July while Mercury is still in retrograde.  And on top of that, the new moon on July 20th rests in your 2nd house of money and material goods!  If you set your financial goals up for success for the first half of the month, you might be pleasantly surprised with the opportunities presented to you towards the end of it.  Just make sure you budget in your monthly supply of customized shampoo and conditioner, you don’t want to have lifeless hair when you finally strike gold.


Hello to my beautiful birthday crabs!  Before Mercury comes out of retrograde on July 13th, take some time to bask in nostalgia (your favorite activity).  Looking back at life isn’t always negative, especially if you can clock mistakes you’ve made in the past and not bring them into the present.  Granted, this year hasn’t been everyone’s favorite so far, but if you’re reading this now it means you’re pulling through a pandemic and a revolution all at once, and you should congratulate yourself for that!   The lunar eclipse on July 5th will set the tone for the rest of your year, as it coincides with a Saturn retrograde in your 7th house of relationships.  Romance will be at the forefront of your consciousness until December 2020 whether you’re in a relationship or not.  You might have new ideas regarding how you’d like to be treated by a partner, or what qualities you’d like in a person.  Give yourself the space and time to change your expectations of people, and remember that they’re allowed to shift!  The coolest part about getting older is expecting more out of yourself and people around you.  A less cool part about getting older sometimes is learning about things that don’t work for you anymore.  In this case it may be that you’ve learned that high smoke point coconut oil does more for your cooking than your hair, and you should consider investing in a hair serum that actually works.


Happy birthday Leo!  The world revolves around you and you’re allowed to start 2020 in late July. Our big planetary shift this month is the lunar eclipse on July 5th.  This placement will dictate the rest of the year as it coincides with Saturn retrograde in your 6th house of health and service.  The rest of your year will be hyper focused on health and wellness.  If  you didn’t go to the gym as many times as you wanted to in January, don’t worry too much about it because there’s a pandemic now and you still shouldn’t be going to the gym.  However, everyone is teaching a class to do from home, and you’d  benefit mentally and physically from a guided activity.  This could be something sweaty or something calming, it just needs to positively affect your health.  Wellness also goes hand in hand with having good people around, so make sure you spend your time wisely!  That means no more socially distanced hangs with people that don’t make you feel like a star.  Our environments have a strong impact on how we feel about ourselves, so make sure the people you allow in yours inspire you just as much as you inspire them.  Feeling understood is another massive component of a healthy lifestyle, and if any of your friends truly get you, they’ll invest in a customized deep conditioning treatment of your choice. 


Hello Virgos!  Your birthday is coming up, and I know you love planning.  This year so far has been a whirlwind of community and sacrifice for the greater good, however we have to make sure we don’t leave ourselves in the dust.  This means you have to take time for yourself!  I feel like I remind you to do this once a month, and Saturn retrograde paired with a lunar eclipse in your 5th house of love and creativity will bring your focus on FUN for the rest of the year.  Yes, fun.  You’re allowed to have fun.  You’re allowed to take things seriously, and that means you need to learn that fun is just as serious as anything else. You will run out of steam and come to your wits end if you even ATTEMPT to avoid enjoying yourself.  We only get to live this life once, and it would be a shame to look back on it and think about all the fun you avoided having.  Having fun is good for your health,  just like drinking water.  You wouldn’t stop drinking water, would you? No. So don’t stop having fun either, it would have incredibly adverse effects on your body and mind.  Oh yeah, don’t forget that taking care of your hair is fun too.  If you’ve learned anything from this hairoscope today, start having fun by purchasing a leave-in treatment you’ll have FUN customizing.


Hello Libras!  Let’s practice our BOUNDARIES!  July has a massive planetary shift that will give us insight to what the rest of the year will look like, and yours is all about saying no!  Saturn goes retrograde into your 4th house of family and home, and since Saturn rules discipline, it’s time to decide what you can and can’t give to your friends and family.  I feel like the first half of the year for you was about how thin you could stretch yourself, and now it’s time to pull back and not be available for people that drain you.  This means you need to stop being a people pleaser and set some boundaries!  I find this to be one of the hardest things to do in relationships, especially with those we feel particularly close to.  But. We don’t always have to announce our new boundaries, sometimes it’s as simple as taking a step back and doing less.  For example, if your boss thinks it’s okay to call you after work hours because now you’re working from home, don’t answer the phone.  It may be harsh to answer and tell your boss that you will not pick up the phone in the future after work hours, however not picking up and calling them back during work hours with a simple, “Hey sorry I didn’t pick up!  I was too busy enjoying my time off and treating myself to a customized hair mask to talk to you”.  They’ll get the hint.


My fellow Scorpios!  Where are you obsessing in your life?  That’s a stupid question because we rip apart every thought in our minds to shreds, but what has been on your mind lately that you have the power to change?  With Saturn retrograding back into your 3rd house of communications, hopefully you’ll find out.  This retrograde will make communication our focus for the rest of the year.  We are not the best communicators.  We’re subversive, indirect, and withholding sometimes.  But what is so scary about being direct?  If directness isn’t actually putting you in harm’s way, maybe take the next few months to practice it where it feels low risk.  Bad communication is at the root of most problems, and just saying how you feel brings inner peace 95% of the time.  You don’t have to worry about how much of the truth you told someone when you are fully honest with people. You can retire from the exhausting game of mental gymnastics that you’ve started with yourself, and focus on bigger fish to fry.  Why don’t you start by being honest with your hair colorist about the subpar shampoo you’re using instead of getting mad when they ask why your hair feels so brittle?  They can tell that it isn’t sulfate free and full of vitamins.


Hello to my fiery Sagittarians!  July wants you to figure out how to get rich and stay happy!  Saturn retrogrades back into your 2nd house of finances, bringing your focus back to your relationship with money.  The “get rich” part of this equation is taken care of by Saturn’s strong influence on your financial situation, and how to best finesse it.  You don’t have to fix every bad financial habit during this time, but try changing one of them.  This  could be making sure you have enough money for rent before spending the rest of your money on Depop at 1AM.  If you already have your ducks in a row, July is an incredible time to kick your financial planning into a higher gear.  The “stay happy” part of the equation is brought to you by a powerful lunar eclipse that will have lasting effects for the rest of the year.  The moon represents emotions, and a lunar eclipse tied to your 2nd house means you want to make sure you’re fulfilled personally with how you earn income.  Even if this isn’t attainable right this second, planting the seeds to combine work and pleasure will lead you to some very powerful results!  If you’re itching to express your creativity AND incredible budgeting skills, why don’t you set up a recurring customized hair care delivery so you have one less thing to worry about the rest of the year?


Hello Capricorns!  This year is your last chance for a long time to reap the benefits of your ruler in your sign!  Saturn retrogrades back into your 1st house of self, meaning from July until December, so you get a big boost to continue all of the self reflection and big changes this wild year has asked of you.   This month will constantly remind you to ask yourself if you’re having your needs met.  If the answer is no, then let’s figure out how to shift things around so you’re satiated.  If it’s not as easy as that, maybe consider throwing the whole obstacle away and starting from scratch because you have the power to do that this month!  You have a tendency to stuff your personal needs under your work needs and the world’s needs, and unfortunately it’s near impossible to give 100% to everyone else if you’re running on empty.  So do us all a favor (because we need you), and experiment with putting yourself first this July.  This does not exclude your hair, so make sure you have a nutrient rich hair mask to indulge in weekly.


Hello to my Aquarians!  Read this and then turn your phone off!  July is a quiet time for you, which is a shame because you’re so good at making noise.   However, everyone needs to sit down and recharge (including you), and the placements this month in your 12th house of spirituality are begging you to learn how to take a moment for yourself.  Saturn retrograde paired with a lunar eclipse in your 12th house sets the tone for the rest of the year.  Where aren’t you sitting and learning when you can?  You’re an incredibly active person, however sitting back and digesting all of the information you consume is just as important as sharing it with the world.  The 12th house is the last house in our charts, and it usually signifies an end to things.   In this case, accepting that there are certain situations you can’t change with immediate action is an end to the stress and pressure you put yourself under trying to fix it.   Ease into it, and understand that not everything will be fixed on your time.  For example,  expecting your split ends to be healed after using a less than decent product once is ludicrous.  It takes time and consistency with a customized and powerful leave-in conditioner to see results.  


Hello Pisces!  Let’s take a look at who you like to talk to everyday!  July’s placements will keep you focused on your relationships until December 2020.  With a Saturn retrograde and lunar eclipse in your 11th house of friendship, you’ll naturally weed out the people who aren’t good to spend time with anymore.  As intuitive as you are, you can be dangerously optimistic at times when it comes to assessing who’s good to have around.  Don’t work too hard on trying to scope out who’s a bad apple, instead, just spend more time with people around whom it’s easy to just be yourself.  The old saying, “Go to where the love is” is your mantra for the rest of the year.  I find that anyone offering unsolicited advice is just a critic, and the people who love me the most are the best listeners.  You love a big social network with tons of different worlds to dive into, however having fewer worlds that are safer to explore is far more expansive.  Like the old saying goes, “Dance with your feet, and your heart will follow, but only if you’re using a silicone free shampoo and conditioner”. Namaste.