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Your June (Hair)oscopes are here!

BY Veronica McCarthy

Do you follow your monthly horoscope? Do you enjoy talking about all things hair care-related? Yes? Then you’re going to love our monthly (hair)oscopes! At the beginning of each month, our resident hairstylist/astrologer Dylan Chavles will look to the cosmos to reveal what the month has in store for both you and your hair. See what lies ahead for your love life, career, potential new haircut, and more below!



Hello Aries!  June is a jam-packed month for you!  Between Venus retrograde and a big lunar eclipse on June 4th, this is a good time to take a step back and stop nitpicking.  If you’ve been stuck at home, which is particularly difficult for you, try not to focus on things you can’t change right now.  Taking a step back also means thinking before you speak, and with Mercury going retrograde on June 18th, you’ll need to utilize this so you don’t verbally burn the house down.  Sometimes holding our tongues can feel restrictive and even like we’re lying, but before you get whatever you need to get off your mind, consider how it’s going to make the receiver of this information feel.  Does the point you’re trying to make need to be communicated with anger or so much intensity?  Or can you soften the blow and allow space for a constructive conversation?  Instead of telling your friend, “Honestly I’m sick of how poorly you take care of yourself, that rats nest you call hair is an abomination and you need to figure it out.”,  try a loving approach such as, “Hey! I got you a gift card to treat yourself to a customizable leave-in conditioner.  Can’t wait for you to try it!”


Dear Taurus! I’m asking you to stay put this month in more ways than one while your ruler Venus is in retrograde all June.  The world already feels upside down, and throwing Mercury retrograde on top of that on the 18th is going to make you feel like you’re running up the wrong way on a long escalator.  An easy way to combat this feeling is by implementing strong rituals.  Rituals ground Taureans in particular, so getting a nice routine going will help you keep your head screwed on tight!  Mercury retrograde takes place in your house of communications, so make sure to really think before you speak!  This also means that you need to have patience with the way people receive information right now, as retrograde time really facilitates “in one ear and out the other” energy.  My solution for this is get in the bath, slap on your tailored deep conditioning mask, and don’t send an email that starts with “I hope you’re doing well during these trying times.”


Happy birthday Gemini!!  I’m so happy you’re good with changes, because you have a lot of them this month.  Let’s start with the big lunar eclipse on June 4th, taking place in your house of relationships.  This placement has strong soulmate energy, and whether it’s platonic or romantic, you have the opportunity to meet a soulmate!  Considering there’s a global pandemic, you’ll probably meet them online, but not even the internet can stop you feeling like you’ve known someone for years!  Trust your gut on this one, it’s usually right for you.  Speaking of your gut, this eclipse also wants you to work on yourself in regard to relationships.  Don’t point your finger at your partner, even if they have something they can work on.  Instead, work on your reaction to whatever irks you, and find one that makes you feel peaceful and constructive, not combative. The results will either bring you closer together, or help you realize that you could use some space from each other.  If you’re single and feeling flirty, this is a great time to tell someone your biggest turn on is when someone buys you a nourishing hair serum for your birthday.


Happy birthday to some of my Cancers!!  This might be a sweaty or incredibly sedentary month for you, because June wants you to listen to your body!  Throw your brain out the window and get in tune with the rest of yourself! The lunar eclipse on June 4th takes place in your 6th house of health and service, and it means your emotions will be most in sync with how you treat yourself.  If you’ve been wanting to work out more, this is an amazing time to start!  Not only will it get your endorphins going, but you’re also getting the most out of this lunar eclipse by taking care of your physical self.  This transition obviously touches on mental health too, so pay attention to people and situations that make you queasy.  Maybe it’s time to reconsider how you partake in them, if at all.  These feelings will continue throughout the month when Mercury goes retrograde in your house of self on the 18th.  You’ll be asking yourself a lot of questions at this time, particularly in how you represent yourself.  How do you present your ideas?  Are you clear and concise?  Do you ask for everything you want?  Or do you bury your needs in fear of them not being met? Does the shampoo you use benefit your hair texture?  Or are you selling yourself short?


My fiery Leo!!  This is a wild month for everyone, but for you in particular, it might be hyper focused on relationships.  The lunar eclipse on June 4th takes place in your 5th house of love and creativity.  You might be craving a relationship, and you may very well get into communication with someone special this month.  However, we are also in Venus retrograde, and she wants you to take matters of the heart very slow right now.  Learn how to observe and take time to learn about the person, because once Venus comes out of retrograde in July, you may totally change your mind about the person!  This eclipse also wants you to be creative, and if there’s something new you want to try, June would be the perfect month to do it.  Creativity doesn’t have to be writing a novel. It’s also skillfully rearranging a home, making yourself a beautiful meal, and terraforming your island on Animal Crossing.  Maybe creativity is becoming an expert in which essential oils would best compliment a customized shampoo and conditioner!


Virgos!!  Take a step back and create some space for yourselves!  This is a month full of retrogrades and eclipses, and the universe is telling you to pause and take a deep breath.  One of my favorite things about you is your emotional fervor that gets put into everything you do, however it’s time to try and detach from what you can produce this month, and realign yourself with what YOU need.  The lunar eclipse on June 4th is going to bring up feelings of what could be changed in your home.  That could be moving your home entirely, or getting rid of everything and starting fresh.  Again, try to approach this desire for home change with a pair of “take some space” glasses on.  This transit will drive you a little crazy if you don’t pull away from it emotionally and make a detailed pros and cons list about your decisions before you decide to pull the trigger.  With Venus in retrograde all month, and your ruler Mercury going  into retrograde on June 18th, really take this time to listen to the planets and focus on what YOU need.  June is asking you to be a little more selfish and not give so much of your energy away to others.  Take this time to recharge your mind, spirit, and don’t forget about your scalp in this process!  A shampoo loaded with coconut fruit extract could really help it out.


 Hello Libra!  Welcome to a big month of eclipses and retrogrades!  This sounds terrifying, and it will be if you give into your emotional response to them this month.  I’m not suggesting that emotional responses are bad, but they can be overwhelming if you make yourself the center of the issue.  Retrogrades slow everything down so YOU can slow down and think before you act.  They give us an opportunity to comb over our decisions before we make them.  Especially while the world has slowed down for so many of us, why not take this chance to take your time with everything you do?  The lunar eclipse on June 4th really sets the tone for thinking before acting.  This eclipse takes place in your 3rd house of communications, and it honestly just wants you to think before acting upon something!  This event also may push you into revisiting something you studied or really loved doing.  If you feel inclined to pick up an old skill or hobby again, you’ll be able to dive deeper into it, and apply it in a totally different way to your life now.  Maybe you used to be really good at braiding your hair, and now if you’re lucky you brush it one a week?  Just make sure you have a detangling leave in cream to aid you in your journey back to neat plaits.


Hello fellow Scorpios!  Welcome to a misty month of uncertainty!  Between eclipses and retrogrades, June wants you to relinquish a little bit of control over everything and observe the world around you (not your favorite thing to do).  On June 4th, a lunar eclipse takes place in your 2nd house of finances.  This event is going to bring your relationship to money to the forefront of your thinking.  Granted, a good chunk of the world isn’t working right now, and if you fall into that category you can still benefit from this eclipse.  If your self worth lies in how much you’re earning, how can you change that?  Or if creating a legitimate savings plan has been on the back burner, now would be a great time to hunker down and figure out how to make it a reality.  We also have Mercury going retrograde on June 18th in your house of travel and higher knowledge. This placement along with the “step back and observe” energy will bring your core values to the forefront.  Take mental note of the questions you’ll consistently ask yourself during this time, and work on them.  What do you value in people? What do you engage with that makes you feel whole?  Or Depleted?  Do you only remember you need new shampoo and conditioner by the time you’ve run out?  Should you just sign up to have it delivered to you every 3 months so you don’t forget?


 Hello to my fiery Sagittarius! June is jam-packed with changes, and because you’re a mutable sign, you’re one of the best at going with the flow. But instead just rolling along, utilize it to change something in your life you haven’t been satisfied with.  The lunar eclipse on June 4th takes place in your 1st house of self.  This sets the tone for the next few months, asking you to focus on what personal growth you want to make.  The best way to manifest this is to just start doing whatever you said you wanted to do.  If there are old habits you’re tiring of, consider taking advantage of the eclipse energy and stopping cold turkey on June 4th.  On the flip side, if you want to create a new habit like working out consistently, cooking, or reading a lot more, embark on that journey without any hesitation. Mercury goes retrograde on June 18th, and it’s going to bring up all of your insecurities around finances.  This doesn’t have to be a negative, instead take your adaptable nature and apply it to transforming any uncertain feelings you have around money.  You could have way more than you think, and maybe you need to change your mindset from glass half empty to glass half full!  For example, I feel guilty when I spend money on self care.  The way I could change my relationship to that is by starting small and treating myself to a customized hair serum. Baby steps!


Hello Capricorns!  Im sorry but the planets want you to sit down and disconnect this month!  June 4th’s lunar eclipse takes place in your 12th house of inner workings and spirituality.  This means if you have a day where you don’t have to be on your phone, turn it off!  June wants you to spend a lot of time with yourself without the influence of others.  If you have the opportunity to be in nature alone for hours on end, this is the time to do it.  You’re very rooted in logic and fixing everything, and sometimes the best way to fix something is to step away from it entirely for a few days.  We don’t always get answers by looking for them, sometimes we have to let them come to us.  On June 18th, Mercury goes retrograde in your house of relationships.  This means relationships will move very slowly, which I personally find very exciting!  In a world of instant gratification and perceived access to everyone around us, this is a great time to challenge yourself to take your time in regards to people.  Even if our communications have drastically changed, the time it takes to truly get to know someone hasn’t.  Don’t lurk someone’s instagram to try and figure out who they are or where they’ve been hanging out with this week, it never ends well.  Instead, get to know the person based on what they tell you about themselves.  Maybe ask about their hair texture, and help them figure out what the best shampoo and conditioner would be for them!


Hello to my Aquarians!  June wants you to rip up your idea of the status quo and throw it in the garbage!  Stability is not your mantra, as we have a rollercoaster of retrogrades and eclipses this month.  June 4th’s lunar eclipse takes place in your 11th house of communities.  Eclipses always shine a light on where you need to shift something, and in this case, it’s who you associate yourself with.  Are there people in your life that make you feel inspired or whole? Spend more time with them! Are there people around you that make you feel the opposite?  Maybe they make you feel drained and even contribute to lowered self esteem?  Spend less energy on them so you have the capacity to get to know new people that make you feel inspired.  You don’t have to cut everyone off that doesn’t make you feel this way, because that isn’t always possible.  Instead, choose to spend less time with them simply by spending more time with the people that make you feel safe.  On June 18th, Mercury goes retrograde in your 6th house of health and work.  This transit wants you to sit down.  As an air sign, you spend most of your time thinking at a million miles a minute and scrambling to do everything at once.  Take this time to sit back and recharge your batteries so you don’t burn out! If you need some inspiration, I like to do my sitting in an epsom salt bath with the deep conditioning mask I customized for myself.


Hello Pisces!  It’s time to take a step back and enter a dreamy state for June.  You do particularly well with retrogrades and eclipses due to your naturally imaginative inclinations, and this month wants everyone to sit back and think about life in a different way.  If you feel like you’re hitting a wall overthinking an issue, the lunar eclipse on June 4th wants you to stop thinking, and find the answers to your questions in something seemingly unrelated.  You won’t even have to look for the answers!  Simply by taking care of yourself and partaking in activities that make you feel good, you’ll carve out a clear path for what you need to do to tackle your goals.  On June 18th, Mercury goes retrograde in your 5th house of love and creativity.  We all know Mercury retrograde isn’t the best time to start new projects, but in the 5th house, it’s a great time to reassess your idea of fun!  What is fun for you? How can you have more fun?  I think as we get older, we stop thinking about things that are exclusively enjoyable outside of the realm of rewards.  Take this time to do things that don’t have any payoff besides making you feel happy.  Our brains are trained to meet goals and consider material benefits, but what about simply just having a good time? If you really need maximized benefits for your efforts, why don’t you concoct a hair serum that will not only deliver all the nutrients your hair could need, but will also be a blast to make?