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Show(er) and Tell: 4 Curly Girls Demi Followed For Inspo on IG

BY Demi Vaughn
Show(er) and Tell is a series based off of the idea that we have some of our best thoughts (you know where this is going…) in the shower. So we’re getting staff + contributors alike to tell us about the things that cross their mind in the shower and we’re sharing the best ones with you. Have something you want to show(er) and tell us? Yours could be next.

“Instagram was a perfect tool to use during my transition.”

Transitioning to heat-free and damage -ree curls can be super stressful. Figuring out your hair type, finding products that work for you, and keeping a consistent hair care routine can be an overwhelming and daunting task. At the start of my natural hair journey, I had a tough time figuring out where to start. After years of straightening my hair due to insecurities and the pressure to conform to society’s “standard of beauty,” my hair was stringy, limp and unbearably frizzy.  

When Instagram exploded in popularity, I began noticing a ton of naturals gathering on the platform to share their journeys and help each other. There were many IG pages dedicated to natural hair that would repost curlies of all textures celebrating them. I soon began engaging with curlies on the platform and quickly realized that Instagram was a perfect tool to use during my transition. 

Here are a few curlies that have inspired me throughout my curly hair journey along the way: 

Felicia Jones (@hif3licia)

Felicia’s beautiful golden curls definitely caught my attention on my Instagram explore page. She’s constantly educating other curlies on their hair journey’s and sharing her own tips and tricks to hair success. She created a Facebook group called ‘OUR Healthy Hair Journey’ which has 43,000 members. The purpose of the group is for curly girls to be able to come together for support throughout their journey. I would highly suggest joining that group if you have questions about your natural hair!  

Jewellianna Palencia (@jewejewebee)

When I first found Jewellianna on Instagram, I fell in love with her gorgeous fro! I was extremely motivated by her big voluminous curls. Jewellianna’s vibrant Instagram feed and hair tutorials are inspiring for all curlies! One of my favorite videos of her was the collab video she made with Lisette where they changed hair routines for a day! Jewellianna’s personality and beauty will definitely motivate you to get serious about your hair journey. Did I mention that she’s also into fitness?

Shaniece Crystal (@naturalneiicey)

Watching Shaniece’s YouTube videos over the years helped me to understand and appreciate my own hair. Some of my favorite videos of her have definitely been her twist out videos. Shaniece’s thick beautiful hair was the reason why I started getting serious about growing my hair to a long length. 

Lisette (@lisette)

Lisette’s ‘My Big Chop’ video was the first video of hers that I came across on YouTube. I fell in love with Lisette’s curls, style and personality. She’s definitely one of my favorite curlies to follow on Instagram and YouTube. Lisette makes makeup tutorials and natural hair videos for Instagram and YouTube, but she also has a ‘Girl Talk’ series where she talks about different topics surrounding girls and women. You can always count on Lisette to post engaging tutorials on her IG!