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Your October (Hair)oscopes are here!

BY Veronica McCarthy


Do you follow your monthly horoscope? Do you enjoy talking about all things hair care-related? Yes? Then you’re going to love our monthly (hair)oscopes! At the beginning of each month, our resident hairstylist/astrologer Dylan Chavles will look to the cosmos to reveal what the month has in store for both you and your hair. See what lies ahead for your love life, career, potential new haircut, and more below!


Hello Aries!  Your ruler, Mars, is in retrograde, so hold tight.  Mars reigns over sex, drive, and where your energy is directed.  It may be hard to assert yourself right now, and that’s more than okay.  You might feel like it’s difficult to make decisions for yourself, but ease into uncertainty for once.  On October 14th, Mercury goes into retrograde as well.  Having two personal planets “on pause” can feel like you’re walking through wet concrete, but just be extra thorough with your communication and decisions.  Your mantra for this month is patience, patience, patience!  Hopefully all of that patience pays off for the Taurus harvest moon on October 31st.  This full moon will make your strenuous efforts tangible, so make some smart financial decisions now so you can reap the benefits of treating yourself to a customized hair mask.


Dear Taurus, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone!  This is a packed month with Mars in retrograde, and Mercury joining it on October 14th.  The  physical and communicative patterns that don’t work for you anymore will be challenged.  Two personal planets in retrograde really illuminate what doesn’t serve us, so take this month to figure out one thing you want to shift about yourself.  Retrograde season is a perfect time for introspection, however more often than not, the world asks us to constantly project our best selves.  Ignore the world for once and take care of YOU!  Also, the full moon on October 31st takes place in your 1st house of self, further encouraging you to sort out what replenishes your needs and wants.  Maybe it’s learning how to not feel obligated to tend to people when you’re tired, or maybe it’s accepting that it’s time to switch to a silicone-free shampoo and conditioner that soothes your itchy scalp.


Hello Gemini!  It might be time to put the phone down and stop engaging in drama.  Mars in retrograde will make you prone to gossip and disagreements, and Mercury retrograde on October 14th will have you sending a lot of text messages starting with “I’m sorry if I came off as aggressive, but…”  In order to avoid all of this, figure out what’s really bothering you instead of making mountains out of molehills.  Most petty disagreements are diversions from a bigger problem you’re having.  Your friend groups might unnerve you this month, so take a step back and figure out why that could be.  Are you possibly focusing on gossip to divert yourself from tending to financial issues that need to be addressed? If you are, the full moon in your 2nd house of finances will be a big reality check on October 31st.  Make sure you’re staying on top of your budgets so you don’t go without a smoothing hair serum next month!


Hello Cancers!  Welcome to the whirlwind of October!  A time for sitting back and manifesting things from a safe distance.  Mars retrograde in your 10th house challenges your relationship with work and authority, and Mercury retrograde kicks off October 14th, making it more challenging to communicate your needs.  What do you do when it’s hard to communicate properly?  Maybe it’s okay not to for a minute!  Processing your feelings can take as long as you need it to, so take a lesson from October and figure out what you need first.  This entire month is about communication for you, so take this time to look at ways you could relay your emotions so that they would best serve you and your community.  The full moon on October 31st also lights up your 3rd house of communication, and if you’ve done any healing this month, you’ll reap the benefits on Halloween.  Maybe you’ll even get an extra treat if you tell someone how important a customized leave-in treatment would mean to you.  


Hello lovely Leos!  Welcome to chaotic October, which you will benefit most from at home.  Mars retrograde in your 9th house might induce a little cabin fever because you’ll have a strong desire to travel.  Mercury retrograde begins on October 14th, and having two planets in retrograde never feels easy.  Heavy retrograde seasons are about cleaning house, but trying to organize everything can be overwhelming.  Instead of giving up because you tried to save the world overnight, focus on your dwelling and close friend and family relationships this month.   This month is about strengthening your home base and making your nest the most sacred place in your life.  The full moon on October 31st takes place in your 4th house of home.  This could be literally deep cleaning your house, or spending a couple weeks on a new organization system for your home office.  These tasks can feel menial, but a physical manifestation of order will help you align your thoughts and feelings into a single file as well.  Maybe organize your bag and figure out if you need a hair mist that matches it.


Dear Virgos, welcome to hibernation month!  Mars will remain in retrograde all month, and your ruler, Mercury, goes into retrograde October 14th.  This is not a time to push through new ideas, rather take this month to ruminate on existing problems in your life that could be solved.  Mars retrograde takes place in your 8th house of sex, death, and other people’s money.   Basically, don’t borrow any money and also get your finances in order.  Order is equivalent to peace in your life, and nobody likes money problems!  Use the sluggish feeling of October to go over your budgets and goals with a fine tooth comb.  This is a perfect month to manifest financial growth for the rest of the year if you play your cards right!  The full moon on October 31st also shines a light on your 5th house of creativity, so take October to piece together how you can stitch together your artistic side and your finances.  You could take your time concocting a customized shampoo and conditioner set in a color of your choice, and then buy it with your own money that you worked so hard to save up this month!  Happy Halloween!


Happy birthday Libras!  Pandemic or not, October will have you celebrating at home this month.  With a Mars and Mercury retrograde, October wants you to spend time with your closest of friends.  This is a perfect time to deepen preexisting relationships, but not the time to go out and meet new people.  This time is about one on one intimacy and what you’re capable of in a partnership, intimate or platonic.  If there are people in your life you’d like to get to know better, now is the time to reach out.  If you’re in a relationship, this is a great opportunity to be vulnerable and open with your partner.  This time is also for expressing your needs and  trusting that they will be met.  Being vulnerable is a great barometer for how safe you feel with someone, so do yourself a favor and test the waters.  Maybe confide in your partner that the only thing you want for your birthday is a monthly subscription to a body wash and body lotion set you’ve tailored yourself.  Don’t be shy.


Happy birthday to my early Scorpios!  Your ruler, Mars, is in retrograde, so try not to obsess over your obstacles right now.  Bring that intense energy to things you can change, and charge at them with full force.  It’s easy for you to keep your sights on difficulties in your life, but the mind is powerful and the more energy you give things that make you want to crawl out of your skin, the more powerful they become.  Mercury goes retrograde on October 14th, so use this month to fine tune anything that needs to be finished up so you can watch it flourish when Mercury goes direct again. With two planets in retrograde, it’s ideal to stay in spaces that make you feel confident and safe.  Avoid people and places that are going to put you on edge, and remind yourself that you don’t have to suffer in order to make progress.  The full moon on October 31st will reward you with the fruits of your labor, so make sure part of your tedious self care includes fine tuning the perfect serum that complements your hair texture. 


Happy Halloween to my favorite archers!  October is full of “hold still” energy, with a strong Mars-and-Mercury retrograde doing their best to keep you grounded.  The flip side is that this month begs you to be creative in whatever way makes you feel fulfilled.  If you play your cards right and spend your time doing something that brings you joy, you will have unlocked the secret to not wanting to crawl out of your own skin.   Retrograde season isn’t always about phones breaking, it’s more about how to enjoy yourself and be patient with the world.  If you approach October as an opportunity to stay home and dive deep into a craft that makes you feel fulfilled, you might unlock the secret as to why you’ve been feeling like you’re alone in the woods.   The pandemic is a great excuse to quit your job and start a completely different one if that’s you’re calling, so keep your eyes peeled for opportunities that spark creativity.  You could even practice by concocting a customized leave-in treatment that enhances the best side of your natural hair texture.


Hello lovely Capricorns!  Welcome to the mind puzzle of 2020!  Thankfully you’re good at puzzles and finishing this one quickly will bring you massive rewards at the end of the month.  Mars and Mercury are in retrograde, making home the safest and most productive place in the world this month.  What makes you feel powerful at home?  What habits allow you to breathe easy?  What do you do on a daily basis that makes sure your body is running smoothly?  Take this month to create 3 new habits that ground you.  It could be making sure you drink a glass of hot lemon water in the morning or doing a yoga class from your living room.  You’re the most career driven of all the earth signs, and you need to understand that spiritual success is just as important as monetary success.  Maintaining a balance between these aspects will help you harvest big prizes by the time the Halloween full moon rolls around.  Do not forget that the health of your hair is as important as getting to work on time, so if you really want your magic to work by October 31st, you need to invest in a deep conditioning mask that keeps your head hydrated for the rest of the year. 


Hello Aquarians!  Make sure to double check that text message you were about to send before you burn the house down!  Mars and Mercury are in retrograde this month, and you don’t want to have to apologize for something stupid you said later.  October wants you to analyze what “being right” really means.  Is right always kind?  Is right always honest? And is it always necessary?  Doing the right thing is obviously always necessary, but sometimes doing the right thing at the wrong time can cause more harm than good.  Unless it’s a dire situation, a lot of things can wait for a time they will actually be received.  Take a breather and go over whether or not what you have to say is going to fall on deaf ears.  If that’s the case, then the right thing to do is focus on something that can be fixed.  If there is hesitation in communicating this month, analyze why it’s coming up for you. October is about learning what is effective and kind, so keep that in mind before you pop off.  If you can learn this lesson before the full moon on October 31st, you’ll have your whole world ready to absorb whatever information you throw at them.  Just keep a compassionate and well-shampooed head on your well-moisturized shoulders, and the rest will follow.


Dear Pisces! Keeping the peace goes both ways! October is a heavy month with a Mars and Mercury retrograde, forcing you to analyze when you give yourself the short end of the stick.  This month is about your 2nd house of finances and material goods, however due to the retrogrades, no new financial deals should be made.  Instead, focus on the trades and commissions you have in place already.  Where are you selling yourself short?  Where are you picking up the slack?  Being the “nice guy” doesn’t count  if you’re not being nice to yourself.  October wants you to learn how to play fair and make sure you’re also getting your desires fulfilled.  You do not have to make excuses for people if they consistently fall short, and you’re allowed to walk away from something that isn’t serving you.  Understand that all of the love and compassion you have for the world is immense and powerful, and could easily benefit you if you want it to.  The full moon on October 31st is like a report card for the month, and if you’ve gotten all A’s, treat yourself to a nutrient rich hair mask and lay down. You earned it!