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Your November (Hair)oscopes are Here!

BY Veronica McCarthy

Do you follow your monthly horoscope? Do you enjoy talking about all things hair care-related? Yes? Then you’re going to love our monthly (hair)oscopes! At the beginning of each month, our resident hairstylist/astrologer Dylan Chavles will look to the cosmos to reveal what the month has in store for both you and your hair. See what lies ahead for your love life, career, potential new haircut, and more below!


Dear Aries!  Congrats on getting through one of the hardest months to date.  Your ruler Mars has been retrograded for a while now, but she stations direct on November 13th.  Retrogrades take a few days to bounce back from, so give yourself—and everyone else around you—a break!  If romance has been dead in the water, expect to feel a little flirtier after November 3rd when Mercury goes direct in your 7th house of relationships.  Mercury coming out of retrograde will be the perfect time for you to have any serious one-to-one conversations you need to have.  Your world has been a little chaotic and slow all at once, so take as much time as you need to articulate your feelings, and make sure that you’re speaking to others the way you’d like to be spoken to.  The spiciest part of the month for you is the new moon on the 8th house on the 15th. If you’ve started dating someone new, this is a perfect day to spoon on the couch and talk about your favorite ingredients in your custom facial cleanser.   


Dear Taurus!  It’s time to come out of hiding because Mercury and Mars will be out of retrograde by November 13th.  October was a difficult month for everyone, pat yourself on the back for coming through it in one piece!  The past couple of months may have felt like the odds were stacked against you in regards to work and your mental state.  Just remember that your thoughts are powerful, so every time you want to beat yourself up, stop for a second and make a list of ten things you’re grateful for.  You get what you give, and it would be so much nicer to receive a gift from yourself instead of a pile of hot garbage.  On November 15th, the new moon in your 7th house will illuminate relationships for you!  This doesn’t always mean the love of your life will waltz through the door (sometimes it does!) but take this evening to write down how you’d like to be treated in a relationship whether or not you’re in one.  Do you show love the way you want to be loved?  Do you expect your hair to look loved if you don’t love it? If anything, start your new journey into loving deeply by treating your mane to a nourishing serum.


Hello Gemini!  Congrats on making it through October, it wasn’t easy for anyone.  Your ruler, Mercury, also comes out of the woods and goes direct on November 3rd, so November will be an incredible time to spark up a project that may have been put on the back burner.  Everything that’s been difficult to accomplish will run a little smoother with Mercury going direct in your 5th house of creativity. Your big transit this month is the new moon on November 15th.  If a new job has been a possibility, now would be a great time to jump on that opportunity.  Because the new moon takes place in your 6th house of health, your physical and spiritual well being will be at the forefront of your conscience for the second half of November.  This means that the daily meditation you’ve been thinking about starting, or the consistent water drinking you’ve been promising yourself, doesn’t have to wait until January 1st.  The end of the year feels like a strange time to start new habits, but if you’re reading this, you’ve made it far enough and may as well give it a shot. 2020 is lawless, so make up your own rules since no one is making them for us. Maybe you’ve never tried using a customized deep conditioner?  Make it a point to start now. 


Hello to my beautiful Cancers!  October is finally over, welcome to November, where everything comes out of retrograde and we can finally stop holding our breath. Mercury goes direct in your 4th house of home and family. If you were planning on moving in the next few months, November would be a great time to get the ball rolling.  Venus is also in the 4th house for you, so how could you make your home feel safe and opulent?  Take the first week of November to start home improvement projects that may have been on the back burner. This will be the most effective time to get things done.  Our big event this month is the new moon on November 15th. Venus will join the moon in your 5th house of love and creativity, creating the perfect storm for an overwhelming amount of love for yourself and those around you.  The new moon often represents renewal, so if you’ve had a hard time finding joy the past few months (or all year, frankly), take advantage of this natural high and treat yourself to your version of the best day ever.  Joy in times of general misery is radical and healing, so try not to feel guilty about being extra happy through the second half of November. Maybe if you’re feeling extra wild, you could treat yourself to a leave-in conditioner that will encourage your natural texture to also be its best self.


Hello Leos!  You made it through October and hopefully November is going to feel like a cake walk.  On November 4th, Mercury finally wriggles out of retrograde and into your 3rd house of communications.  If you’re a writer, try not to send anything out until after the 3rd, but if you have to, have a few people look over it for you first.  Mercury is at home in the 3rd house, so anything you want to say during this time will absolutely be heard, and it won’t feel like pulling teeth to articulate yourself.  Mars goes direct on November 13th in your 9th house of travel and higher knowledge.  If you’re feeling a little stir crazy, the second and third week of November would be a great time to take a day trip somewhere at the very least. We’re limited in terms of what we’re capable of doing and where we can travel to, but even something like a trail you’ve never hiked, or a park you’ve never been to will feel much more rewarding than you could imagine.  Our big aspect of the month is the new moon on November 15th in your 4th house of home and family.  As much as we’ve stayed home this year, this is a perfect day to beautify your home and really enjoy it.  This new moon wants you to develop a brand new relationship with your living space, whether you’re considering moving or you’re sick of some old furniture in your apartment.  We’ve spent so much time in our houses and realized how crucial it is to have a harmonious living environment.  Take this month to make your dwelling something to be proud of. If your bathroom shelf looks hideous, maybe you could invest in a beautiful (and hard working) skin care bundle.


Dear Virgos!  You made it!  November will feel like a walk through the park after October wrung you dry.  We start the month off with your ruler Mercury going direct on November 4th!  Mercury will be stationed with Venus in your 2nd house of material goods, this means it’s a great time to sign contracts, follow up on your unpaid invoices, and ask for money where you need it.  Your relationship to the material world over the next couple of weeks is in your favor, so take advantage of this aspect and seal any deals you can!  Mars goes direct on November 14th and your energy won’t feel like it’s caught in a rat trap anymore.  This is a great week for delving into the esoteric in any capacity you’ve wanted to while Mars is stationed in your 8th house!  You’ll be drawn to any aspect of spirituality or the occult that has piqued your interest before, so treat yourself to a book or seminar and get studying while Mars is there to help you absorb information.  November 15th brings you a new moon in your 3rd house of communications, urging you to look at the way you speak to yourself.  Being critical is important, but you have a tendency to take constructive criticism and turn it into an existential beatdown.  Ripping yourself to shreds isn’t going to do any good for you or anyone you’re trying to help, so pick one thing you berate yourself for and try to find a way to constructively break it down, or learn how to leave it alone! The only thing you should be beating yourself up over is your shampoo and conditioner subscription you were supposed to sign up for last month. There’s no excuse not to. If you have, make sure you’re sharing your new found glory with your best friend.   



Hello Libras!  Welcome to November! A big upgrade from October!  Last month was full of self reflection and the potential unearthing of old trauma, November is here to give it a proper burial and move on.  Mercury comes out of retrograde on November 4th in your sign joined by your ruler Venus!  Venus makes you even more likable than usual this month, and while that sounds superficial, being celebrated by the people we love is medicine.  Your efforts will not go unnoticed, so spread the love this month because everyone wins.  On November 14th, Mars goes direct in your house of relationships. If you’ve been treading lightly with a potential romantic partner, Mars will let you know whether to swim into the deep end or get out of the water.  Either way, the anxiety of “I don’t know where I stand” will be alleviated, and you can move in or move on.  Our big event on November 15th is the new moon in your 2nd house of material goods. Because this new moon is opposite Uranus in your 8th house, this could be a very quick and incredible way to take something creative and make money with it.  If that sounds unrealistic, crazier things have happened this year so why not!   It’s never too late to change the rules in 2020, which would mean it’s never too late to go blond regardless of whatever out-of-touch trend forecaster is telling you. Go platinum in the fall if you always wanted to, but remember to use a purple shampoo so you still enjoy it a month later.  You’re welcome.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US NOVEMBER SCORPIOS!  We survived October 2020, and we can skip (cautiously, of course) into November.  On November 4th, Mercury finally goes direct in your 12th house with Venus.  The 12th house is expansive, spiritual, and mysterious.  In this case, abstract ideas that are difficult to put into words will flow through you with ease.  These ideas may have even been emotional blocks you couldn’t pinpoint!  Regardless, anything that felt “out there” ideologically for you will make a lot more sense. Once Mercury goes direct. On November 13th, your ruler Mars finally creeps out of retrograde after two months into your 6th house of work and health.  If you’ve felt frozen by procrastination the past couple months, Mars going direct will have you excited to abide by a schedule again!   This is the perfect time to execute budgets, take care of your body if you’ve been ignoring its needs, and be generally proactive.  These activities that may have felt like toiling will once again feel inspiring. November 15th is a refreshing new moon in your sign.  Feel free to let your freak flag fly, because this could be the biggest breath of fresh air you’ve received all year. This new moon paired with Venus in your sign beckons you to see yourself the way everyone loves you perceives you.  Do yourself a favor and be a little more vulnerable Scorpio! Step out of your comfort zone and accept the love you deserve. If your best friend suggests that you could use a hydrating body lotion, don’t over think it! Just say thank you, buy it, and move on! Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday to my early Sagittarians!  October felt like hell on earth, but the beginning of your birthday season will start on the right foot! Mercury stations direct on November 4th with Venus in your 11th house of community.  This is an incredible time to share with everyone! This could be with your friends, or you could easily connect with a group of like-minded people right now.  Basically, put your ideas out there and you’ll draw the right crew in like a magnet.  On November 13th, Mars also stations direct in your 5th house of love and creativity.  Any creative endeavors that have felt impossible to make any progress on will take off if they’re supposed to.  You literally have a direct path to success carved out for you if you take advantage of this time.  Mars will also put a fire under anything romantic!  If you’re involved with someone already and it’s felt stale or like there’s an elephant. In the room, Mars is going to help resolve that issue.  If you’re not seeing someone,  this is a good time to put yourself out there if you’ve been wanting to.  My favorite aspect this month is the new moon in your 12th house of spirituality on the 15th.   Because Venus will also be in your 12th house, this new moon in Scorpio is gentle.  The 12th house wants you to take some time to recharge yourself for the remainder of the year. Take a look. At where you. Wear yourself thin and how you can avoid causing stress. Can you take up a new meditation practice? Is there a rising activity you can do to cope with excess anxiety? Is there a certain blend of essential oils that you could formulate into your shampoo and conditioner that could help you chill out?


Hello Capricorns!  You can finally kick back a bit! October is over!  Mercury goes direct on your 10th house of authority, and she’s snuggled up next to Venus there as well.  If you have any desires to discuss a promotion, raise, or different position in your workplace, wait until the 4th when everything is in your favor.  This is the perfect opportunity to manifest how you would like to contribute to the world, or how you could connect what you do for money with something you’re incredibly passionate about. On November 13th, Mars finally goes direct, and the stagnation around your living situation will end.  If you’ve been itching to move, your chances of finding an incredible place to live are much higher after the 14th.  If the color of your walls have been driving you insane for months, you’ll have the inspiration to get everything taped up and ready to paint.  This energy is so focused on the home, and as we’ve all spent so much more time in our homes this year, spending time making your living space a temple feels more crucial than ever.  You have a tendency to look outwards, take a step back and look at how you can make your immediate surroundings inspiring. On the 15th, an exciting new moon happens in your 11th house.  Our new and full moons have been so weighted during the past couple months, and this new moon in Scorpio paired with Venus inspires us to figure out how we can incorporate what we love to do within our communities.  How do your gifts help the world?  How can you take something special you already do and make someone else’s life easier?  This full moon is about understanding that we already have something to offer, we just need to take a step outside and let people know it’s available.  Maybe you’re a natural salesperson, and you’re dying to let the world know that they TOO can have incredibly luxurious and shiny hair, but only if they follow your lead and customize a  hair serum to tend to their tresses.


Hello Aquarians!  Leave October 2020 in the dust, AKA one of the most obnoxious months to date, and welcome refreshing November.  Mercury goes direct on November 4th in your 9th house of travel and higher knowledge alongside Venus.  If you had plans to leave home for a bit, now’s a great time to book a trip! Overall, communicating bigger ideas and learning new concepts will feel like a breeze compared to the past month. Venus’s influence will also make learning a fun experience for you again, if it’s been feeling a bit strenuous.  On November 13th, Mars goes direct after two months in your 3rd house of communication.  Your ability to communicate this month will be sharp, succinct, and confident.  Whether you’re expressing your feelings or typing up a spreadsheet, the weight you’ve been dragging across the spectrum of communication will be lifted, so I would wait to relay any big ideas until after the 13th when possible.  My favorite aspect of this month is the new moon in Scorpio on November 15th.  This new moon takes place in your 10th house of work alongside Venus, making this a particularly intense moon rife with opportunity and growth. This is a perfect time to accept new opportunities in your career, or consider taking a new job that might be offered to you during this time. It’s also a great opportunity to present innovative ideas to your workplace.  This placement is about figuring out where you shine and how you can most effectively make a difference. If you’re unsure of what that is, meditate on it and ask yourself to be shown what your special hidden talent is! Maybe you have a knack for formulating nutrient rich facial serum?  You won’t know until you try!


Dear Pisces!  You’ve weathered the storm of October, and ironically November is the light at the end of the tunnel that we’ve been entrenched in during the past few months. On November 4th, Mercury goes direct next to Venus in your spooky 8th house.  The 8th house covers everything from the occult to other people’s money, funny enough. This being said, Venus being stationed there gives you or your partner a pretty solid chance at a raise!  If you’re into the occult side of things, Mercury stationed in your 8th house makes a perfect cocktail for communicating with the spirit realm, or with your esoteric source, so take advantage of this time while the veil is thin!  On November 13th Mars also goes direct in your 2nd house of material goods.  Your finances won’t feel as suspended in purgatory if they have been, and your relationship to money will be less abstract.  The second house isn’t your strong point, so use this aggressive fire energy to get your ducks in a row!  My favorite part of the month is the new moon on November 15th in your 9th house of travel. New moon and full moon cycles are usually a little painful, but this one in particular is soft and refreshing due to Venus also being on your 9th house.  This is an incredibly dreamt time (perfect for you!) and you should spend the 15th asking yourself what the heck you’re doing on the planet!  How do you contribute? What makes you feel full? Can you do more of it?  Are there talents you have that you’re not aware of?  The moon in the 9th house will help reveal these things to you, so don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you want that night. Maybe you want to know if your shampoo and and conditioner is good for your flaky scalp, or if maybe theres another set out there thats perfectly tailored to your needs!